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Dhanbad Nova is a location on Mars with a large research center.


The research center at Dhanbad Nova remains one of the largest on Mars, host to a wide variety of government funded initiatives and regional research wings. The anticancer regimens available aboard every Martian ship were developed here, as were water reclamation techniques in wide use today and the beginnings of the Epstein Drive at Masstech. Today, Dhanbad Nova is still a hub of research, but has the standard complement of Martian hotels with all the supposed decadence of an Earther—fancy soaps, large baths, fluffy towels. Visitors to the research facilities can enjoy all the luxuries of home, no matter where they hail from—and they hail from everywhere. Powerful conglomerates such as Masstech and interplanetary concerns such as Kwikowski Mutual Interest Group maintain large stakes in the laboratories of Dhanbad Nova. Their corporate structures occupy massive levels both above and below the surface, between the noodle bars and the other evidence of ancient colonization. [1]

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