Dropships (also referred to as skiffs and shuttles) are small transportation vessels utilized by both the United Nations and the Martian Congressional Republic.

Types Edit

Martian Congressional Republic Chariot-type Dropship Edit



The Chariot-type dropship is a classification of dropship employed by the Martian Congressional Republic Navy, with several of these skiffs being utilized by the Scirocco-class assault cruiser. They can carry a complement of twelve Martian Marines, alongside a complement of Recon Marines equipped with Goliath Powered Armor.

Chariots are armed with three heat-seaking missile launchers, two automated ground-support machine guns and one turreted PDC. They additionally carry enough supplies and reaction mass to travel a fairly large distance from their mothership, and are capable of being employed as scouts or ship-to-ship transports.

UN logo L-Type Dropship Skiff Edit



This class of ship is used by the United Nations Navy. It is designed to descend and ascend from a planet's surface into space, as well as acting as a shuttle between ships. The L-Type bears a strong resemblance to the MCR's Chariot-type.

It is known that Earth and Mars use several different models and variations of L-Type dropships. For example, the variant that was used to transport Chrisjen Avasarala and her retinue is shown to have a luxurious interior, unlike the variant that was used for transportation of a captured OPA agent, which had a more utilitarian, military-like interior.

A complement of 6 L-Type Dropships are carried in the hangar bays of Truman-class dreadnoughts.

UN logo M-Type Dropship SkiffEdit

A larger dropship than the L-Type. The M-Type Dropship Skiff is often used by the United Nations Marine Corps onboard Leonidas-class battleships. The larger capacity allows for large detachments of marines to be deployed.

RCE Heavy Lift ShuttleEdit

A large dropship used by the Royal Charter Energy for transporting colonists and heavy equipment from colony ships onto new worlds. The colony ship Edward Israel carried three of these vessels during its colonisation attempt of Ilus IV[1].

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  • L-Type
  • L-Type UNN dropship ascending into Earth orbit
  • L-Type approaching a Leonidas-class
  • L-Type interior
  • L-Type VIP interior
  • Chariot-Type MCRN dropship decending
  • Chariot-Type cockpit interior
  • Chariot-Type interior
  • Chariot marine complement
  • Chariot-Type interior
  • Concept art


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