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This page is about the Tv icon TV character. For the books incarnation, see Mother Elise.
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Elise Holden is one of the mothers of James R. Holden and one of eight parents to him. While each parent contributed genetic code to James Holden, she carried him in her womb.

Elise is also the one who convinced Jim to abandon the futile goal his parents had placed on his shoulders since childhood. The members of her marriage are part of a legal group, a marriage co-op, with claims of generational land ownership rights to their farm.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Elise was born in North America, on Earth. Eventually, she became part of a legal marriage group, as means of claiming ownership over land they deemed theirs.

Roughly thirty years prior to the Eros incident, her genetic code along with that of the other seven members of her marriage group were blended together, and the result was implanted in Elise's womb. Her son, Jim, eventually joined the United Nations Navy, but because of an unpleasant incident, he was kicked out. Afterwards, he left the planet and began working for Pur'n'Kleen, away from his mother.

Throughout the series Edit

In "Windmills", she is approached by UN Undersecretary Chrisjen Avasarala as means of determining Holden's moral status. Elise is verbally aggressive towards Chrisjen, however, they eventually discuss for a short period of time. After leaving, she surmises that Holden is a kindhearted child caught up in a bad situation, and not allied with whomever is trying to start a war.

Personality Edit

Elise is kindhearted and loves her son dearly, being emotionally vulnerable when a subject regarding him is discussed, as seen with her conversation with Avasarala.

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  • The governmental structure of the UN territories as implied in the naming conventions of Holden's childhood home.
  • Elise threatens Avasarala