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The Free Navy engagement of the Rocinante was a battle between the Free Navy and the Rocinante. The Roci had been headed towards a trap on the Chetzemoka which had been rigged as a bomb ship with a transponder as bait. However, after it had been discovered that Naomi Nagata had survived and was onboard, Marco Inaros ordered the five ships to intercept and destroy Rocinante as a symbol of Belter-Inner collaboration and compromise.

History[edit | edit source]

The five ships moved to intercept the Rocinante as soon as the Roci's tactical threat systems detected them. Knowing they did not have enough reaction mass for a successful escape, Holden ordered his crew to engage the flotilla, hoping to buy time for the Razorback to reach the Chetzemoka and rescue Naomi Nagata before the Free Navy ships could reach them.

As the ships moved to intercept, on board the Tynan Camina Drummer pulled Karal's gun out of its holster and held her at gunpoint. She ordered the Mowteng to disengage and fired a torpedo at the Dewalt, which knocked out its drive without detonating. Bertold grabbed Camina and knocked the gun from her hand; Karal grabbed it and took aim at Camina. Michio hit Karal in the head with a fire extinguisher, knocking her face into a rail and killing her. Michio then held Bertold at gunpoint whilst Camina fired Tynan's seven remaining torpedoes at the Koto. While shooting down the torpedoes, the Koto was disabled by two direct railgun hits from the Rocinante as it sped past.

The Rocinante and Serrio Mal then exchanged torpedo fire, but all the torpedoes were destroyed by PDCs or mutual detonation. On board the drifting Dewalt, Josep realized what Camina was doing and decided to help. Though Oksana attempted to stop him, Josep fired seventeen torpedoes at the Serrio Mal. As the heavy frigate used its PDCs to defend from the torpedo barrage, the Rocinante made a close pass by the Free Navy ship, cutting its drive and turning to strafe the Serrio Mal from the side. The gunship landed six railgun rounds on the frigate from close range, the last one detonating its reactor.

Holden then demanded that the remaining ships stand down. Drummer identified herself to him, after which her faction and the Rocinante went their separate ways.

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