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"Exodus" is the first episode of the fifth season of The Expanse.[1] Overall it is the forty-seventh episode and released to streaming on December 16, 2020 as part of a three-episode season premiere.


Holden tries to convince Fred Johnson to destroy the last sample of protomolecule. Naomi gets an important lead to her son. On Luna, Avasarala begins to hunt for Marco Inaros.


Bonafide space oddity[]

Somewhere in space, an asteroid is travelling towards the sun. It flies too close to the surface and fractures into multiple pieces due to the heat.

The pieces are spotted by a science ship, the U.N.S. Hasami, near Venus. They are very excited about this discovery, as the asteroid was not on its expected course and a rogue asteroid around Venus is a "bona-fide space oddity." They are unable to get a definitive read on the asteroid's composition, and believe it is an instrument malfunction. The Hasami's sensor and communications unexpectedly get turned off. As the crew of scientists try to figure out what is going on, they are boarded by an OPA party of three, who barge in wearing high quality armor and pointing weapons. The Hasami's lead scientist begs for the boarders not to shoot, as they are unarmed scientists on a research mission. The boarders' leader, Filip, hurriedly asks what they know about the rock and if they have informed anyone else, to which the Hasami's lead replies in panic that they just got here and no one knows anything. She shows the boarders the location of their data core and they extract it, before murdering all the scientists and leaving.

Filip pressures a fourth raider, Andrew, to quickly get the communication array out of the ship as they set bombs on it. He gets it out and throws it to the others, but his leg is stuck in the hatch and he asks for help. One of the crew members, Cyn, moves to help him, but Filip stops him, as there is no time before the countdown for the bombs ends. They both stand idly, the crewman slightly perturbed, as Andrew struggles to be set free. He begs Filip to help him and pleads that there is still time, but Filip only replies that he will tell his father what Andrew did and that he will be proud of Andrew, before the Hasami explodes, killing him.[2]

The good guy discount[]

On Tycho Station, Naomi is talking with Tycho's chief engineer, Sakai, about repairs on the Rocinante.  Sakai marvels at the fact that the Rocinante has survived all of its crew's adventures, and remarks that "the Dusters know how to build." Naomi asks her to say "Martians," as Alex has never called Naomi a "Skinny", the pejorative term for a Belter. Sakai laughs it off and they talk about upgrades on the ship, and she tells Naomi that she will need the Roci's pilot and mechanic to review the changes. Naomi replies that it won't be necessary, as both Amos and Alex are currently off duty.

Bull, Tycho's security chief, calls for Sakai and angrily enters the elevator she and Naomi are standing in, chastising Sakai for being so generous with the Roci's repairs and restocking, but she retorts that he should take it up with Fred Johnson who authorized it. He says that he will, and announces to Naomi that the Roci won't keep getting special treatment. He disapproves of the fact that the Roci crew are taking advantage of Fred's soft spot for them.

The three of them get out of the elevator and meet Fred Johnson, who tells Naomi he has something for her. Fred's expression is serious, and Bull and Sakai leave him alone with Naomi. Fred tells Naomi that an agent sent him a recording from Pallas Station, and he shows her a picture of her son, Filip. Naomi wells up with tears and emotion.[3]

The evening news[]

Holden is in a room on Tycho, watching news feeds. The news report increasing numbers of colony ships heading out into the new worlds, Nancy Gao's success at dealing with homelessness and unemployment through her initiatives with the new colonies, and massive corporate mining operations in the new worlds creating opportunities for Belters. He receives a call from Naomi and quickly notices she sounds distraught. She tells him that he should grab dinner on his own tonight. He looks back at the news feed when the announcer starts talking about other Protomolecule ruins in the new worlds, before turning it off.[4]

En route to Luna[]

On a Belter ship called the Lazy Songbird, Amos is travelling towards Luna. He finds his bunk in a room, shared with a couple of excitable Belter men and an old woman, asking them both immediately if they snore, to which they all reply no. The Belters try to talk to Amos about their new jobs on Luna and how he feels to go back to Earth, but he silences them with a glance. When the old woman starts to snore, he looks at her and gets irritated at first, but then pensive.

A young Belter thug walks in and demands the Belter men pay him some "insurance," which they already have paid for. He tells them it is no longer valid and that they should pay because they don't know what would happen if they don't. The men are about to pay when Amos intervenes and threatens the grifter, leading to a second man, the young flunky thug's boss, walking in and facing off with Amos. He declares that no one in this cabin will pay for their "insurance," which frustrates the two grifters, but they leave. The Belter men in the cabin, Rico and Jianguo, are upset because they are afraid the grifters will come after them now. Amos gets up and grabs a towel to take a shower, and the men tell him that he shouldn't because he is going to be attacked there. Amos replies that he "hates waiting" as he goes.[5]

Getting the waiting out of the way[]

In the shower room, Amos is cornered by the two grifters, escorted by two additional men, who instruct the other people who are showering to leave the room. They tell Amos that he should have known better, and that now it would be smarter to just take the beating. The grifter tells Amos that he is stupid, as those two in the cabin were going to pay, but Amos says he didn't do it for them. When the grifter takes out a knife and rushes at him, Amos breaks the young thug's arm against the shower bar and proceeds to fight off the other attackers, stabbing one with his toothbrush. In the aftermath of the violent fight, Amos washes the blood off his face by standing under running water in the shower.[6]

Monica's new story[]

At a bar on Tycho, Holden is approached by Monica Stuart. She tries to get a reluctant Holden to talk to her, because she is working on the story of the Protomolecule, noting that he has been there at every stage since its firsts appearance. She tells him to relax and that they are not on the record, but she is actually recording him with an implant in her eye. Holden tries to convince Monica that all samples of the Protomolecule are destroyed, but she insists that it is not true. When he asks why she doubts it, she tells Holden that someone is doing research on the Protomolecule at a secret facility in the Belt. She tries to convince Holden to cooperate with her, but he gets up and leaves. When he's gone, Monica picks up Holden's leftover food, as two Belters in the bar stare intently at her.[7]

Naomi is going through a list of available ships on Pallas, before putting it down and looking at Fred's recording. It shows Filip and his crewmembers from the strike on the Hasami: Cyn and Karal.

Heading home[]

Alex approaches Mars on the Razorback, taking the opportunity to show off his impressive piloting skills. He looks at pictures of his wife and son before leaving Bobbie a message that they should meet.[8]

Chasing down leads[]

Bobbie ignores Alex's message, as she is on the surface of Mars, sealing a black market weapons deal. She tries to inquire about whether her supplier has access to stealth torpedoes, but he gets very evasive and tells her not to contact him again before leaving. Bobbie drags the crate into a storage room full of contraband weaponry, and sends a report to Avasarala. She managed to confirm that there is a black market weapon supply out of Asteria base, but burned her contact in the process. She looks at a web of contacts, most of which are burned, and talks to Avasarala about her suspicions that there is some operation to transfer weapons and stealth technology that high ranking Martians are involved in. She reluctantly asks Avasarala for 500k Martian currency, apologizing for how much she has been asking for. She thanks Avasarala for her faith in Bobbie and declares she will not let her down.[9]

Holden confronts Fred Johnson[]

Holden barges into Fred Johnson's office and asks him if he and Anderson Dawes are doing Protomolecule research, which Fred doesn't deny. Holden is furious and warns Fred that it could backfire for many reasons: first, the Protomolecule is very dangerous to meddle with and unpredictably powerful; second, the UN knows for certain that he has it as they told Avasarala, and they could turn against the Belt if they found out about the research; third, it could affect the colonies the same way Ilus was affected, and now that they are heavily populated it could potentially kill millions. Fred is confident in his approach and assures Holden that the Protomolecule is completely secure, but he can't tell Holden where it is. To convince Fred of the danger, Holden shows him a message from Elvi Okoye, who has been studying the Protomolecule structure on Ilus and created a simulation of the vision she saw when she fell through its core at the end of Season 4.

Holden is worried that the Protomolecule's builders were wiped out by these things and now humanity is freely using their ring network and colonizing their ruined worlds without considering the danger. He tells Fred that every time he passes through the ring he can see the things that destroyed the Ring builders, each time they seem angrier, and it is possible that humanity is waking them up by using the rings. Fred points out that Holden and Dr. Okoye are the only people who have seen these things and they might be imagining it, but Holden is insistent as he believes that he was changed by the Protomolecule's projection of Miller into his brain. Fred finishes the argument by stating that the artifacts have not hurt or killed anyone yet, therefore all the things Holden is worried about are pure speculation.

Holden sees a screen with plans for a ship, which Fred wants to name "Guardian of the Frontier". Holden says that it's just a gunship, but Fred retorts that so was the Roci once. Fred has plans to build a navy for the OPA so they can police their own space and control their own stations without hinging on or being threatened by the Inners. When that is done, Fred claims, they can talk about getting rid of the Protomolecule. Holden states that nothing is ever going to change, and Fred advises him to stop thinking about the end of the world all the time, as he has a family, good friends, a girlfriend and a ship and he should build something for himself with the time he has left. He tells Holden that, believe it or not, the world will go on without him.[10]

Alex tries to apologize[]

Alex travels through Mars and finds his ex-wife, Talissa, who lives in a new address because the rent went up and she had no choice. She is distant and asks him to just say what he wants, and when he asks to see his son Melas, she tells him that he is away on a school field trip. He tries to apologize to her now that he is there in person, but she rebuffs him: She reasons that if she said he was off the hook because she and Melas are doing well without him, he would get to leave his guilt for abandoning them behind, or if she tells him that they are broken up about it he will get to feel loved and missed and needed. She states that he doesn't get to know because he chose to not be a part of their lives anymore and therefore they don't owe him any closure, before closing the door on his face.

Bobbie is watching a transmission from Esai Martin's wife, Katlin, who is with their children on a colony ship to the new planets thanks to Bobbie's help. She is unaware of Esai's dealings and corruption, and seems hopeful and very thankful to Bobbie for her generosity. She tells Bobbie that she is a good Martian, and Bobbie closes the message, looking perturbed.

Alex is sitting at a cowboy-themed Martian bar, talking with his son on his hand terminal. He tries to connect with him, but the boy is awkward and not very reciprocal. When Alex tells him that he loves him, Melas doesn't respond. Bobbie walks into the bar, staring at the tacky decor. Alex greets her warmly and pours her a beer, but she seems detached. He asks her how she is doing and she replies that she is unemployed, as are a lot of people these days. He tries to shift the conversation to her achievements and training, and then to her family, but it only makes Bobbie more irritated as she isn't wanted in the Marine Corps and unable to find work due to being court-martialed and her family is distancing themselves from her. Alex tells her that he is sure she will fix it and that she has to stay positive, but Bobbie proclaims that she is staying realistic as some things don't get fixed and you are a moron if you try. Alex tries to use himself as an example, telling her that Melas was unresponsive and Talissa was angry but he will keep trying when she cools down, but Bobbie cuts him off and bluntly tells him that if he wanted to fix things he should have shown up years ago. He should get it through his head that it's over and just move on. Alex is shocked at Bobbie's crudity and she declares that it was not a good day for this meeting before storming off.[11]

Naomi gets packed[]

Holden returns to his and Naomi's room and apologizes for being late. She tells him that she knows where her son is and must go find him immediately, to which Holden readily starts preparing and planning for both of them to go. Naomi informs him that she chartered a freighter for Pallas station that leaves in a few hours, and she reluctantly tells him that it is just her who is leaving. Holden tries to protest that it is too dangerous for Naomi to go by herself, but she points out that if she shows up to an OPA station with an Earther by her side, it will make everything harder. He can't help Naomi, and she doesn't want him to. She sits down and begins to tearfully confess that she has been living with the knowledge that she saved herself from Marco Inaros but couldn't save her son. She is worried that Marco is going to get Filip killed and she won't be able to live with herself if she doesn't at least try to help him. Holden sits down next to Naomi and comforts her, accepting her decision.[12]

Chrisjen says hello to Amos[]

In Lovell City, the capital of Luna, Amos is preparing to transfer onto a flight to Earth when he is detained by security. At first, he thinks he is being arrested for attacking the grifters, but the guards escort him to Avasarala's office, who sends them off and greets Amos by telling him he looks like shit. Amos responds by saying that Avasarala looks amazing. She asks him why he is going back to Earth, and he says it is none of her business. She suspects it has something to do with Holden, Ilus and the Protomolecule, and tells Amos that he won't clear customs until he tells her. He just says that a friend of his died who took care of him when he was a kid, and he is going to Baltimore to settle her affairs.

Avasarala gets Amos to sit down and pours him a drink as a thanks for teaching her how to walk in mag-boots, which has been useful to her in "this godforsaken place." She reveals to Amos that Nancy Gao personally appointed her on Luna to help accelerate emigration to the Earth's new colonies, the very policy on which the two of them disagreed the most and over which Gao defeated Avasarala. She declares that she was put in this position because Gao thinks it's funnier than just telling her to go fuck herself. Amos tells her that if she doesn't like it she should just quit, but they are interrupted by Admiral Delgado of the UN fleet who has news to share with Avasarala. She turns to Amos and asks him if he intends to kill anyone down there. When he doesn't reply, she humorously tells him she won't bail him out and sends him on his way.

Delgado sits down and tells Avasarala that she is wealthy enough that he should be charging her for the information. She tells him to think of it as "offering a glass of water to an angry old woman who is dying of thirst in the desert." She promises Delgado a front row seat to Marco Inaros's execution, and he shows Avasarala information on the Hasami which disappeared a few weeks ago. The Hasami's final transmissions reveal the presence of a Belter skiff, prompting Avasarala to ask why would Inaros blow up a science ship, and Delgado replies that he is not sure as the match is barely over 50%. He is cautious, but Avasarala seems to take this as definitive information.[13]

Team divided[]

Naomi enters the ship that she has bought, named the Chetzemoka, and sends a message to Holden, who stands inside the Rocinante, completely alone for the first time since the Canterbury's destruction. Alex wanders around Mars by himself, looking at the great number of properties that are for sale or out of business. Amos walks alone in a crowded hallway, at the end of which there is a memorial to the Augustin Gamarra.[14]

When our day comes[]

Avasarala watches a video recording of Marco Inaros, who is preaching to a group of protesting Belters that the Inners hate them because they put the Inners to shame and because they believe the Belters are weak. He talks of the Inners' violence and oppression towards the Belt which makes them feel ashamed, and they will always hate the thing that shames them. But they can take advantage of the Inners underestimating them, because that means they can surprise them. They can't teach the Inners to stop hating them, but they can teach them to fear the Belt, and hate it because they fear it.

A 3D virtual display shows multiple asteroids on planned courses, with expected strike locations and explosion magnitude. The camera pans over to Marco Inaros spinning the display around, as all the strike courses line up towards Earth. The countdown shows roughly 12 days remaining before impact.[15]



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