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Filat Kothari, AKA "Pock Mark", is part of the Loca Greiga crew on Ceres.

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This character has not yet been mentioned in the Book-icon-simple book series.

"Remember the Cant" & , He led the group that drove a prospector spike through Havelock hanging him against a wall

"Back to the Butcher", the Loca Greiga group releases video of their recent violent act impaling an Earther Star Helix officer. Captain Shaddid passes the information that Filat is not OPA and therefore fair game to her Star Helix employees. Filat requested Anderson Dawes to provide safe harbor from the Star Helix security that sought him out. Anderson betrays Filat to Miller as a gesture to have Miller yield his investigation of Julie Mao over to Dawes. It would be easy to interpret the gesture as a bribe. Anderson provides a hand terminal containing the contact information to find Filat. Anderson stresses that Loca Greiga and Filat Kothari aren't OPA. Miller doesn't follow through on Anderson's offer but instead chooses to continue hunting down Julie independently.

In "Leviathan Wakes", it's revealed that when Protogen funded CPM to hire all the criminal organizations of Ceres as part of their secret protomolecule experiment preparation on Eros, Filat took an opening. Miller uses him on Eros to distract some mercenaries and to have Filat help eliminate the Protogen stealth ship officers who had denied the Belter CPM mercs access aboard their already designated escape ships. Once Miller makes it into the elevator, though, he holds the door calling Kothari to come forward and get in only to shoot him in the forehead when he approaches.

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