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Felcia Merton is the daughter of Basia and Lucia Merton.

Biography Edit

Felcia is the oldest of three children (two surviving). Her youngest brother Katoa was killed during the Ganymede incident. During the first weeks following the collapse of the moon's colony, her father is attacked by a distraught Prax for the decision to abandon the search for her youngest brother and the decision to abandon their home. She intervenes to end the altercation.

She and her family spend a year on the refugee ship, Barbapiccola until they traverse the newly opened ring gate and become the first settlers of Ilus.

She befriends Elvi Okoye who gives her a recommendation for her school application. Felcia left Ilus on the Barbapiccola following the destruction of the colony to pursue her education on Luna.

Note Edit

  • Felcia's and her mother's characters were changed to Felcia Mazur and Lucia Mazur for the TV-series. While her mother is still a doctor in the series, her father is not Basia and Katoa is not her brother.

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