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Dr. Elvi Okoye is a character in Season 4 of The Expanse

Biography[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Little is known about Elvi's background, other than the fact she was born on Earth, studied Biology and eventually started working for Royal Charter Energy as a scientist.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Dr. Elvi Okoye is curious, exciteable, and very intelligent. From her introduction, it is clear she enjoys her work and is thrilled for the hisotical opportunity presented by Ilus. She is methodical and perceptive, quickly noticing Holden's insincerity and deducing his connection to the protomolecule, while the depth of her knowledge is evident in that she was able to analyze information and craft a vaccine for the Green Blindness even when she was fully blind.

Dr. Okoye is earnest and by-the-book, and is shown to be bad at lying, as she is unable to do it properly even when she tried to protect Holden from Murtry. Hailing from Earth, at first she has some stereotypical impressions of Belters, but is shown to be open minded and genuine in helping them, eventually deciding to stay with them on Ilus. She is also shown to be moral and generous, encouraging dialogue and cooperation and freely sharing all of her resources when the Belters were in need, and being deeply disturbed by Murtry's violence and hatred.

Ultimately, however, her great thirst for knowledge is the foremost driving factor in her actions, and she is often shown to be guided by it and find it difficult to resist: She tells Holden that she would kill to be in his place and be able to talk with the Investigator, even at the price of constant nightmares and visions of death, if only it meant that she could contact the mysterious and knowledgeable Ring Builders and get some answers from them to humanity's greatest questions.

Throughout the series[edit | edit source]

Dr. Okoye is introduced in "New Terra", where she is seen aboard the Edward Israel's shuttle coming down to Ilus alongside her fellow RCE personnel. She is very excited about the historical opportunity of being the first exobiologist to analyze an alien planet, while Dr. Sarkis is much less impressed than she is. When the shuttle malfunctions and holes begin to blow in its sides, Dr. Okoye holds hands with her fellow scientists as the shuttle comes crashing down to the ground. She wakes up in the shuttle's ruins in a haze, as Lucia rushes to help her.

In "Jetsam", Dr. Okoye helps Holden and Naomi analyze the strange metal bug, and they find that it resembles the protomolecule's mechanisms. A tracking screen shows the swarm of bugs enter one of the dormant ruins in Ilus, so the three of them get on a vehicle and drive there. With the help of Dr. Sarkis on call, they determine the structure is about 1.5 billion years old. Dr. Okoye marvels that it's older than life on the planet, but Holden points out that the protomolecule's method of research usually involves wiping out all nearby life, so it's probable that life on Ilus had to start over after its arrival. Dr. Okoye explains that, in that case, there's three different biomes interacting on Ilus: the planet's original life, the protomolecule, and now humanity, which makes for a volatile and unpredictable situation.

In "Subduction", Dr. Okoye stands over Coop's dead body after Murtry murders him in cold blood. She is upset and calls Dr. Sarkis, and the two of them discuss their distaste for Murtry's violence. Sarkis offers that she would be safer if she returned to the Edward Israel with him, but she collects herself and points out that she came a long way to study this new planet, and she stayed on the surface for a reason. Sarkis informs her that the lightning which struck the settlement earlier originated from the tower she and Holden visited the day before. She calls Holden to inform him, but is perplexed to find he is already there. Ignoring his protests, she tells him to wait for her and leaves to find him. She later meets him and Alex by the tower, and shows them the Edward Israel's readings, which indicate there's some structure deep underground below the path of the lightning strikes. She catches on that Holden is hiding something from her, but he waves off her concerns. They get a call from Sarkis, who informs them that the lightning stopped at another structure at the other side of the planet. Just then, the three of them feel an earthquake underneath, which puzzles Sarkis, as the planet is not supposed to have tectonic activity. He instructs them on how to place seismometer spikes in the wider area so that he can pinpoint the epicenter of the earthquake. When they set all the spikes, Sarkis leads them to the epicenter, and they are shocked to find one of the protomolecule ruins, spinning around itself and cutting a 3 km long swathe on the ground as it speeds away, threatening to destroy the settlement in its path. Holden orders for it to be destroyed, which Okoye protests as she feels that their first instinct shouldn't be to destroy this precious and intriguing piece of alien technology. She believes they have time to evacuate the settlement and that they shouldn't fear something just because they don't understand it yet. Holden ignores her and fires the Rocinante's missile on the structure, destroying it.

In "Retrograde", Okoye is deeply disappointed that they destroyed an ancient ruin, though Holden doesn't share her regrets. She came to Ilus to study it, not to destroy it, but Holden tells her that the two of them have vastly different agendas. She retorts that Holden has not been honest with her, and asks to know who "Miller" is. Their argument is interrupted when Holden gets a call from Naomi, learning about Murtry's rampage in First Landing. Much later, after things have settled down, Okoye and Sarkis talk once more about Murtry, and Okoye is greatly disturbed by Murtry, saying that he is unhinged and that she didn't come all this way to become complicit in murder. She wants to report him to RCE so they will remove him and have him judged for his crimes, but Sarkis informs her that Murtry's security officers on the Edward Israel have locked off all communications to Earth. Okoye laments that there has to be something they can do to stop him, but Sarkis reminds her what she told him days prior: They came a long way, and they can't stop Murtry but they can focus on their jobs. He shows her readings from the spikes that she planted earlier, showing that multiple structures on Ilus are turning on again. She bids him goodbye to investigate the readings.

In "Oppressor", Sarkis sends Okoye a report that shows a group of islands on Ilus generating massive amounts of heat, which they both find unusal as the planet has no volcanic activity. Okoye ponders that it is strange for a machine that lasted billions of years to be destroyed by a human torpedo. An officer walks in and tells her that Murtry wants to see her, and Okoye notices a strange infection on the guard's eye, who waves it off as just something that itches. Murtry walks in and asks Okoye to tell him everything she knows about the protomolecule ruins. Later, Holden enters her quarters and she confronts him about all the times he has lied to or withheld information from her, and demands that he stop and finally explain what is going on. He relents but, before he can explain, they both hear shots fired outside, and Holden tackles Okoye to the ground to protect her from the barrage of bullets that blow holes in all the walls around them. That night, Holden begins to explain to everyone in the settlement about The Investigator and all he knows about the protomolecule. Okoye listens intently and is at first incredulous, though when she starts to believe him, she asks if Holden leaving Ilus would deactivate the ruins, which he says is very improbable. She tries to keep the argument between the RCE and the Belters civil to no avail, as Murtry's insults escalate it once again into a mutual yelling fit.

In "Displacement", Okoye talks with Sarkis about the island on Ilus exploding, asking if they should expect the other islands to explode as well, but he says it appears that the other islands have started to cool down. Okoye begins preparing to move into the ruin, but stops for a moment to scratch her itchy eye. She stays on the settlement to pack her things, and offers Carol Chiwewe her water purifier for the Belters. When the itching in her eye persists, she scans it to find small green blotches spreading on the surface of her eye. She is one of the last people to climb into the protomolecule ruin before Holden seals it at the last moment, as a giant tsunami hits and submerges the surrounding area.

In "A Shot in the Dark", Okoye scans the eyes of all the people in the ruin, assuring them that what they are experiencing is minor allergies. She later approaches Holden and Murtry and informs them that she has been lying to everyone to avoid a mass panic, as it appears that they have all been infected with a strange microorganism that nests in their eyes and will eventually make them all blind. She is perplexed to find that Holden is immune to this infection. She draws Holden's blood to analyze it, and they talk about the Investigator. Okoye can't believe that Holden feels burdened by him, saying she would kill to be the only human in contact with an advanced alien civilization which could possibly give her some answers to humanity's biggest questions. Holden retorts that it's not the same when you don't get a choice.

In "The One-Eyed Man", Okoye has been rendered fully blind by the green infection, and needs Holden's help to analyze one of the slugs, finding it is poisonous and secretes a neurotoxin which paralyzes humans and causes respiratory failure. She calculates that, under the current circumstances, she would need longer than a week to make a vaccine against the poison. He asks if she found anything analyzing his blood, but she says there was no indication as to why Holden is immune to the green blindness. Later, when Holden walks into her tent, she asks how the Belters are holding up, and he says that they'd be much worse without the medicine that she's been giving them. They are interrupted by Murtry, who tries to turn Holden against the Belters, to no success. Holden leaves Okoye alone, but returns again, deeply upset. Okoye asks him what happened, and he explains that he is upset about his friend Amos, and being unable to help him. Holden feels responsible for their situation and feels that there surely must be a reason he's immune, and Okoye tries to reason that it's not his fault, but he doesn't listen. She realizes that maybe it's not Holden's blood, but his eye fluid that's special, and instructs him on how to remove some and analyze it. She laughs bitterly when all that turns up is that Holden has some pre-cancerous cells that might need treatment. He explains he got irradiated in Eros, and she puts a hand on his shoulder, which he takes as a friendly gesture but, in truth, Okoye is reaching for his medication port. She realizes that Holden's immunity stems from his anti-cancer meds, and the two of them celebrate, with Okoye joking that she hasn't seen Holden smile in a while. She begins to craft a vaccine for the infection and successfully tests it on herself, and eventually cures everyone of the blindness.

In "Saeculum", Okoye talks with Sarkis, and he tells her that, if they are going to die, he wishes they could at least be together. He rushes to explain he means it as a friend, but she smiles and assures him that she knows what he means. She hangs up on him when she hears Holden talking to the Investigator within the walls, and follows him to a strange hole on the ground. She explains that she heard him talk about saving the ships and that she wants to go with him, as she also has people who are in danger and whom she wants to protect, but Holden tells her he needs to be alone to talk with the Investigator and that she should stay behind, before jumping in the hole by himself. Okoye leaves dejected, only to be cornered by Murtry, who tells her she must remain in the RCE camp for "safety" reasons. Murtry notices her nerves and asks her where Holden is, and though she tries to lie to protect Holden, Murtry threatens her into telling him where he is. Murtry places her in house arrest and forbids her from communicating with anyone, but she is saved by Amos who scares Murtry's guard away. She leads Amos to the hole Holden jumped through, and declares that she is going with him and that he can't stop her. Amos tell her that she doesn't need his permission, but that she should know it might be a one-way trip. Okoye replies that they are already on one, and the two of them jump in the hole. They arrive at the end of the tunnel to find Chandra, who has an emotional confrontation with Amos, pleading with him to betray Holden and come with her. Reluctantly, Amos kills Chandra, but is then shot and injured by Murtry. Okoye rushes to help Amos, but he tells her to go, so she leaves and runs through the ruin, screaming Holden's name. She finds him in the room of the strange orb, and he leaves her momentarily to go and save Amos. While she is there, she meets the Investigator and helps him walk his robotic body towards the orb, with the goal of deactivating the ruins on Ilus. Despite being attacked by protomolecule robots and a swarm of metal bugs, Okoye manages to drag the robotic Investigator to the orb. Holden walks in at the last moment, but is too late to stop her as she slips and falls throug the orb herself, along with the Investigator.

In "Cibola Burn", Okoye falls through the orb, seeing visions of orange lights and the strange beings that destroyed the Ring Builders. Holden rushes to help her, as she frantically screams and drags herself away from the orb. He asks if she is alright, and she replies she doesn't know. Holden brings an injured Amos and Murtry to the same room, and a still shocked Dr. Okoye tends to their wounds. Holden asks her what she saw, and she describes feeling the space between things, and a presence heading towards her. Holden relates to that feeling, explaining he feels it every time they cross a ring, and says she isn't crazy, though she replies she may rather be. After the water has receded, Okoye and Sarkis help the Belters move their equipment, having decided to stay on Ilus together and keep analyzing the ancient ruins. They are on a call with Holden, and Okoye shares that she wants to know what happened exactly between these strange ancient alien species. Sarkis says he will be there to watch her back, and the two of them share a meaningful look. Holden promises to get the UN to give them any resources they want. Sarkis asks if the orb might still be dangerous, and while Okoye is confident, Holden says they should make sure that humanity doesn't become the next space faring species to be wiped out by it.

In "Exodus", Holden shows Fred Johnson a message that Dr. Okoye sent him, sharing her findings on Ilus and attaching a simulation of her vision of the unknown aggressors.

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Season Four
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7 "A Shot in The Dark"Appears
8 "The One-Eyed Man"Appears
9 "Saeculum"Appears
10 "Cibola Burn"Appears
Season Five
1 "Exodus"Appears (uncredited) (image+voice)
2 "Churn"
3 "Mother"
4 "Gaugamela"
5 "Down and Out"
6 "Tribes"
7 "Oyedeng"
8 "Hard Vacuum"
9 "Winnipesaukee"
10 "Nemesis Games"

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