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The Dewalt was the personal ship of Camina Drummer.


Drummer acquired the ship when she formed her own faction of the Outer Planets Alliance and took leave from Fred Johnson's OPA faction. She used the ship along with the Mowteng to enforce her status as a powerful pirate that obtains 10% of the gains from any pirates in her area of space. Dewalt was the de facto flagship of her own pirate fleet.[1]


Drummer along with her crew aboard the Dewalt found the perforated and stripped husk of the OPAS Tynan, confirming that Klaes Ashford was killed by Marco Inaros. She and her crew salvaged the Tynan and absorbed it into their fleet.[2]

The Dewalt remained part of the Drummer faction throughout the Free Navy Conflict. It was along with the Mowteng and Tynan, as well as the Free Navy ships Serrio Mal and Koto, tasked to destroy the Rocinante.[3] When Camina refused to abide by Marco's orders of destroying the ship and instigated a mutiny on board the Tynan, she fired a missile at the Dewalt's drive cone, disabling its engine and preventing it from engaging in battle, as Oksana, the executive officer on board, was loyal to the Free Navy.[4]

After the defection of the Drummer faction from the Free Navy, the now reduced flotilla of the Tynan and Dewalt continued their run from the Free Navy. While scavenging the debris of a MCRN Donnager-class battleship after a battle, they were encountered by a Free Navy bounty hunting vessel, the Jotunn. Upon this discovery, the food, water, and ammunition supplies of the Dewalt along with its crew was brought over to the Tynan and emptied. A plan to destroy the ship through an unguided missile failed however, and the Tynan crew was forced to overload the Dewalt's reactor and destroy itself together with the Jotunn, enabling the faction to flee.[5]



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