Freehold is the first colonized planet in the Freehold system. All settlers were Earthers and adhere to a strict policy of individual rights and responsibility[4].

History Edit

Freehold was initially led by governor Payne Houston, but he was unseated by Semple Marks after a dispute with the Transport Union in 47-XTE[5].

The Rocinante crew with its remaining two crew members, Naomi and Alex, alongside Payne Houston, escaped back to Freehold after the Medina Station insurrection based on the late Clarissa's recommendation.

Government Edit

Freehold is governed by the The Assembly of Sovereign Citizens which controls the sole settlement on the planet of three hundred people all born on Earth. The law is then enforced by a local militia.[4]

The Government is strongly opposed to the centralized authority of the Transport Union. The colony ship that first settled the planet had supplies of weaponry which were then operated by each colonist.

The Charter for the government called for radical personal autonomy enforced by a citizen militia of all three hundred colonists.[4]

Features Edit

The planet was colonized eight years before the Laconia-Sol Conflict and consisted of one township in a semiarid temperate zone. Low level agriculture was present but salvaged food supplies from hydroponics was still relied upon, and livestock of goats and chickens were present[4].

Lithum deposits in the planet crust, and high quantities of uranium trapped in polar glaciers make obtaining helium viable once mining facilities are built. Currently, the colonists lack the ability to mine these resources[4].

Notes Edit

  • In Persepolis Rising, chapter 4, the length of the day is expressed as "just eight hours and change" of daylight plus "little over nine" night. However, in chapter 52, the day is described as "sixteen-hours-and-change".

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