The Edward Israel was a decades old ship originally built as a colony ship during the colonisation of the Belt and the Jovian system. It saw service for many decades as a water hauler until with the opening of the Sol Ring where upon it was converted back into its original purpose.

Events[edit | edit source]

When the Ring network opened the Earth based company Royal Charter Energy repurposed the Edward Israel to colonise the planet Ilus IV in the Ilus system. This planet was rich in lithium which could be exported to Sol, however before the ship made its eighteen month journey from Ceres station a refugee ship traversed through the Sol gate and then Ilus gate at high speed setting up an unauthorised colony on the planet Ilus IV which they called Ilus. When the Edward Israel arrived at the colony the settlement of First Landing had already been founded and the Dropship containing the Governor and most colonists was destroyed attempting to land. The Edward Israel would remain in orbit of the planet whilst events occurred on the planet surface

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Edward Israel does not have weapons, but it has an old communications laser that can be hacked to cutting strength.
  • Edward Israel was an astronomer who was part of a failed expedition to the arctic which was sponsored by the United States government.[1][2] The purpose of the trip was to conduct experiments and observations in the field of astronomy, magnetism, and meteorology.


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