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Europa, also "Jupiter II", is is the sixth closest moon of Jupiter, and the smallest of its four Galilean satellites, but still the sixth-largest moon in the Sol system.

Europa is slightly smaller than Luna and is primarily made of silicate rock with a water-ice crust. It has a very thin atmosphere, composed primarily of oxygen.


Early Exploration[]

The Tereshkova missions were the first long-term crewed surveys of Europa, whose mission was the search for extraterrestrial life.[1]

Colonization and Settlement[]

Europa has a human settlement, which grows vegetables and beef in big mirror-fed greenhouses and supply food to the Belt.[2]

Pastor Anna Volovodov worked at St. John’s United congregation of Methodists on Europa, which consisted of less than a hundred people, before she was chosen to be a part of UNN Thomas Prince's religious delegation to the Ring.[3]

Free Navy Conflict[]

Europa was one of several targets of the Consolidated Fleet in their all-out offensive against the Free Navy.[4] The Fleet captured a significant number of prisoners from Europa after it fell during the offensive.[5]



  • As early as 1995, NASA's Galileo Mission,[6] was able to determine a salty water filled ocean existed under a frozen crust. The presence of water, may have be a strong reason why a colony was founded at that site in Expanse universe.
  • Europa was a Phoenician princess who was abducted and taken to Crete by Zeus in the form of a bull where she bore him three children.
  • It is only around 300 kilometers smaller than Luna in diameter, but still bigger than Pluto.
  • Europa may have twice the amount of water that there is on Earth.
  • Because of its icy, and colorful surface, Europa is one of the brightest moons in the Sol system.
  • It has a very thin oxygen atmosphere as the solar radiation from Jupiter breaks up water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen.
  • The yellowish brown lines on Europa are actually cracks from the ice surface.


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