Emma Zomorodi is a crewmember of the long-long haul freighter Bhikaji Cama.

Biography Edit

In addition to working for the Transport Union on the Bhikaji Cama, Emma is also a member of the underground fighting against the Laconian Empire. She acted as the underground contact for Naomi Nagata on the ship while Naomi was secretly riding the Cama in a modified cargo container.[1]

She can drive a loading mech like it was part of her body. She worked for Pinkwater Security before joining the Transport Union.

Her last name had been Pankara before she’d taken Zomorodi as a contract name with four other people. She had siblings on Europa in the Sol system and on Saraswati, one of three habitable planets in the Tridevi system.

Description Edit

She is heavyset, with dark skin and gray-streaked hair pulled back into a harsh bun.

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