The Epstein Drive is a modified fusion drive[1] invented by Solomon Epstein around 130 BXT. It enabled humanity to travel beyond Earth and the inner planets, and colonize the Asteroid Belt and outer planets.

The drive utilizes magnetic coil exhaust acceleration to increase drive efficiency, which enables spaceships to sustain thrust throughout the entire voyage. A ship fitted with the efficient Epstein drive is able to run the drive continuously for acceleration to its goal and then after flipping at about the halfway point is able to run the drive continuously during deceleration. Previous engine designs used propellant less efficiently and could not be run long enough to achieve the high velocities that the Epstein drive permitted.

Since its invention and up until the discovery of the Ring network, the Epstein drive remained the most advanced transportation technology humanity had access to.

Known modelsEdit

  • S-250 Series Epstein Drive: A UN drive used on Leonidas-class battleships. This drive is older and less efficient than most current drive models.
  • S-400 Series Epstein Drive: A UN drive used on Truman-class dreadnoughts.
  • Bush shipyards Black Ops supercooled Epstein drive - CODENAME Silversmith: A drive built on Luna and secretly used on the Amun-Ra-class stealth frigates owned by Protogen.
  • RT-10 'Kaminari' Epstein Drive: MCR drive used on Donnager-class battleships.
  • RTF-B Series Epstein Drive: MCR drive used on Scirocco-class Assault cruisers.
  • RT6-B Epstein Drive: MCR drive used on Morrigan-class Patrol destroyers.
  • G-4000 Series Epstein Drive: A very large drive used on the Nauvoo/Behemoth.

Drive Details Edit

Using the information available at Atomic Rockets website, the Epstein drive possesses the following performance characteristics (based upon the performance of Epstein's yacht, not the Rocinante):

  • Thrust: 1,000,000 N
  • Specific Impulse (isp): 1,100,000 seconds
  • Exhaust Velocity (ve): 11,000,000 m/second (~3.7% of light speed)
  • Mass Flow Rate ( ): 0.09 kg/second
  • Thrust Power: 5,500,000 MWatt
  • Engine's Thrust to Weight Ratio: ~140
  • Propellant mass fraction (yacht's mass fueled / mass empty): ~4

Media Edit

  • The first Epstein Drive on Solomon Epstein's yacht
  • Tsiolkovsky rocket equation
  • Energy Density of various sources of fuel
  • Inertial Confinement Experiments


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