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The protagonist of "Gods of Risk," David Draper is the sixteen year old nephew of Bobbie Draper. He studies chemistry at the lower university of Londres Nova, Mars and is preparing for placement evaluations that will determine his career path. Like most students of David's age and talents, David works hard to maintain his model student image while exploring alternative avenues to express his autonomy.

He is particularly proud of his secret slush fund account, which he funds by selling an illicit drug to Hutch, a shady dealer from Innis Deep. David also has an obvious crush on Hutch's girlfriend, Leelee.Bobbie Draper helps David free Leelee from Hutch. David used the balance of his account to buy supplies to cook enough drugs to buy her freedom. Bobbie helped him get past curfew and disarms Hutch when threatens David.

During the flight, on Razorback, between the Martian vessel and Luna, Bobbie remembers Mars and thinks about her nephew[1]

References Edit

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