Fleet support ships are spaceship belonging to navies that are not designed for combat. Such ships are used for supporting combat vessels and bases.


A transport ship was prevented from reinforcing United Nations Navy ships by Chrisjen Avasarala in order to weaken Admiral Nguyen's posistion.

Onboard the support ship Seung Un Melba secretly places an explosive device behind a panel on the ship. When it is discovered by her superior she killed him and placed his body into a cabinet. Later this bomb would be remote detonated destroying its drive and forcing the ship into an uncontrolled spin.

When investigating missing MCRN ships it was noticed that the supply ship the Apalala had been appeared despite being removed from service previously. It was likely that the Apalala was stolen by what would become the Free Navy.[1]

UN logo United Nations NavyEdit

Designation Ship type Appearances Notes
UNN Seung Un Fleet Support Ship (TV version only) TV Sabotaged outside The Ring in plot to discredit James Holden
UNN Bernadette Koe Medical support ship Books One of the ships Avasarala couldn't divert away from Ganymede.
UNN Charles Lyell Military research vessel Books Commandeered by the UNN to investigate Eros along with escort.
UNS Arboghast (TV) UNN Arboghast (Books) Civilian research vessel TV Commandeered by the UNN to investigate the Eros crash site on Venus.
Military science vessel Books 572 souls onboard killed when disasembled by the Protomolecule
UNN Aristophanes Transport Books One of the ships Avasarala couldn't divert away from Ganymede.

Martian Congressional Republic Martian Congressional Republic NavyEdit

Designation Ship type Appears Notes
MCRN Apalala Supply ship Books Stolen from the MCRN before Free Navy Conflict.


  • The CGI model used in season 3 for the Seung Un was a reused model of a transport ship that ferried Josephus Millar from Ceres to Eros.


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