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The Engagement in the Jovian system was a battle between the Martian Congressional Republic Navy and United Nations Navy during the Un-MCR war which also included the independly owned ship Rocinante.


When Admiral Nguyễn redeployed six destroyers to attack the Rocinante, the crew of the frigate joined forces with a pursuing MCRN fleet. This emergency assistance request was made by Chrisjen Avasarala as a representative of the United Nations whom was trying to prevent the war. When the MCRN commanding officer received the request, they had to send it up the command chain for authorization. The request was accepted and the Martian fleet moved to engage the UN destroyers before those could reach Rocinante.

The engagement began when one of the Martian cruisers entered into optimal firing range of the UNN destroyers and fired eight torpedoes. The UN destroyers turned to face the MCRN fleet and deployed railgun and PDCs. Several torpedoes were fired also at Rocinante which were destroyed by its PDCs. With the UNN fleet turning to face the MCRN fleet, the Rocinante was able to move in close and fire torpedoes at the drive cones of the hostile ships. The engagement ended when a UNN destroyer was completely torn in two and, of the six UNN ships, three were destroyed. The remaining three ships were heavily damaged and surrendering. The Rocinante received only minor PDC damage and the MCRN lost two of its four destroyers with one cruiser being badly damaged.[1][2][3]

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