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Georgia Lee is a writer on The Expanse and The Expanse Origins comic miniseries.


Prior to becoming a filmmaker, she worked for the management consulting firm McKinsey & Company and graduated cum laude with a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from Harvard University. (IMDb, courtesy bdcfilms)

Season Episode Writer Director Producer
Story Screenplay Staff Editor


"The Big Empty"
"Remember the Cant"
"Back to the Butcher"
"Rock Bottom"
"Critical Mass"
"Leviathan Wakes"
Two (Ⅱ) "Safe"
"Doors & Corners"
"Paradigm Shift"
"The Seventh Man"
"The Weeping Somnambulist"
"Here There Be Dragons"
"The Monster and the Rocket"
"Caliban's War"
Three (Ⅲ) "Fight or Flight" (co-producer)
"IFF" (co-producer)
"Assured Destruction" (co-producer)
"Reload" (co-producer)
"Triple Point" (co-producer)
"Immolation" (co-producer)
"Delta-V" (co-producer)
"It Reaches Out" (co-producer)
"Intransigence" (co-producer)
"Dandelion Sky" (co-producer)
"Fallen World" (co-producer)
"Congregation" (co-producer)
"Abaddon's Gate" (co-producer)



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  • During the period of uncertainty due to the cancellation of the show by SYFY, Georgia explored other opportunities. Thus, she announced she would be joining the writing room of the 100 instead of continuing with the Expanse through season 4. Robin Veith also left. The openings were filled by Denise Harkavy and Laura Marks.[1]

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