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Endocrine Enhancement Implant

Endocrine Enhancement Implant

The Endocrine Enhancement Implant is black market technology used to enhance an individual's combat skills.


The Endocrine Enhancement Implant consists of a control module and manufactured glands in the throat, head and abdomen for a full Endocrine Axis conversion. The implant affects the right parietal cortex, the pre-frontal cortex, as well as the fronto-striatal circuits to alter the subject’s perception of time. It saturates the body’s system with a synthetic compound as well as enables the Endocrine system to over produce hormones that, when mixed and activated via the control mechanism, create an extreme state of hyper physical and mental awareness in the subject for a limited amount of time.[1]

The stress created by this process incapacitates the user, including severe retching, for five minutes after the effects wear off.[2]

Effects of the implant can be blocked by a chemical inhibitor.[3]

Once implanted, the enhancement system can be removed however there would be a permanent detrimental effect on the individual that would be worse than keeping the implants.[4] Over time the artificial glands begin to deteriorate and leak their synthetic compounds into the individual’s blood stream causing severe terminal illness. The effects of the deteriorating system can be lessened through blood filtering.[5]

While this type of implant is illegal, it cannot be forcibly taken out without the consent of the individual, at least on Earth, due to a Body Privacy law.[6]


This implant was a prototype project to improve soldiers' reflexes in battle. It was abandoned because they couldn't prevent it from incapacitating the user afterward.[7]


Clarissa Mao Books • TV, under the alias Melba Koh Books • TV, obtained an Endocrine Enhancement Implant to help her in getting her revenge against James Holden Books • TV for the imprisonment of Jules-Pierre Mao Books • TV and the downfall of Mao-Kwikowski Mercantile.



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