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The keel is laying down nicely. We’re gonna call this ship the Gatamang Feronte. It means “Guardian of the Frontier” or “Guard of Passage,” depending on the translation.
— Fred Johnson

The OPAS Gatamang Feronte is a gunship still under construction by the Outer Planets Alliance Navy at Tycho Station. This ship was the first purpose-built military ship built by the OPA, and as such, was a source of pride for many, including Fred Johnson.


Prior to the beginning of the Free Navy Conflict, the Feronte's keel was laid down at Tycho Station. During the Tycho Station Coup, the ship remained in its far-from-complete condition and was unable to assist in the beginning of the conflict.


"Gatamang Feronte", from Belter to standard English, means "Guardian of the Frontier" or "Guard of Passage", as elaborated upon by Fred Johnson.