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"Delta-V" is the seventh episode of the third season of The Expanse. Overall, it is the thirtieth episode. It aired on May 23, 2018.


All eyes turn to the edge of the Solar System as a mysterious new presence emerges, Naomi recommits to her roots, Drummer butts heads with a seasoned new commander aboard the Behemoth, and a young Belter makes a name for himself.


At the UN, Avasarala is giving a speech declaring that Esteban has stepped down and the 'traitor' Errinwright was arrested. She proposes that rather than seeking vengeance, it should instead be the start of a new era. The protomolecule that left Venus is transforming itself, turning ultimately into a giant Ring outside the orbit of Uranus.

The show shifts to the introduction of Manéo Jung-Espinoza a Belter known for slingshotting, pilot of the Y Que. Manéo is shown maneuvering the Y Que through a slingshot route past Jupiter, then exits Jupiter's orbit on his way to Saturn. While performing these maneuvers, Manéo receives bad news from his girlfriend, Evita, who has begun dating his brother. His frustration is exacerbated by the news covering the protomolecule which has transformed into a ring now stationary in space and pre-empted the coverage of his own daring slingshot flight. Avasarala has set up a commission of artists, intellectuals and religious and philosophical leaders to investigate the Ring.

Several months later, it is 187 days since the protomolecule has left Venus. Manéo survives a daring flight past Saturn, blacking out from the high-g. When he comes to, Manéo catches the latest news revelation, that James Holden is on his way out to the gate. Once again, the reporting of his own record-breaking slingshot feat is being overshadowed. This gives him an idea to alter course for something even more history-making in a bid to reclaim Evita's affection.

On the Rocinante, the crew, minus Naomi, is being interviewed by a documentary team, Monica Stuart and her camera guy. Holden and Monica have a conversation and it is revealed that the Rocinante's expenses in the crew's legal defense over theft charges brought against them by the MCRN are being paid by Monica in exchange for continuing access to the crew. While Alex is chatty, Holden and especially Amos are more reticent or passively hostile to the journalists. Monica, who has done some background research on Amos, pries into his past, revealing Amos left Baltimore at the age of 15 under the guise of a lottery program. Yet there was also an 'Amos Burton' who was a Baltimore crime boss. Upset by the line of questioning, Amos destroys the camera drone hovering in front of him. Monica and the cameraman each offer to sleep with Amos. He declines them both, saying he doesn't "shit where I eat". After taking some footage of Holden, the cameraman is shown surreptitiously examining the control panels of the Rocinante operations deck.

Anna approaches a science officer named Kolvoord on the observation deck of the UNN Thomas Prince and inquires about his opinion on the nature of the protomolecule-based ring. He is concerned that they have been unable to detect anything emanating through the ring in the last six months he's been watching closely. He is astonished with Anna's line of questions especially in light of her religious background. He is wary that the technology the ring represents is from an extremely intelligent life form and hopes it is inert.

On the Behemoth, Chief Engineer Nagata and Captain Drummer greet Klaes Ashford, who has arrived to become First Officer. Ashford represents the side of the new OPA state associated with Anderson Dawes while Drummer is associated with Fred. On her way to the meeting, Naomi ran into a drug deal involving two techs. There is some obvious contention between Drummer and Ashford, who is not granting Drummer the respect a captain is due. They are interrupted when they find the tech, who was involved in the drug deal, has died in a work accident. Naomi confesses that she was aware of the drug deal to Drummer, who later takes action by almost spacing the supplier of the drugs. In a public demonstration, Drummer has her team drag both the dealer and his supplier to an airlock and tosses the supplier in. Ashford interrupts the execution in a public display that clearly undermines Drummer's authority. He implores Drummer reconsider, citing the professed desire to behave with the restraint of citizens in a new civil Belter state led by the OPA. Naomi approaches Drummer to quietly express agreement with Ashford's recommendation. Drummer relents, releasing the supplier, and starts to make a declaration of consequences for anyone who does not take advantage of amnesty for contraband placed into that same airlock within the next 24 hours. Ashford interjects and further undermines her authority by stating the consequences would be suspension and imprisonment despite what Drummer's punishment seemingly would've been.

A team of engineers working for the UN's flotilla out to the Ring, comprised of Melba, Ren Hazuki and another engineer, Stannislaw Kulp, get orders to perform maintenance on the Seung Un. A nervous Melba is shown placing explosives in a hatch. Later, Ren picks up a tool near the hatch where Melba placed the explosives. Ren initially implores her that there is an alternative where she needn't proceed with the planned terrorism. After Melba expresses her regret that he found the bomb, he tries to downplay the situation, saying they can cover it up, pretend it never happened, and he doesn't want to get into a fight with her. Melba, who can't go back, activates her combat enhancement glands. In a rush of strength, Melba makes a flying leap at Ren. Next, she is able to pick him up and fling him against the deck across the corridor. Finally, she drives his head into a nearby panel like a battering ram before dropping him. Immediately, Melba passes out on the deck alongside Ren.

Aboard the Y Que, his objective becomes apparent: Manéo is getting within sensor range of the MCRN Hammurabi close to the gate. In a stalling tactic, Manéo claims he's having issues and will turn on his drive soon. When the Y Que passes through the plane of the Ring, a barrier appears and the Y Que makes a rapid unscheduled deceleration. Inside the Y Que, Manéo is dead. Subjected to incredibly high g-forces, Manéo's face and body liquefied in the instant the ship decelerated, splattering against the cabin interior.

In the last scene, Holden is in the head, when he hears incoherent muttering in the room next to him. When Holden enters the room next to him, he finds a confused Miller sitting and muttering, "There are no laws on Ceres. Just cops." In disbelief, Holden blinks and Miller vanishes.



Special Appearance by[]

Guest Starring[]



The New Era

[01:35.617]: [soft, dramatic music]
Avasarala [01:40.796]: That's enough.
Avasarala [01:42.667]: It's fine--
Avasarala [01:44.016]: pfft, fuck!
xxy6yxx [01:46.628]: [sharp sigh]
[01:51.154]: [lights whirr]
Avasarala [01:53.025]: My fellow citizens.
Avasarala [01:55.724]: Our fate as a nation has been sorely tested.
Avasarala [01:59.684]: But the arrest of the traitor, Errinwright, and the resignation of Secretary-General, Sorrento-Gillis, whom we thank for his service, has given us the opportunity to choose a new future.
Avasarala [02:15.352]: Many fought for us to get here.
Avasarala [02:18.138]: Many died.
Avasarala [02:20.531]: We have lost people we loved, and have suffered.
Avasalara [02:25.449]: We would be justified to seek vengeance.
Avasarala [02:29.627]: But instead, we will choose peace--
Avasarala [02:33.501]: we must choose peace.
Avasarala [02:37.635]: For we have arrived at the dawn of a new era, and are witness to an event unlike anything else in the history of our species.
Avasarala [02:47.123]: But peace is a fragile thing. So I'm asking you to join me and join hands with our brothers and sisters throughout the system--
Avasarala [02:57.264]: Earth, Mars, and the Belt--
Avasarala [03:00.571]: and dedicate ourselves to being one people with a shared purpose.
Avasarala [03:06.011]: And as we have always done in the past, we will face the unknown together.

The Slingshot Racer[]

[03:20.330]: ["Highway Star" playing]
[03:26.423]: [ship whooshes]
Manéo [03:35.258]: Whoo!
Manéo [03:40.611]: [exhales]
[03:42.657]: [screen chirps]
[03:44.488]: [buttons beep]
Manéo [03:48.663]: [laughs]
[04:05.462]: [music stops]
Manéo [04:07.247]: Evita, mi setara... [laughs]
xxy38yxx [04:10.815]: Add one more record fo all the rest I crush.
xxy39yxx [04:14.036]: Your Néo keep da best time in da system
xxy40yxx [04:15.994]: for da Jupiter-6 run, and I be right on track
xxy41yxx [04:18.649]: fo shred the book 'round Saturn next.
xxy42yxx [04:21.043]: When I get back to Ceres, you gonya be banging a superstar.
xxy43yxx [04:25.961]: [smooch]
xxy44yxx [04:27.832]: - Next up, Ceres slingshotter Manéo Jung-Espanoza has been setting records for the--
xxy45yxx [04:33.011]: - And now, breaking news of the Ring.
xxy46yxx [04:35.710]: The UN has announced that a Blue Ribbon panel of civilian religious leaders, intellectuals, and artists is being assembled to observe...
xxy48yxx [04:50.115]: - [exhales]
xxy49yxx [04:51.465]: [whooshing]
xxy50yxx [04:53.031]: [grunts]
xxy52yxx [04:58.994]: [panting]
xxy53yxx [05:01.997]: [grunting]
xxy55yxx [05:07.045]: Oh-ahh-ahh!
xxy57yxx [05:24.976]: [gasps]
xxy58yxx [05:26.326]: [coughs]
xxy59yxx [05:28.328]: [panting]
xxy60yxx [05:31.243]:
xxy61yxx [05:34.246]: Whoo-hoo-hoo!
xxy62yxx [05:37.467]:
xxy63yxx [05:43.995]: - In a joint statement issued today, Anderson Dawes and Fred Johnson...
Manéo [05:48.652]: Da Ring.
xxy65yxx [05:49.134]: Announce that the OPA would be...
Manéo [05:51.301]: - Fucking Ring.
xxy67yxx [05:52.482]: - And Mars mission to The Ring...
xxy68yxx [05:53.962]: - All time all ting bout da fucking Ring--
xxy69yxx [05:55.703]: [chiming sound]
xxy70yxx [06:00.098]: [beep]
Evita [06:03.232]: - Oye, Néo.
Evita [06:05.408]: So,
xxy73yxx [06:07.192]: um, im like dis.
xxy74yxx [06:10.848]: Uh,
xxy75yxx [06:12.372]: you always off somewhere do your thing, and, me always wait here fo you fo come back, keyá?
xxy76yxx [06:19.379]: Finally get some fun.
xxy77yxx [06:21.381]: I get tired of da wait.
xxy78yxx [06:23.731]: And your beratna, he understand me, the real me.
xxy79yxx [06:30.172]: He right here.
xxy80yxx [06:31.782]: - You stay séfesowng out there, superstar.
xxy81yxx [06:34.611]: - [soft gasp]
xxy82yxx [06:40.530]: [Belter heartbreak ballad playing]
xxy83yxx [06:42.010]: - And that's it.
xxy84yxx [06:43.664]:
xxy85yxx [07:16.261]: - ♪ I'm all alone
xxy86yxx [07:20.701]:
xxy87yxx [07:32.364]: ♪ I'm all alone
xxy88yxx [07:39.023]: [music stops]
xxy89yxx [07:41.852]: - Mi pochuye to, Evita.
xxy90yxx [07:43.985]: But now I gonya show you the real me.
xxy91yxx [07:48.163]: To pull it off, I mowsh go dark for a time.
xxy92yxx [07:51.775]: This where I gonya be and when.
xxy93yxx [07:53.864]: Only for you, fódagut,
xxy94yxx [07:56.476]: na no say natig fo no one.
xxy95yxx [07:59.304]: [foreboding music]
xxy96yxx [08:00.871]: Next words you hear about Manéo,
xxy97yxx [08:03.352]: whole Belt gonya say 'em.
xxy98yxx [08:06.181]: And all mang gonya know,
xxy99yxx [08:07.791]: I do this for you.
xxy100yxx [08:10.141]:

The Roci struggles to get used to the new passengers[]

xxy101yxx [08:33.730]: [spaceships whooshing]
Monica [08:45.742]: - A lot of people think you're special.
Holden [08:49.267]: You're pretty stealthy.
Monica [08:50.293]: Part of the job.
Monica [08:51.269]: You'll get used to it.
Monica [08:52.471]: Could we try that again?
Monica [08:53.881]: So, a lot of people think you're special.
Holden [08:57.275]: - Special? I don't know about special.
Holden [09:00.104]: Lucky, maybe.
Monica [09:01.279]: - You have definitely been called that.
Holden [09:03.934]: - Well, what's that old saying?
Holden [09:05.849]: It's better to be lucky than good?
Monica [09:07.764]: - All right, then, lucky.
Monica [09:09.549]: So tell me--why,
Monica [09:10.598]: after everything you've been through
Monica [09:12.558]: and somehow managed to make it out alive,
Monica [09:14.673]: here you are again on the edge of the unknown?
Monica [09:17.500]: Why push your luck?
Holden [09:18.775]: - Because you're paying us.
Monica [09:20.908]: - Jules-Pierre Mao's project wreaked havoc throughout the system.
Monica [09:24.128]: The Protomolecule killed so many,
Monica [09:25.956]: brought Earth and Mars to the brink of annihilation,
Monica [09:28.089]: You had a major effect on those events.
Monica [09:30.047]: And that led you to this-- The Ring.
Monica [09:32.746]: How does that make you feel?
Holden [09:34.008]: - Kind of makes me want a donut.
xxy127yxx [09:35.444]: - [laughs softly]
xxy128yxx [09:36.291]: - You're deflecting again.
xxy129yxx [09:37.664]: - It's there. I don't know what it is.
xxy130yxx [09:40.623]: But there's plenty of people way smarter than me out here trying to figure it out.
xxy131yxx [09:44.932]: We're just trying to make a living.
xxy132yxx [09:46.542]: It's not cheap or easy to maintain a ship like this.
xxy133yxx [09:49.719]: - Especially if it's not really yours.
xxy134yxx [09:51.286]: - Oh-whoa-whoa-whoa, hold on there, darling...
xxy135yxx [09:53.375]: [laughs]
xxy136yxx [09:54.550]: It's a legitimate salvage.
xxy137yxx [09:55.812]: - That's not what the Martians think.
xxy138yxx [09:57.379]: - Seems a bit petty, since we saved their planet.
xxy139yxx [09:59.816]: - Guess that's just gonna have to be up to the Courts to decide, ma'am.
xxy140yxx [10:02.993]: - Would you have done this documentary if we didn't agree to pay your legal fees?
xxy141yxx [10:06.991]: - Nope.
xxy142yxx [10:07.781]: - Hell, I might've done it for free. The "Roci" is such a beautiful ship, and she's got us out of more scrapes than I can count--
xxy143yxx [10:14.788]: - That sounds really interesting, and I will get back to you on that.
xxy144yxx [10:18.226]: So what about you?
xxy145yxx [10:19.706]: You just here for the money too?
xxy146yxx [10:21.533]: [drone whirring]
xxy147yxx [10:23.361]: - There's only so much booze and fucking you can buy.
xxy148yxx [10:27.148]: I'm gonna be on a ship one way or the other, at least this one's part mine.
xxy149yxx [10:30.891]: - We are a regular, working-contract ship, even split, fair quarter-share for everybody.
xxy150yxx [10:37.332]: - Quarter? There's only three of you on board.
xxy151yxx [10:41.205]: What happened to Naomi Nagata?
xxy152yxx [10:43.120]: [soft, dramatic music]
xxy153yxx [10:46.036]: - She's on a leave of absence.
xxy154yxx [10:48.735]:

The OPA Behemoth's new First Officer arrives[]

[11:00.181]: [beeping]
[11:03.445]: [distant voice speaking in Belter]
xxy157yxx [11:09.364]: - This is a special price, one time only, only for you, valued customer.
xxy158yxx [11:14.499]: - Just give im to me already.
xxy159yxx [11:23.900]: [whirring]
Naomi [11:27.599]: - On Tycho, that would get you six months in jail.
xxy161yxx [11:32.779]: - Maybe the part of Tycho you get to be in.
xxy162yxx [11:35.172]: Out here, fo da real rock hopper on the long haul,
xxy163yxx [11:38.698]: Da Pixie fo keep you alert, focus, make you love what you do, whatever im you do.
xxy164yxx [11:47.707]: Come now, Belta.
xxy165yxx [11:49.012]: No you be like those high and mighty Inners you used to crew with.
xxy166yxx [11:51.928]: [device chirping]
Drummer [11:53.495]: - The shuttle just dock. Where the fuck you be?
Naomi [11:54.844]: - On my way.
Naomi [11:57.455]: I don't wanna see that shit where people are working.
Naomi [12:01.024]: If they wanna do it, they can do it on their own time.
xxy171yxx [12:04.724]: - You get no trouble from me, bosmang.
xxy173yxx [12:15.473]: [whooshing]
Drummer [12:24.831]: - You're late.
Naomi [12:26.528]: - And you're cranky.
xxy176yxx [12:28.182]: We both knew this was coming.
xxy177yxx [12:30.575]: We do all the hard work--
xxy178yxx [12:32.055]: - And Dawes has to make it look like it's his.
xxy179yxx [12:35.015]: That's what you get when you dance with the devil.
xxy180yxx [12:37.321]: - And we've both done that before.
Naomi [12:39.933]: You know I've got your back.
Drummer [12:41.543]: - Damn well better, I'm your Captain.
xxy183yxx [12:44.415]: - And no one's going to change that.
xxy184yxx [12:46.853]: [soft, dramatic music]
xxy185yxx [12:49.856]:
xxy186yxx [12:59.300]: [tools whirring, indistinct chatter]
xxy187yxx [13:02.520]:
Ashford [13:09.876]: - Commander Klaes Ashford, requesting permission to come aboard.
Drummer [13:15.011]: You're already here.
Ashford [13:16.473]: It's a tradition.
Drummer [13:18.145]: Can I say no?
xxy192yxx [13:19.385]: [laughs]
Ashford [13:20.712]: No.
Drummer [13:21.312]: - Hm.
Ashford [13:22.671]: - Ah, Camina.
xxy196yxx [13:24.891]: Long time since the docks on Ceres.
xxy197yxx [13:28.024]: You have done well for yourself.
xxy198yxx [13:29.721]: - You too, of course that always was your main concern.
xxy199yxx [13:33.029]:
Ashford [13:37.773]: - You remember Mister Harari--
Naomi [13:39.644]: - You little shit.
xxy202yxx [13:41.385]: He has no place on this ship.
xxy203yxx [13:43.467]: - Dawes wants him here.
xxy204yxx [13:45.259]: - And Fred just let him walk out of his hole.
Ashford [13:47.304]: - Eh? The OPA officially granted him amnesty.
Ashford [13:51.656]: Fred didn't tell you?
Ashford [13:53.789]: Ah, I'm sure it was a mistake.
Diogo [13:56.400]: - I talk to Cortazar, he say to say hello.
Ashford [13:59.012]: - Shut your face, mister.
Ashford [14:01.014]: That is Naomi Nagata,
Ashford [14:03.190]: whose service to the Belt was far greater than yours could ever be,
Ashford [14:07.934]: and that is your commanding officer.
Ashford [14:12.416]: You're a Lieutenant in the OPA Navy,
Ashford [14:14.027]: now start acting like one.
Diogo [14:15.637]: - Yes, sir. My apology.
Drummer [14:18.118]: - Matching outfits? Really?
Ashford [14:20.163]: - Ah, it's a-- a work in progress.
xxy219yxx [14:22.687]: I'm still getting used to being in uniform myself.
xxy220yxx [14:25.952]: -Mm.
xxy221yxx [14:26.380]: -[laughs] But... It's growing on me.
xxy222yxx [14:29.216]: Certainly better than the clothes of indentured servitude.
xxy223yxx [14:34.961]:
Drummer [14:37.267]: Welcome to the Behemoth.
Ashford [14:43.404]: I can feel the love already.
xxy227yxx [14:45.754]:
xxy228yxx [14:49.105]: [chuckles]

Anna asks Kolvoord some questions about his theories[]

xxy229yxx [14:50.715]: [ship whooshing]
xxy230yxx [14:55.764]: [indistinct chatter]
xxy231yxx [15:05.426]: [screen beeping and chirping]
Anna [15:12.389]: - You look like you've discovered something.
Kolvoord [15:15.218]: 187 days.
Anna [15:15.929]: Since the Ring was formed?
Kolvoord [15:18.004]: - 187 days, 16 hours, 53 minutes, and in that time,
Kolvoord [15:21.977]: we've detected no radiation, no signals, no emissions of any kind.
Anna [15:25.663]: - What about the Martians? Their probes are better than ours-- have you compared notes?
Anna [15:29.145]: We are friends now, you know--
Kolvoord [15:30.407]: - They corroborate all our findings.
Anna [15:31.931]: - You know what, when the Protomolecule first came off Venus, it looked like a squid to me, and it's behaved like a virus in the past.
Anna [15:38.589]: Do you think it might've been alive in some way?
Kolvoord [15:40.809]: A life-form?
Anna [15:42.083]: Yeah.
Kolvoord [15:43.246]: - Aren't you part of the godly contingent?
Anna [15:44.813]: - Well, I came here on a spaceship, not the wings of an angel--
Anna [15:47.558]: I'm able to appreciate the difference.
Kolvoord [15:50.384]: Are you rich or famous?
Anna [15:52.194]: Neither.
Kolvoord [15:53.300]: - Then how did you get a ride on this ship?
Anna [15:55.215]: - The Secretary-General made me an offer that I couldn't refuse. You don't think it's a life-form?
Kolvoord [16:00.046]: - There's no doubt in my mind. That is a piece of technology.
xxy252yxx [16:03.049]: - I remember reading about the first probes to leave Earth for the solar system, centuries ago.
xxy253yxx [16:07.618]: They had examples of our culture. Could it be something similar to that?
xxy254yxx [16:11.796]: - The Protomolecule was discovered inside Phoebe, an extrasolar object captured by Saturn eons ago that came from who knows where.
xxy255yxx [16:20.370]: It transformed Eros-- inorganic materials and biologicals-- into some kind of zero-inertia missile.
xxy256yxx [16:27.508]: Then after crashing into Venus, it reached out, deconstructed the "Arboghast," and flew all the way out here and turned itself into this.
Kolvoord [16:36.082]: An intelligence created it-- an extremely intelligent intelligence.
xxy258yxx [16:40.042]: - What do you think it is?
xxy259yxx [16:43.698]: - Pray that it's inert.

Amos dodges questions[]

xxy260yxx [16:46.657]: [beeping]
Alex [16:49.573]: - Mariner Valley Stroganoff, a Kamal family recipe.
Alex [16:53.229]: Now, mind you, the beef is soy, the cheese is soy, but these mushrooms, mmm, are mushrooms.
xxy263yxx [17:01.020]: [chuckles]
xxy264yxx [17:02.369]: Family dinner's always nice.
xxy265yxx [17:04.350]: Mmm.
xxy266yxx [17:05.067]: - So you still have family on Mars, isn't that right?
Alex [17:08.244]: Yeah, that's right.
Monica [17:09.767]: When was the last time you saw them?
Alex [17:12.814]: It's been a while, but we send messages, just like everyone else in the system.
xxy270yxx [17:17.558]: Voila.
xxy271yxx [17:19.081]: That's yours, cowboy.
Monica [17:20.952]: - So, mechanic on a gunship.
Monica [17:22.737]: That's probably one of the most dangerous job you could have.
Amos [17:25.783]: Somebody's gotta do it.
Alex [17:27.170]: This man is fearless.
Monica [17:28.786]: - So did you study at a university or did you come up through an apprenticeship?
Amos [17:32.312]: - Union apprentice--
Amos [17:33.406]: I started off on the supply and logistics track, but, I was always better as a mechanic.
Monica [17:37.882]: - Who was your sponsor?
Amos [17:40.146]: - I didn't have one.
Monica [17:41.712]: - So you came up through the lottery?
Amos [17:44.019]: Yup.
Monica [17:44.442]: Wow.
Monica [17:45.455]: You don't see a lot of people come up through the apprentice program off Basic.
Amos [17:48.502]: - I guess I got lucky.
Monica [17:50.721]: - So where were you based before you came up the well?
Amos [17:54.986]: - No place in particular, you know how it is--
Monica [17:57.728]: - Your intake papers said Baltimore.
[18:00.079]: [drone whirring]
Amos [18:02.168]: - I spent some time there.
Monica [18:03.691]: - Yeah, I actually couldn't find any records of you on the roles.
Monica [18:06.389]: In fact, you don't seem to have any official government records at all,
Monica [18:09.479]: apart from a birth certificate and a registered win with the Apprenticeship Lottery when you were 15.
Amos [18:15.833]: - Weird.
Monica [18:17.183]: - I did talk to some locals, though,
Monica [18:19.054]: and they told me about a guy who was also named Amos Burton who was some sort of mob boss.
Monica [18:24.668]: But that couldn't be you, right,
Monica [18:26.192]: 'cause you left the city when you were 15.
Monica [18:29.151]: So maybe it was like a relative?
Amos [18:32.850]: - Maybe it's just a common name.
Monica [18:35.114]: - You think?
[18:37.986]: [drone whirring]
[18:39.727]: [utensil clatters]
[18:40.721]: [drone shattering]
[18:41.816]: [tense music]
Amos [18:50.085]: - Not so close.
Cohen [18:53.393]: - You're gonna have to pay for that.
xxy309yxx [18:56.222]: - Hey, hey, I'm sorry.
xxy310yxx [18:58.441]: I'm sorry.
xxy311yxx [18:59.156]: - No, you're not.
Monica [19:00.487]: - I'm making a documentary, the point is to get under your skin and into your head.
Monica [19:04.534]: You can't be surprised that I did background on you.
Amos [19:06.710]: - I don't like it.
Monica [19:08.364]: - What is it gonna take for you to get comfortable with me?
Amos [19:10.323]: - You being off the ship.
[19:13.848]: [soft music]
Monica [19:16.329]: - What are you doing right now?
Amos [19:19.158]: - This.
Monica [19:21.290]: - I bet you're one of those tough guys who gets really sentimental and chatty after sex.
xxy322yxx [19:36.610]: - I don't shit where I eat.

Ashford tours the ship[]

xxy324yxx [19:44.270]: - The PDCs and missile systems are nominally operational, but they haven't been fully tested.
xxy325yxx [19:49.013]: And the rail guns won't be ready for a while.
Ashford [19:51.233]: - Well, that's disappointing.
xxy327yxx [19:54.715]: - This ship was designed to be filled with Mormons, not bullets.
Ashford [19:59.067]: - We put it to better use than they ever could.
xxy329yxx [20:01.504]: What a surprise-- a pirate who supports an act of piracy.
Ashford [20:05.552]: - Oh, I'm patriot now.
xxy331yxx [20:09.295]: And this-- this warship is a symbol.
xxy332yxx [20:13.386]: [soft, dramatic music]
xxy333yxx [20:14.996]: It is the greatest vessel in human history, and built by Beltalowda.
xxy334yxx [20:19.740]: That is something the Inners cannot ignore, because they know
xxy335yxx [20:23.923]: if we can do this, then that is just the beginning.
xxy336yxx [20:28.575]: [music escalates]
xxy337yxx [20:31.795]:
xxy338yxx [20:37.540]: - We've got an issue in the forward maneuvering cluster RCS.
xxy339yxx [20:40.804]: How bad?
xxy340yxx [20:41.776]: Manageable, but we'll have to cut our braking burn to deal with it.
xxy341yxx [20:47.158]:
xxy342yxx [21:02.565]: - Locational thrusters online.
xxy343yxx [21:07.353]: Primary power online.
xxy344yxx [21:09.572]: - I'm ready.
xxy345yxx [21:10.878]: [indistinct intercom announcement]
xxy346yxx [21:12.358]: [beeping]
xxy347yxx [21:15.230]: - Hey, Grigori.
xxy348yxx [21:18.320]: - [grunts and gasps]
xxy349yxx [21:23.891]: Grigori...
xxy350yxx [21:24.543]: [panting]
xxy351yxx [21:25.501]: - I was about to apologize.
xxy352yxx [21:28.939]: Hard to believe.
xxy353yxx [21:30.024]: But it's true, though.
xxy354yxx [21:31.899]: I am sorry.
xxy355yxx [21:33.857]: Now, there, that's what you wanted to hear, right?
xxy356yxx [21:37.252]: Yes.
xxy357yxx [21:37.799]: Then we're good?
xxy358yxx [21:39.385]: - [gasping, panting]
xxy359yxx [21:42.301]: Okay, we're good.
xxy360yxx [21:45.129]:
xxy361yxx [21:47.218]: [grunts]
xxy362yxx [21:50.439]: - What's all this about?
xxy363yxx [21:52.311]: - Oh, we used to work together.
xxy364yxx [21:55.488]:
xxy365yxx [21:58.229]: [alarm blaring]
xxy366yxx [21:59.709]: - On deck. Secure for zero-g.
xxy367yxx [22:02.233]: [whooshing]
xxy368yxx [22:06.673]: - How is your stomach?
xxy369yxx [22:08.414]: - Oh, please.
xxy370yxx [22:10.285]: - Oh, Dawes asked me to ask.
xxy371yxx [22:12.592]: He was very worried when he heard you got shot.
xxy372yxx [22:16.552]: - Aw, I had his name tattooed around the wound to remind me.
xxy373yxx [22:21.035]: I forgot how funny you are.
xxy374yxx [22:22.782]: [chuckles]
xxy375yxx [22:23.820]: - It was an unauthorized Black Sky operation,
xxy376yxx [22:26.823]: Dawes had nothing to do--
xxy377yxx [22:28.608]: - I'm sure you're a pretty good shot too, huh?
xxy378yxx [22:31.088]: So am I.
Ashford [22:32.612]: - Camina, you have nothing to worry about from me.
Ashford [22:35.179]: I am here to be your first officer,
Ashford [22:37.443]: and I have no problem with that--
Drummer [22:38.922]: - You believe you should be in command.
Ashford [22:40.837]: - Ah, of course I do, but this is not about experience.
xxy384yxx [22:43.927]: It's about politics and perception.
xxy385yxx [22:48.889]: Fred has Protomolecule, Dawes has Cortazar, and they both need this ship.
xxy386yxx [22:53.763]: - They both have delusions of grandeur.
xxy387yxx [22:55.809]: - And neither one of them cares
xxy388yxx [22:57.767]: if you or I are happy with the arrangement.
xxy389yxx [23:01.075]: - Ah, finally, some truth.
xxy390yxx [23:04.731]: - I haven't lied to you...
xxy391yxx [23:07.037]: yet.
xxy392yxx [23:08.952]: But my point is that we both have orders to follow, which means we have to work together.
xxy393yxx [23:17.526]: - For the good of the new Belter state, ke?
xxy394yxx [23:23.140]: [alert beeping]
xxy395yxx [23:26.143]:
xxy396yxx [23:27.971]: What's wrong?
xxy397yxx [23:29.103]: - A construction skiff malfunctioned.
xxy398yxx [23:31.105]: It's stuck in a hard spin. Pilot's not responding.
xxy399yxx [23:33.281]: - Ah, it's 1-g-plus. He must've blacked out.
xxy400yxx [23:36.327]: He won't last long.
xxy401yxx [23:37.248]: - Is he gonna hit the hull?
xxy402yxx [23:38.634]: - Not if I can help it.
xxy403yxx [23:40.070]: I'm trying to access the ship's drive by remote.
xxy404yxx [23:42.551]: [tense music]
xxy405yxx [23:44.684]: [computer chirping, beeping]
xxy406yxx [23:46.337]: Got it.
xxy407yxx [23:47.687]: Killing the drive now.
xxy408yxx [23:49.645]: I'll bring it back to the dock.
xxy409yxx [23:51.517]:
xxy410yxx [23:53.562]: [door whirring]
xxy411yxx [23:56.565]:
xxy412yxx [24:04.530]: - It's too late. He's gone.
xxy413yxx [24:07.446]:

Bobbie and Alex catch up, Naomi confesses something[]

xxy414yxx [24:24.201]: [ship whooshing]
xxy415yxx [24:30.164]: - I have to admit, I kinda missed that old red sky.
Bobbie [24:32.819]: Haven't been back to Mars since I was shipped out for Phoebe, way back when.
Alex [24:35.865]: - I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda jealous.
Alex [24:38.564]: Thank you, by the way, for looking in on my family.
Alex [24:41.697]: That means a lot.
Bobbie [24:43.438]: - Your kid was sweet.
Bobbie [24:45.484]: Your wife was... polite.
Bobbie [24:49.488]: You guys talking?
Alex [24:51.054]: - Yeah, sorta.
Alex [24:54.580]: Talissa filed for divorce.
Bobbie [24:57.017]: - Oh.
Bobbie [24:59.410]: How do you feel about that?
Alex [25:00.890]: - Honestly, kinda relieved.
xxy428yxx [25:03.850]: [soft, dramatic music]
Alex [25:06.069]: Does that make me an asshole?
Bobbie [25:07.563]: - Nah.
Bobbie [25:08.071]: The domestic side of things never really held that much appeal for me either.
xxy432yxx [25:12.336]: It's better to know what you want and who you are.
Bobbie [25:16.602]: I'm damn glad to be a Marine again.
Bobbie [25:18.604]: If I hadn't been reinstated, I don't know what I would've done.
xxy435yxx [25:21.824]:
Bobbie [25:26.133]: You know, my fellow soldiers might dispute how you took ownership of your ship, but,
Bobbie [25:30.833]: you earned that seat you're in.
Bobbie [25:32.748]: You're a top-notch pilot.
Bobbie [25:35.490]: You can fly me anytime.
xxy440yxx [25:37.144]: Gotta go.
Alex [25:38.754]: - Well, it was good talking to you, Gunny.
xxy442yxx [25:41.757]: Thank you. [beep]
xxy443yxx [25:44.368]: [drone whirrs]

xxy444yxx [25:46.849]: [indistinct intercom announcements]
xxy445yxx [25:49.591]: - You have a moment?
xxy446yxx [25:51.680]: - For you, sure. What's on your mind?
xxy447yxx [25:55.641]: - That skiff pilot--
xxy448yxx [25:57.164]: - He was incapacitated. Pixie Dust.
xxy449yxx [26:00.559]: - Yeah.
xxy450yxx [26:02.082]: That's what I wanted to talk about.
xxy451yxx [26:05.128]: There's a black market trade on board.
xxy452yxx [26:06.956]: - Always is on missions like this.
xxy453yxx [26:09.045]: Not much else to do for fun.
xxy454yxx [26:11.439]: - I saw the skiff pilot with a dealer earlier.
xxy455yxx [26:14.355]: I should've told you about it.
xxy456yxx [26:16.052]: - Why? Did you believe the pilot was a risk?
xxy457yxx [26:19.665]: - I didn't think so.
xxy458yxx [26:21.188]: His work had been fine up until now.
xxy459yxx [26:25.366]: I misjudged the situation.
xxy460yxx [26:27.803]: - I made you Chief Engineer because I learned to trust you.
xxy461yxx [26:30.980]: I'm sorry.
xxy462yxx [26:31.491]: I don't expect you to be perfect, or anyone.
xxy463yxx [26:34.984]: That skiff driver was free to put whatever he liked into his body--we all are--
xxy464yxx [26:39.989]: until that freedom puts others at risk.
xxy465yxx [26:43.514]: And then we act accordingly.
xxy466yxx [26:47.344]: Who is the dealer?
xxy467yxx [26:48.998]: [indistinct conversations]
xxy468yxx [26:51.610]: - Security detail to the dock.
xxy469yxx [26:53.524]: Captain will meet you there.
xxy470yxx [26:55.265]:

Melba tries to keep herself together[]

xxy471yxx [27:03.970]: - It's nice to see that
xxy472yxx [27:05.493]: Madam Avasarala is as good as her word.
xxy473yxx [27:08.539]: Donations have been rolling into the clinic, it's never been in better shape.
xxy474yxx [27:13.022]: And I have never felt worse.
xxy475yxx [27:15.764]: First it was a few weeks away to write a speech at the UN,
xxy476yxx [27:19.115]: now it's months at the edge of the solar system?
xxy477yxx [27:21.596]: I know the people that you're around now could probably keep the clinic going forever, and that makes it worth it,
xxy478yxx [27:27.229]: but you are so far away from us, so close to that thing.
xxy479yxx [27:31.911]: I'm just afraid-- I am afraid that this is the way our lives are going to be from now on.
xxy480yxx [27:37.873]: I miss you, your daughter misses you,
xxy481yxx [27:40.223]: and we love you very much. Come home soon. Please.
xxy482yxx [27:45.838]: [device chirps]
xxy483yxx [27:46.496]: - [sighs softly]
xxy484yxx [27:47.274]: [intercom beeps]
xxy485yxx [27:48.335]: - Lead service team K-47.
xxy486yxx [27:50.103]: Please report to your skiff. You are clear to depart.
xxy487yxx [27:54.281]: [ship whooshing]
xxy488yxx [27:57.284]:
xxy489yxx [28:05.988]: - Hey, Melba, did you clock in before you showered?
xxy490yxx [28:08.774]: What?
xxy491yxx [28:09.136]: You should clock in before you shower-- log it as decontamination and tool check time.
xxy492yxx [28:13.648]: - You wanna pad out your time, Ren here knows all the angles.
xxy493yxx [28:15.606]: - Secret teachings, hidden wisdom.
xxy494yxx [28:17.696]: - [laughs]
xxy495yxx [28:18.237]: - Okay, I will.
xxy496yxx [28:19.132]: - Ahh, this James Holden. You watching him?
xxy497yxx [28:21.743]: - The guy who chased Eros, right?
xxy498yxx [28:23.223]: - Mm-hmm, and put that shithead Mao in jail.
xxy499yxx [28:25.094]: What about him?
xxy500yxx [28:25.756]: Well, he's out here.
xxy501yxx [28:26.879]: They're making a documentary about him.
xxy502yxx [28:28.794]: No shit.
xxy503yxx [28:29.145]: Yeah, he's got cameras following him around on his ship.
xxy504yxx [28:31.840]: I bet you 50 this reporter lady's knocking boots with him.
xxy505yxx [28:34.451]: Hey, new girl?
xxy506yxx [28:37.716]: Like what you see?
xxy507yxx [28:40.457]: - I wouldn't rub up against that narcissistic asshole with your junk.
xxy508yxx [28:45.027]: [computer chirps]
xxy509yxx [28:46.725]: [whooshing]
xxy510yxx [28:50.032]: - We still have to finish up on the junction.
xxy511yxx [28:52.121]: Stanni, you take deck six, okay?
xxy512yxx [28:53.949]: - Yeah, whatever you say, chief.
xxy513yxx [28:57.474]: - Buffers are behind that panel there.
xxy514yxx [28:59.476]: Get to work and I'll check back with you in a few, okay?
xxy515yxx [29:01.740]: [sighs]
xxy516yxx [29:07.702]: - [sighing]
xxy517yxx [29:10.966]: - Hey, hey, hey.
xxy518yxx [29:13.447]: Listen, the first contract's always the toughest.
xxy519yxx [29:15.928]: Stick with us, we'll get you through it.
xxy520yxx [29:17.712]: You got a question, you just ask.
xxy521yxx [29:20.019]: And if you don't wanna ask Stanni, ask me.
xxy522yxx [29:22.586]: Okay?
xxy523yxx [29:25.546]: Okay.
xxy524yxx [29:26.441]: Good.
xxy525yxx [29:28.375]: I'll get the junction set, you stay at the brownout buffers.
xxy527yxx [29:36.862]: [dramatic musical sting]
[29:42.171]: [music escalates]

The video crew tries another angle[]

[29:44.870]: [device chirps and whirrs]
xxy532yxx [29:50.745]: [jets popping]
xxy533yxx [29:53.879]: [whooshing]
xxy534yxx [30:03.018]: - No cameras.
Cohen [30:07.196]: So this is your spot, huh?
Amos [30:09.895]: Until you came through the hatch.
Cohen [30:13.115]: You know, if this project's gonna work, we're gonna have to learn to trust each other.
Amos [30:16.249]: I don't care if it works.
Cohen [30:18.251]: You don't care how you come across to other people?
Amos [30:20.862]: No.
xxy541yxx [30:22.429]: - [laughs softly]
xxy542yxx [30:25.998]: Prayer plant, cabbage, Magnus.
xxy543yxx [30:32.091]: It's unusual to find green walls on a ship like this.
Amos [30:34.223]: I call them Prax panels.
xxy545yxx [30:36.835]: What's a Prax?
Amos [30:38.793]: He's a botanist.
Amos [30:41.100]: He helped us, and we helped him find his little girl.
xxy548yxx [30:43.450]: - Where are they now?
xxy549yxx [30:44.581]: - They're both on Ganymede Station.
xxy550yxx [30:47.062]: Prax is helping them rebuild it.
xxy551yxx [30:49.760]: - You miss him?
xxy552yxx [30:51.937]: - He was good company.
xxy553yxx [30:53.590]: [soft, dramatic music]
xxy554yxx [30:56.550]: He was my best friend in the whole world.
xxy555yxx [30:59.596]: Why didn't you go with him?
xxy556yxx [31:00.896]: He didn't ask.
xxy557yxx [31:01.860]: He didn't have to.
xxy558yxx [31:03.949]: I'm not really the rebuilding type.
xxy559yxx [31:05.602]: - In these uncertain times, it's more important than ever that we learn to love each other.
Cohen [31:11.957]: I heard you shot down Monica.
Cohen [31:14.960]: Does that mean I have a chance?
Amos [31:19.616]: Like I told her, I don't shit where I eat.
xxy564yxx [31:24.447]: Well, you live on a spaceship.
Amos [31:27.102]: And I don't shit in the galley.
xxy566yxx [31:31.150]: [device whirring]

xxy567yxx [31:34.153]:
xxy568yxx [31:38.200]: - Hey Stanni, I'm gonna check in with Melba.
xxy569yxx [31:40.420]: Let me know how far along we are.
xxy570yxx [31:42.596]:
xxy571yxx [31:45.077]: - Okay, bypass is safe.
xxy572yxx [31:46.556]: Swap her out.
xxy573yxx [31:48.036]: [indistinct radio chatter]
xxy574yxx [31:50.130]: [sighs]
xxy575yxx [31:50.865]: [device whirrs down]
xxy576yxx [31:56.479]: Wait, wait, wait, wait, flip that buffer around.
xxy577yxx [32:00.527]: Yeah.
xxy578yxx [32:02.616]: Put that in the wrong way, the power goes dirty.
xxy579yxx [32:05.358]: Sends a fault, so the next one goes to stand by, then the one after that,
xxy580yxx [32:08.181]: and pretty soon, you got a whole ship powered down.
xxy581yxx [32:10.406]: Then we gotta go over here, reset everything by hand.
xxy582yxx [32:13.148]: It's a major-league pain in the ass.
xxy583yxx [32:15.672]: - Well, that's not a good design.
xxy584yxx [32:17.370]: - Better to fail safe than to blow something out a million klicks from a shipyard.
xxy585yxx [32:21.069]: - Right. I'm sorry. I'm out of my depth.
xxy586yxx [32:27.162]: - It's okay, you're gonna be just fine. I promise.
xxy587yxx [32:31.514]: - Thanks.
xxy588yxx [32:33.038]: - [grunts]

Ashford and Drummer clash[]

xxy590yxx [32:37.956]: - What's going on?
xxy591yxx [32:39.870]: [indistinct chatter]
xxy592yxx [32:42.047]: - [grunts]
xxy593yxx [32:44.745]: [yelps]
xxy594yxx [32:45.318]: [crowd exclaims]
xxy595yxx [32:46.747]:
xxy596yxx [32:48.314]: [door beeps and whooshes]
xxy597yxx [32:51.534]:
xxy598yxx [32:52.883]: - [yells]
xxy599yxx [32:54.973]: [beep]
xxy600yxx [32:55.292]: [door whirring close]
xxy601yxx [32:56.191]: - What are you doing?
xxy602yxx [32:58.193]: - This one supplies him.
xxy603yxx [33:00.630]: I'm going to space him, and make him watch, in full view of the crew.
xxy604yxx [33:04.504]: [muffled shouting and banging]
Ashford [33:06.158]: - Camina--
Drummer [33:06.733]: - Walk away. This is mine.
Drummer [33:08.290]: You do not have to be part of it.
Ashford [33:11.206]: - Captain! May I have a word?
Drummer [33:14.079]: In a minute.
Ashford [33:15.125]: Now.
Ashford [33:15.994]: Clear out, give the Captain a little goddamn space.
xxy612yxx [33:19.127]: - Beltalowda! Don't cross this guy!
xxy613yxx [33:21.086]: Move! Stay there!
xxy614yxx [33:22.696]: You, stay there, don't move, official business.
xxy615yxx [33:25.351]: - You don't have to do this.
Drummer [33:27.005]: - How many have you spaced for reasons just like this?
Ashford [33:29.485]: - More than I'd like to admit, but we're not pirates or rock hoppers anymore, we're citizens of the Belt--
xxy618yxx [33:34.664]: Oh, come on.
Ashford [33:35.292]: And we have to start acting like members of a society that obeys the rule of law,
Ashford [33:40.670]: not like the animals that the Inners have always portrayed us to be.
xxy621yxx [33:45.762]: If we ever want to be accepted as equals with the great nations of Earth and Mars, we must act with greatness.
xxy622yxx [33:55.207]: [banging] - Let me out!
xxy623yxx [33:57.339]: [indistinct shouting]
xxy624yxx [33:59.254]: Help! Help!
Naomi [34:04.129]: - I don't like him either, but in this, he's not wrong.
xxy627yxx [34:08.959]: - Please!
xxy629yxx [34:15.140]: [beeping, door whirring]
xxy631yxx [34:25.150]: - This door will be open for one shift.
xxy632yxx [34:29.023]: If anyone has any contraband in their possession, they have until then to put it in here, with no repercussion.
xxy633yxx [34:39.773]: After that--
xxy634yxx [34:40.701]: - Anyone caught dealing will be thrown in the brig, court-martialed, and sent back to Ceres for incarceration on a prison barge.
xxy635yxx [34:50.653]: Those are our Captain's orders.
xxy637yxx [34:56.485]: Well, spread the word.
xxy638yxx [34:57.791]: - Everybody out! It's done, it's over. Back to your posts. It's done.
xxy639yxx [35:06.147]:

xxy640yxx [35:16.853]: - [sighs]
xxy641yxx [35:20.422]: [soft whirring, beeping]
xxy642yxx [35:33.043]: [electronic chime]
xxy643yxx [35:35.133]: [soft, dramatic music]
xxy644yxx [35:40.355]: - Néo,
xxy645yxx [35:42.009]: I hit you with a tight-beam along your way-- at the crazy speed you're going, that no easy trick. Means I really want you to hear this. I think maybe I was wrong about you.
xxy646yxx [35:54.935]:
xxy647yxx [35:58.547]: You pull this one off...
xxy648yxx [36:01.811]: [smooch]
xxy649yxx [36:04.249]: This gonya be waiting for you when you get back.
xxy650yxx [36:07.730]:
xxy651yxx [36:10.516]: - [gasps] Oh.
xxy652yxx [36:13.910]: Oh-oh.
xxy653yxx [36:15.651]: Hoo!

Ashford tries to offer Drummer a new perspective[]

xxy654yxx [36:17.218]: [indistinct chatter]
xxy655yxx [36:21.396]: - Ah, that looks roughly like, uh, 50 kilos.
xxy656yxx [36:25.531]: - You think this act of mercy makes us better?
xxy657yxx [36:29.274]: - A small step, but forward.
xxy658yxx [36:33.365]: - This is not who we are.
xxy659yxx [36:36.281]:
xxy660yxx [36:43.288]: - Who do you think we are?
xxy661yxx [36:45.420]:
xxy662yxx [36:48.206]: I'll rephrase that.
xxy663yxx [36:51.383]: Who do you think we should be?
xxy664yxx [36:53.950]: - I agree with the Captain.
xxy665yxx [36:56.126]: - I admire your loyalty, but I don't believe you.
xxy666yxx [37:00.609]: You were a radical, and then you were betrayed. Then you hid out with the Inners, and then you become a big hero.
xxy667yxx [37:10.924]: So why is Naomi Nagata here with us now?
xxy668yxx [37:14.406]:
xxy669yxx [37:16.451]: - I think this is our time-- time for the Belt to stand up.
xxy670yxx [37:21.978]: If not now, it may be never.
xxy671yxx [37:25.330]:
xxy672yxx [37:27.201]: - Well, perhaps you should explain that to Drummer.
xxy673yxx [37:31.336]: She needs to hear it from someone she trusts.

Ren looks[]

xxy674yxx [37:34.513]:
xxy675yxx [37:56.404]: - Yeah, I'm almost packed up. See you at the skiff.
xxy676yxx [37:59.842]: - Copy that.
Ren [38:02.367]: Aw, damn it, I forgot my flask.
xxy678yxx [38:04.804]: You go on, I'll be right there.
xxy679yxx [38:08.634]: [foreboding music]
xxy680yxx [38:11.550]:
xxy681yxx [38:13.160]: [grunts]
xxy682yxx [38:15.293]: [indistinct radio chatter]
xxy683yxx [38:19.558]: [sighs, soft laugh]
xxy684yxx [38:22.169]:
Ren [38:39.491]: Jesus.
xxy686yxx [38:41.057]:
Melba [38:43.538]: Why'd you have to look?
Ren [38:47.412]: - Melba, what in God's name have you been doing?
Melba [38:51.677]: - I have to do this.
Ren [38:53.243]: - No, you don't. No, you don't have to do this.
Ren [38:57.422]: We can make this go away, I'll help you.
Ren [39:01.034]: No one will ever know it was ever here.
Ren [39:02.862]: It'll be our little secret--
Melba [39:03.997]: You didn't have to look.
Melba [39:05.125]: I really wish you hadn't.
Ren [39:06.561]: - Melba, I fought people before.
Ren [39:08.258]: Please don't make me hurt you.
Melba [39:10.217]: - I'm sorry.
Melba [39:12.437]: I'm so sorry.
xxy700yxx [39:15.309]: [ominous music]
xxy701yxx [39:18.921]: [click]
xxy702yxx [39:20.445]:
xxy703yxx [39:25.450]: [exhales]
Ren [39:27.539]: - Melba--
xxy705yxx [39:28.714]: - [yells]
xxy706yxx [39:29.615]: - [grunts]
xxy707yxx [39:30.803]: [groans]
xxy708yxx [39:32.195]:
xxy709yxx [39:35.503]: - [screaming]
xxy710yxx [39:38.506]: [panting]

Monica confronts Holden[]

Holden [39:46.558]: - When I was in the Navy, they said that in battle, you weren't fighting for your country;
Holden [39:50.779]: you were fighting for the people next to you. We've come to trust each other.
Monica [39:55.752]: - Including Naomi?
Holden [39:56.829]: - Yes, I trust Naomi.
Holden [40:00.746]: I don't always agree with her decisions or her tactics, but--
Monica [40:04.706]: - I think that you are, are liars.
Monica [40:07.492]: All of you.
Holden [40:10.277]: - Excuse me?
Monica [40:11.974]: - I don't think anyone on this ship is being honest about why you're here, what you want, and who you are.
Holden [40:20.679]: - Umm, okay.
Monica [40:23.246]: - You say you're not special-- it's obvious that you are.
Monica [40:27.512]: And I think you like that you are.
xxy724yxx [40:30.993]: - [laughs softly]
Holden [40:33.996]: I think you're trying to get a rise out of me,
Holden [40:36.738]: and I think I'm going to grab a shower and some sleep.
Holden [40:43.963]: I'll see you later.
Monica [40:45.001]: - No hard feelings?
Holden [40:46.139]: - Not yet.
xxy730yxx [40:49.055]: [drone chirps]
xxy731yxx [40:52.188]: - I think we got some good moments there.
xxy732yxx [40:53.668]: - Yeah, I thought so too.
xxy733yxx [40:55.017]: - I'm gonna start cutting this together.
xxy734yxx [40:56.541]: - I'll catch up with you later.
Cohen [40:58.064]: I'm gonna run some diagnostics on the drone, make sure it's 100%. My supply is not infinite.
[41:09.379]: [soft, dramatic music]
[41:26.527]: [drone chirps]
[41:27.833]: [soft whirring]

No laws on Ceres[]

xxy741yxx [41:42.891]: This is the MCRN Hammurabi to unidentified vessel approaching the Ring.
xxy742yxx [41:47.069]: You have entered restricted space. Respond immediately or you may be fired upon.
Manéo [41:50.769]: No need, no need.
Manéo [41:52.292]: This the "Y Que" racer out sa Ceres Station.
xxy745yxx [41:54.903]: Your transponder is off.
Manéo [41:56.731]: Transponder busted, yeah? [beeping]
Manéo [41:58.690]: Me ballistic is all, can fire up reactor, but that take a couple minutes.
xxy748yxx [42:02.476]: "Y Que," veer off, now!
Manéo [42:04.217]: No harm, no harm, me surrender. Just got to get slowed down a little. Firing up in a few seconds, hold your piss.
[42:13.618]: [beep]
Manéo [42:14.706]: Evita, setara mi. Baby, today, I do this fo you.
[42:23.453]: ["Highway Star" playing]
Manéo [42:29.808]: Olé, dusters!
Manéo [42:31.940]: Today, I make history.
Manéo [42:36.292]: Me!
Manéo [42:38.207]: Manéo Jung-Espano--
[42:43.473]: [dramatic music]

[43:06.366]: [water running]
The Investigator [43:10.675]: [whispering]
The Investigator [43:12.807]: [sighs]I don't remember.
The Investigator [43:16.594]: You just lose yourself, piece at a time.
The Investigator [43:21.381]: There's no laws on Ceres,
The Investigator [43:24.776]: just cops.
[43:26.342]: [ominous music]
[43:33.698]: [dramatic music]



  • This episode marks the commencement of Abaddon's Gate.
  • Unlike the transition duration in the show from adaptation of book 1 to adaptation of book 2, this transition to adaptation of book 3 incorporated a 6 month gap.
  • This episode features the Ring.
  • Drummer's first name is revealed as "Camina" by Ashford.
  • In the source novel, the pixie dust dealer actually was tossed out an airlock by the character Bull, security officer and third in command.


  ?  This section's content needs citations, references, or sources.
  • The plot with Manéo in this episode is widely touted by showrunner Naren Shankar as a remedy to the poor depiction in season two of timescale associated with vast distances of slingshotting.
  • The actor who portrays Manéo's brother is the same as the one who played the iconic slingshotter in season 1, Bizi Bitiko.
  • The episode title "Delta-V" is also a term used in spaceflight mechanics to describe to describe the the acceleration characteristics of spacecraft and literally means "Change in Velocity". It is likely an allusion to Manéo's death due to his sudden deceleration, as well as how the Ring activation would suddenly change everything.

Cast credits on-screen[]


  1. Delta-V on IMDb
  2. The character's name has not been revealed onscreen; however, is shown on the SYFY website's episode recap as 'Cohen'. Readers of the source novels will also know the character as 'Elio Casti'.