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"Down and Out" is the fifth episode of the fifth season of The Expanse.[1] Overall it is the fifty-first episode and it released to streaming on December 30, 2020.


Amos and Clarissa are trapped in a collapsed building. Naomi contends with her old family. Holden assembles a new crew on the Roci. Alex and Bobbie make a dangerous discovery in the Belt.


Drummer's crew decides what to do[]

In the aftermath of the attack on Earth, Oksana comforts Drummer, who feels guilt for letting Marco Inaros go when she had the chance to kill him, and worries about Naomi and how it will affect her. She receives an invitation from Marco to meet and discuss her faction's future and involvement with the Belt. Drummer holds a meeting with the rest of her family/crew, where they discuss their feelings about the bombardment of Earth, the Inners' relationship with Belters, and Fred Johnson's death. She announces that they will accept Marco's invitation to meet.[2]

There's a pit on a mudball down a well[]

Amos and Clarissa wake up in Clarissa's ruined cell. She is still fuzzy from the blockers, and her hand is hurt, so Amos makes a makeshift splint for her out of a bedsheet. A guard named Rona helps Amos out of the cell, but she is reluctant to allow Clarissa to come with them, as the prison is on lockdown. Amos persuades her, and the three of them walk into the prison's underground courtyard, where they regroup with two other surviving guards. They have no means of getting out as the prison's electricity has gone out, deactivating all elevators, and the stairway is completely collapsed. Amos figures out that the elevator shaft must have a maintenance ladder, but they are unable to open the locked doors to it, forcing them to ask Konecheck, an inmate with heavy strength modifications, for help.[3]

Holden starts to form a plan[]

On Tycho Station, Holden is unable to reach his family, Amos or Alex, and he is sending a message to Naomi who is also unresponsive. He and Bull try to interrogate Sakai to find out where the Zmeya went, but she is uncooperative and blaming the way the Inners treat the Belt, including on Tycho station, which was run by three powerful Earthers who in her mind thought they could tell Belters what to do (Fred Johnson, Bull and Holden). She boasts that they can't change what happened, or what is about to happen. They leave the interrogation room revealing they've already obtained the Zmeya's flight plan from Monica Stuart, who recorded it with her optical implant when her OPA cell attacked the station. Bull threatens to space Sakai himself when he returns. Sakai replies "see you when you get back."[4]

Amos looks for a way out[]

In the prison, Amos, Clarissa, Konecheck and the three guards are inside the elevator shaft, but they can't find any sign of the ladder until Clarissa discovers a panel on the wall that has a hinge on it. Amos asks to be given a gun, but they have biometric locks and can only be used by their respective owners, so he instructs a guard to shoot two holes into the panel, and Konecheck manages to use them to pull it off the wall, revealing the ladder behind it. Rona surmises it was hidden to prevent inmates from escaping, so they now have to similarly shoot holes and tear out the panels on the wall for the following nine levels of the prison. The guards make a draw for it and the losing guard, Sully, climbs the ladder together with the inmate. They begin to open the panels one by one.[5]

Alex and Bobbie decide their next course of action[]

On the Razorback, broadcasting ship's transponder identification as "The Screaming Firehawk," Alex and Bobbie watch news coverage of Marco Inaros' coordinated attack on Earth, Mars and Tycho Station, calling it "the most devastating terrorist campaign in human history." Alex wants to contact Holden, but Bobbie convinces him to keep following the Barkeith and its escort because that's where they can be of most help. Shortly afterwards, the ships change course for a remote location in the Asteroid Belt, where they will be hard to spot by scopes. Alex and Bobbie realize that they are heading to a rendezvous point. Alex is cautious, but Bobbie pushes to follow them, because the Firehawk is fast and they can run if they have to. Alex changes course to follow them closely, trying to stay as hidden as possible.[6]

Marco tries to get Naomi to eat[]

On the Pella, a tearful Naomi is brought to the galley where Marco, Filip, Cyn and Karal are sitting at a table with food. Marco notes Naomi hasn't been eating, and invites her to sit down and get to know her son, as that's the reason the boy brought her. Naomi quietly asks to go back to her room, and Marco proclaims that she isn't a prisoner and is free to go anywhere she wants. She says she would rather get on her ship and leave, but Marco reminds her that she gave the ship to Filip. Marco makes a show of asking Filip if he wants to lend the ship to Naomi, which he declines. She turns and gets out. Karal asks Marco if he is just going to let Naomi leave, to which he replies that she has nowhere to go, while Cyn is upset that Marco is playing with Naomi. When the two of them leave the room, Filip notes that Marco is angry at him, and Marco replies that he is just disappointed. He roughly hugs Filip and asks him why he brought Naomi back, to which he says he doesn't know. Marco reminds Filip of his friend Andrew, whom he knew for 11 years and loved dearly, and yet allowed him to die for their mission because he "knew what he had to do" for the Belt. Marco tells Filip that he needs him with a clear mind and that he should embrace the anger and disappointment that he feels towards Naomi, but not let it control his decisions.[7]

The foundation of a river of blood[]

Naomi tries to interface with Marco's ship, but she is locked out of all controls. Cyn approaches her and asks her if she wants to help him with maintenance. Naomi is furious and asks Cyn if he thinks that things will just go back to the way they were after all that's happened. She tells Cyn that she hoped he would be there for Filip, but instead he let Marco poison both his own heart and Filip's and she will never forgive him for that. Cyn reminds her how the Inners have been depriving Belters of air and water, how they will never be able to get a foothold in the new planets because their bodies aren't built for gravity, and that if they ever get used to living on a planet they won't be Belters anymore. He believes Marco is trying to build something for all Belters. Naomi replies that he is building it on a river of blood, and that Cyn is complicit, before walking away.[8]

Amos and Peaches near the top of the ladder[]

In the prison, Sully and Konecheck are still climbing up the ladder and calling for survivors, but no one answers. Down in the shaft, Rona tells Amos and Clarissa about her ex, and how they have a child together, but no one is replying to her attempts at communication with the surface. Suddenly, Sully falls off the ladder and drops to the bottom of the shaft to his death. The guards are furious, but Konecheck claims it was an accident and he slipped because of his knee injury. With just a couple panels remaining before they reach the surface, Amos convinces the two guards to go up the ladder together: One will be shooting holes into the panels, and the other will be keeping an eye on Konecheck. He helps Clarissa climb the ladder, and they follow the others from behind. A tremor hits the prison, sending the elevator down the shaft, but everyone evades it. Looking up, they see daylight overhead. Clarissa notes that it's strange that they can see daylight, as there should be a building above them.[9]

Naomi explores her new prison[]

In the Pella, Naomi enters the galley when no one is looking and gets some food for herself. She nostalgically looks at the Martian coffee machine, which reminds her of the Rocinante. From behind her, Karal appears and taunts her by asking if she's "thinking of her Earther," James Holden. She mocks Holden, who is famous for drinking coffee and saving the system with his motley crew of Earthers, Martians and Belters. She asks if Naomi thinks he is coming to save her. Naomi tells Karal to just say what she has to say and be done, and she replies that she was happy when Naomi left, because she thought she was so much smarter than everyone else. She mockingly asks Naomi if she still feels bad for blowing up the Augustin Gamarra, and tells her that no one will save her. After what Naomi did to Marco, he will not let her leave. She suggests the only way Naomi will get off the ship is if she is dead, and leaves. Naomi covertly hides the knife from her cutlery kit inside her sleeve, and gets up.

Naomi enters the ship's command deck and calls to Marco, telling him she needs to speak with him, but he ignores her. She approaches him from behind and is about to stab him with the knife she hid in her sleeve, when Filip grabs her and tells her they are busy and she has no business there. She manages to hide the knife in her sleeve again without being seen. Filip takes Naomi to an elevator, where she pulls her arm away from his grasp. He tells her she should be thankful that he brought her here, because he saved her life. Naomi realizes the Rocinante is in danger and, when Filip leaves her, she begins to run.[10]

Out of 'The Pit'[]

In the prison, the guards reach the top of the ladder, followed by Konecheck, Amos and Clarissa. The prison is completely in ruins, and Konecheck begins to laugh hysterically. While Amos, Clarissa and Rona are looking at the wreck in shock, Konecheck grabs the other guard, Morris, by the throat and kills him. He takes Rona's gun and throws it down the hatch and, when Amos attacks him, he picks Amos up by the throat too. He dares Amos to call him "Tiny" one more time (a nickname Amos gave him at the start of the episode despite his protests). Amos repeatedly punches him in the face, but it has no effect due to his implants. Clarissa tries to activate her own implants but, due to the lingering blockers, she falls to the ground, incapacitated. Konecheck walks over to the elevator shaft, and holds Amos above it. Before he can throw Amos down the shaft, he is shot by Rona, who uses the dead guard's hand to shoot a couple bullets at him. When Konecheck turns to attack Rona, Amos grabs him from behind and hurls him down the elevator shaft, killing him. Rona begins to tear up, saying that she was supposed to spend the weekend with her kid. Amos tells her to go, and at first she retorts that she has to keep an eye on Clarissa who is still an inmate, but Amos convinces her to leave and find her child. Clarissa is still on the floor, hazy from the blockers, and begins to laugh, saying she never thought she would feel the wind on her face again. Amos wraps her up in a ruined UN flag and picks her up, saying they need to get out of there. [11]

Getting used to a new crew[]

In Tycho Station, Holden, Bull and a crew of Belters board the Rocinante, where they formulate a plan to follow the Zmeya and get the protomolecule sample back from them.

Cyn is having a tough time with his repairs, and Naomi shows up and helps him figure it out. He tells Naomi that when Filip refused to lend her the Chetzemoka, he wasn't punishing her. Naomi interrupts him and says that it was Filip trying to prove his loyalty to Marco, just like everyone else does there. Cyn retorts that Naomi doesn't know the boy yet.

As the crew on the Rocinante begin to power up the ship's reactor, Naomi spots a wrench in Cyn's toolbox. She grabs it covertly while talking with Cyn about Filip, how in her mind he will always be a small boy and that this new Filip is a stranger to her. With the wrench in hand, she asks Cyn if Marco slipped the Augustin Gamarra code (a deadly sabotage that Naomi herself designed) into the Rocinante. When he hesitates to answer, Naomi hits him on the head with the wrench and takes his hand terminal. In her panic, she doesn't notice the knife slip out of her sleeve and fall to the floor. She manages to send a message to Holden, warning him that the reactor has been sabotaged and telling him that she is being held captive by Marco before Cyn grabs her and ends the transmission.

Holden powers down the reactor just in time. Bull asks him how he knew there was a sabotage, and Holden shows him the message. He asks where Naomi is, but there is no location data on the transmission. Meanwhile, Naomi is thrown in a cell by Marco, Filip and Cyn, screaming for them to tell her what happened to the Rocinante. They abandon her and she begins to cry.[12]

Fast movers[]

In the Belt, Alex and Bobbie have lost sight of the Martian ships, forcing them to go closer at the risk of being spotted. They find a Belter ship close to the Barkeith and its escort, in addition to two Martian destroyer ships, and begin collecting profiles on the ships gathered. The Barkeith turns to leave without its escorts, and Bobbie realizes that the frigates are the contraband they have been tracking and that the MCRN is selling warships to Marco Inaros and the Free Navy. Alex and Bobbie are spotted and are forced to activate the Epstein drive, putting a lot of strain on their bodies. When the pursuers fire a missile at them, Alex manages to stop it by hitting it with an emergency core dump. They manage to evade the attack, but the Screaming Firehawk is left uncontrollably spiraling away through space.[13]




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