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David Paster was briefly the Acting Secretary-General of the United Nations until his cabinet voted him out and restored Avasarala to that same position she had previously ascended into following a past crisis.



His most immediate prior office included serving as the Secretary of Transportation of the UN and member of Secretary-General Nancy Gao's cabinet at the time of the bombardment of Earth by the Free Navy.

When the UN One, transporting Gao and much of her cabinet and senior military staff, was destroyed by the third impact in the Bay of Bengal, he became Acting Secretary-General following the line of succession. On Luna, he nominated Chrisjen Avasarala to be a member of his Provisional Cabinet. Paster ordered the military strike on Pallas Station, and accepted the resignation of Avasarala, Dahane, Cebotari and Yilmaz in protest of the reaction.


Throughout the series[]

In "Tribes", he introduces himself to Chrisjen Avasarala, briefly chats about current crisis status, explains he was evacuated from a field trip and witnessed the aftermath from above, asks about her family, and shares condolences. He explains he had limited political ambition and simply wanted to do a better job than the predecessor in his office. This is the first time he's even left Earth. He expresses gratitude for Chrisjen's work that averted further catastrophe from impact of the remaining asteroids and asks her to be a member of his emergency Provisional Cabinet.[1]

In "Hard Vacuum", Paster holds a pragmatic speech to the citizens of Earth and Luna in which he clarifies his position as acting Secretary-General, publicly thanks Avasarala and Admiral Delgado for their work contributing to the evasion of the remaining asteroids, and announces his plan to hunt down Marco Inaros and the Free Navy and bring them to justice for the Bombardment of Earth.[2] He chairs his first provisional Security Council meeting and is briefed on the current status of the humanitarian efforts and possible options for military response. Paster weighs the arguments of both sides. On the one hand, there are those, including especially Delgado along with Cordner, who seek to attack and destroy Belter stations, as a show of force. Proposed targets are Pallas, Hygiea or Iapetus. On the other hand, there are those who fear such a move would antagonize all other neutral Belters especially Avasarala along with Yilmaz, Dahane and Cebotari. While leaving the matter undecided.[3] He summons Delgado to hear his personal opinion. Delgado is furious about the attacks and supportive on a military strike on Pallas, to which Paster doesn't respond and thanks him for his time. He then thinks about his decision.[4]

In "Winnipesaukee", it is revealed that Paster in fact ordered the military strike on Pallas to commence, unbeknownst to Chrisjen and half his cabinet. In protest of the military strike and of his consideration of more targets such as Ceres or Callisto, Chrisjen Avasarala resigns from Paster's government, and is quickly joined by Dahane, Cebotari and Yilmaz resigning as well.[5] With his government falling apart, the UN Parliament scheduled a vote of no-confidence to ratify or reject Paster's office as Secretary-General.[6]


Season Five
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