Elizabeth Mitchell is an actress who portrays Anna Volovodov on The Expanse.

Biography Edit

Elizabeth Mitchell was born in Los Angeles in 1970. Shortly after her birth, her parents moved to Dallas, Texas. She was graduated from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts located in the Arts District of downtown Dallas. Later, she earned a BFA degree in acting from Stephens College and also studied at the British American Drama Academy. Additionally, she spent six years at the respected Dallas Theatre Center and one year with that theater's Encore Company. Before her big screen debut, she started her acting career from theaters.

Background Edit

Her breakthrough performance was opposite Angelina Jolie in Michael Cristofer's acclaimed HBO telefilm "Gia" (1998) endearing her to audiences and critics, alike. She is also well known for her lead role as Dr. Juliet Burke on the ABC drama mystery series "Lost" (2006–2010).

Involvement Edit

Actor: Elizabeth Mitchell; Season 3
Season 3 — Episode"IFF"Anna Volovodov
Season 3 — Episode"Assured Destruction"Anna Volovodov
Season 3 — Episode"Reload"Anna Volovodov
Season 3 — Episode"Immolation"Anna Volovodov
Season 3 — Episode"Delta-V"Anna Volovodov
Season 3 — Episode"It Reaches Out"Anna Volovodov
Season 3 — Episode"Intransigence"Anna Volovodov
Season 3 — Episode"Dandelion Sky"Anna Volovodov
Season 3 — Episode"Fallen World"Anna Volovodov
Season 3 — Episode"Congregation"Anna Volovodov
Season 3 — Episode"Abaddon's Gate"Anna Volovodov

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  • Elizabeth was announced on July 23, 2017 to join the cast for season 3

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