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The Discovery on Phoebe was when an alien substance was found on Phoebe. A team of martian scientists as well as a team from Protogen were sent to study it.


Upon beginning studying the new discovered substance the Protogen scientists named it Protomolecule. Over the next several months both science teams studied the substance learning some of its secrets. Antony Dresden then had the Protogen team expose the Martian science team to the Protomolecule trapping them in containment lab 4. This was phaze one of Protogen's plan to study the Protomolecule evolution. Upon learning what they could from the exposed scientists they killed the infected Martians by gassing them and burned the bodies. Protogen's science team then left onboard the Osiris using the ships plume from its fusion drive to sterilize the station[1].

The MCRN Donnager would later be disbatched to Phoebe after communications were lost with station. Upon arriving the flash burned corpses of the Martian science team were discovered although the Martians did not know as to why[2][3]


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