A fleet is the largest formation of vessels in a navy, subordinate to no other military units except its overall naval command.

While the term 'fleet' is referring to a specific defined component of a navy, in many contexts the colloquial usage of the word is often referring to every vessel within a navy, i.e. "she's the fastest vessel in Martian Congressional Republic Navy", "United Nations Navy has an aging fleet", "the Outer Planets Alliance wants to develop its fleet" etc. making it virtually synonymous with 'navy'.

Organization Edit

A fleet is usually a permanent formation, although examples of temporary and even ad hoc fleets exist. Dating back to their nautical origins, permanent formations were often titled by their areas of geographic responsibility such as "Atlantic fleet", "Mediterranean fleet", et al. or by more arbitrary terms such as "1st Fleet", "2nd Fleet", etc.

Notable examples include:

Composition Edit

There is no predefined composition of a fleet, consisting only of whatever available vessels that are required to fulfill its objectives and operations.

Within every fleet though, one vessel will designated as the flagship, from which the commanding officer (typically a full admiral) of the fleet will conduct command and control. While the flagship is often the largest, most heavily-armed, or otherwise most significant ship of the fleet, it ultimately is a temporary designation that can be transferred to any vessel the commanding officer may need to command the fleet from.