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Earther is a term for people born on Earth. Together with Martians, they are also called Inners, because they come from the inner planets of the Sol system. "Squats" is a pejorative term for Earthers used among certain Belter circles.

Physically distinctive traits[edit | edit source]

Growing up in full-g (Earth gravity at sea level), most Earthers appear as short and squat to Belters and Martians. While there are Earthers that approach Belter heights, there is little chance of them being mistaken for Belters, as they lack the elongated limbs and enlarged craniums characteristic of someone who grew up in low gravity. Earthers are generally less graceful in low or zero-g, due to a lack of experience in navigating such environments. Belters are correspondingly awkward or disabled in Earth gravity, due to usually insufficient musculature, but many Martians train to move about in full-g.

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