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Morrigan-class Patrol Destroyer

Destroyers are a small military ship type. The only currently known ships of this type are the Morrigan-class Patrol Destroyer built by the Martian Congressional Republic Navy as a cross between a Frigate and a Patrol Torpedo Boat.[1] and the United Nations Navy's unidentified destroyer class.

It is not clear what exactly designates these ships as Destroyer instead of Frigate or Patrol boat, however it should be noted that Destroyers have been shown to be heavily used in policing operations.

Known ships/Classes[]

UN logo.png United Nations Navy[]

Designation Class Notes
UNN Zheng Fei Unknown Appeared in The Expanse Origins comic.

Martian Congressional Republic.png Martian Congressional Republic Navy[]

Designation Class Notes
MCRN Ambedkar Morrigan-class
MCRN Avalanche (ECS - 222)
MCRN Cú Chulainn
MCRN Damascus (ECS - 229)
MCRN Hamill-Stewart (ECS - 224)
MCRN Iceni (ECS - 230)
MCRN Kittur Chennamma (ECS - 211) Heavily damaged and eventually abandoned
MCRN Morrigan
MCRN Scipio Africanus
MCRN Shandian Modified with Stealth panels
Koto Stolen by Free Navy. Later knocked out by Rocinante



  • Unlike the Books in which Destroyers serve in the same size bracket as real world ocean destroyers being smaller than cruisers, but larger than frigates Destroyers in the TV adaption are smaller lighter craft than frigates, being only larger than Patrol torpedo boats.


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