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The destroyer- Holden had called it Gathering Storm- looked like a natural crystal formation that someone had chipped into a knife. The colors were all translucent pinks and blues, faceted like a gem. She spotted something at the tail that probably served as the ships's drive cone but didn't look like anything like the UN or Martian designs she was familar with.
The Expanse Novel Persepolis Rising - Chapter 22: Bobbie

The Gathering Storm, or simply the Storm, is a Laconian Pulsar-class fast-attack destroyer.

History[edit | edit source]

Admiral Winston Duarte, the Laconian High Consul, placed Santiago Singh in command of the Gathering Storm on the first mission ending the isolation and self-imposed exile for Duarte's breakaway fleet from Mars, Sol and the rest of humanity.[2]

While Singh was posted as governor of Medina Station, all secure communication with the Laconian fleet went through the Gathering Storm by way of an air-gap secure communication room. In order to gain access to the room and the encryption protocols, the insurgents of Medina executed a diversion plan that breached a hole in Medina and damaged the Gathering Storm.

As part of the insurgency's mass escape plan from Medina, Bobbie Draper led Amos Burton and a band of ten Belters to infiltrate the Gathering Storm. The primary mission was to distract the Laconian ship; however, the part of the plan was so successful that they managed to capture the undercrewed vessel.[3]

The new crew joined the Rocinante in its flight out of the slow zone through the Freehold gate.

Under Bobbie Draper's command the Gathering Storm became a major asset to the underground with former United Nations Navy and Martian Congressional Republic Navy personnel operating the ship along with a Spec Ops strike team consisting of Belters wearing Laconian power armor. Saba had provided Bobbie with former UNN and MCRN Vets as well as much younger people to crew the destroyer.[4]

The Gathering Storm engages operations against the Laconian Empire in Sol at the Storm raid near Jupiter and later in the Tempest Storm engagement in which antimatter was used to destroy the Heart of the Tempest. During the latter engagement Captain Bobbie Draper was killed, and would be replaced as captain by Jillian Houston.

The Storm later fought at the Siege of Laconia.


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