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Dmitri Havelock works as a detective with Star Helix Security on Ceres. He is Joe Miller's partner.

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Havelock is an Earther trying to create peace with the Belters who see him as an outsider, a token of the welwalas that oppress them.

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In "Dulcinea", Havelock and his partner investigate a death in a brothel. Havelock is left observing as the prostitute, Gia, recounts the incident in Belter creole. Miller shares pointers with Havelock on intricacies of working as an Earther cop in the Belter station, Ceres. He recommends giving up on any ideas of fitting in or learning their ways. To drive the point home, he demonstrates how everyone can tell a Belter from anyone born in a planet's natural gravity.

In "The Big Empty", Havelock and Miller meet with Joon, the governor's assistant, and they listen to him scorn Belters who he suspects are stealing water earmarked for the greenery in his courtyard. Havelock suggests they might respect the greenery's role in recycling air if only they had a similar view. This comment is taken as a statement of insolence and Havelock is mockingly rewarded with a small potted cactus which he would later gift to Gia. Havelock accompanies Miller as he and an AWP worker trace the stolen water to a warehouse in which they meet Diogo Harari. Havelock witnesses Miller rough up the young thief but is then surprised to watch him release the kid with a stern warning.

In "Remember the Cant", on the way to the Medina sector, Havelock and Miller are approached by a Mormon missionary named Elder Murray trying to invite them to a comedy show. Havelock is cordial but Miller is belligerent. When it comes time to give contact information, Miller comes around as he realizes Havelock's play. In a twist worthy of any good comedy act, the new Earther detective just gave the missionary contact information for their captain instead of his own! Both partners now encourage the missionary to keep trying if he doesn't get a response.

During an uprising, the Star Helix detectives are alerted to trouble in Rosse Buurt area and Havelock reacts by rushing to protect Gia, his Belter culture tutor from the brothel. Pock Mark corners Dimitri Havelock, intent on assaulting the Earth native cop. Havelock's attempts at appeasement using learned Belter are unsuccessful so that the group of Loca Greiga thugs pin him up against a wall and Pock Mark drives a prospector's spike through him as retaliation against inner-planets for the destruction of the Canterbury.

In "CQB", the brothel madam discovers Havelock's impaled body outside and presumes him dead. When she searches for his wallet, he stirs and she steps back in shock then runs to get help for the cop.

In "Back to the Butcher", Miller goes to visit Havelock being treated in the Ceres medical facilities. He discovers Gia is with him and accuses her of ulterior motives, insulting her intent as professional mercenary and of a pecuniary nature.


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Season 1

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  • The book version of this character does not get impaled with a prospector's spike. He transfers to a different station working for a security division of Protogen then CPM. It is a separate character that gets spiked in the Leviathan Wakes, a Martian named Enrique Dos Santos.

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  • Pock Mark corners Havelock
  • Pock Mark laughs at Havelock's use of Belter gestures in attempt to de-escalate
  • Havelock pressed to the wall
  • Havelock pressed against the wall
  • Pock Mark put a spike in Havelock
  • "Remember the Cant" --Pock Mark
  • spiked
  • Havelock spiked
  • Havelock left for dead

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