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"Godspeed" is the fourth episode of the second season of The Expanse. Overall, it s the fourteenth episode. It aired on February 15, 2017.


Miller devises a dangerous plan to eradicate what's left of the protomolecule on Eros.


The coordinates Fred Johnson sent to Chrisjen Avasarala were to a derelict stealth ship floating in space. After looking into it, Avasarala and Cotyar discover that the ship is connected to Protogen and Jules-Pierre Mao. She thinks this is connected to why Mars wanted Phoebe station destroyed. She tells Cotyar to have the ship pushed to where someone will find it.

Johnson gathers James Holden and Naomi Nagata together with Miller to explain Miller's plan to ram Eros with the giant Nauvoo ship (rather than the Mormons traveling out of the solar system on it) in order to send it careening into Sol to destroy the protomolecule. Johnson says they need the Rocinante's help to destroy the docks on Eros. Holden thinks the plan is insane, but Johnson insists that it is the only way.

The derelict ship is found and is linked to Mao quickly. Both Avasarala and Sadavir Errinwright have Mao present himself to the UN to grill him about it.

On the pretense of a radiation leak, the Nauvoo is evacuated, though Elder McCann suspects Miller is up to something.

Miller prepares for the space mission and Johnson gives him back his gun. Nagata confronts Miller and asks him if he's doing all this for dead Julie Mao. Miller reminds Nagata that she and the Roci crew hid some of the protomolecule out in an abandoned asteroid and he hasn't said anything.

The Nauvoo is launched from Tycho Station and sent blasting off on a course for Eros.

Mao is irritated with Avasarala's questioning and tells Errinwright that he suspects she knows they are working together. Errinwright disagrees, and the two men argue over whether their partnership is worth preserving.

The crew of the Guy Molinari, including Miller and Diogo, spacewalk onto Eros and then plant bombs on the docks to ensure that no one can get onto Eros ever again.

Back on the Rocinante, Nagata spots a ship called the Marasmus that shouldn't be there. They send a drone to investigate and end up communicating with the crew, a humanitarian mission to care for the victims of Eros. Holden needs to chase them off of Eros before any of them can get on and infect themselves.

On Eros, Miller and Diogo are chatty as they place the bombs. Miller warns Diogo against placing too much faith in the OPA or in anyone. Diogo brushes it off though. Miller then comes upon a hatch door and sees a body in an air lock. It's revealed to be one of the doctors from the Marasmus.

On the Rocinante, a frantic Holden orders the Marasmus to turn themselves around and submit to examination. They could be infected with the protomolecule, in which case the whole Sol system is doomed if they're allowed to go freely.

The Marasmus won't turn around, however, and Holden is forced to fire weapons at the Marasmus. Debris from the Marasmus goes hurtling towards Miller and Diogo leaving Miller's suit punctured. After a frantic moment, he's able to patch himself up.

The bigger problem is that one of the bombs was damaged by the debris such that, now, Diogo must hold down the detonator or else it will explode. If it does, it'll ruin the whole Eros mission. Miller decides to make the supreme sacrifice and takes the bomb from Diogo and sends him back to the Guy Molinari. Miller's going to go down with Eros.

Miller relays the bad news to the Roci about the bomb and his intentions to stay with it while it detonates. Nagata says they can rescue him, but impact with the Nauvoo is imminent. There's no time.

Miller is resigned to his fate as he watches the Nauvoo approach for impact with Eros. To everyone's chagrin, at the last second, the Nauvoo goes soaring past its target. Inexplicably, Eros has deviated from its original course and dodges the Nauvoo.



Davila [01:30.100]: Must've been one hell of a fight.
Davila [01:32.869]: The data core and logs were purged, so we pulled whatever we could out of the flight operation systems.
Davila [01:38.808]: We're sending you the design specs along with the DNA scans of the 13 bodies found on board.
Davila [1:44.347]: But get this, the ship has one of the fusion drives that were stolen from the Bush Shipyards.
Davila [1:48.985]: We'll maintain position with the wreck and we'll await your instructions.
Cotyar [1:55.893]: When Fred Johnson gave you those coordinates were you expecting to find this?
Avasarala [02:01.031]: I don't know what I was expecting.
Cotyar [02:03.300]: He could be playing you.
Avasarala [02:04.801]: Then, at least, we know he's willing to play.
Cotyar [2:07.470]: Humnh.
Cotyar [02:10.840]: DNA profiles from those stiffs on the stealth.
Cotyar [2:13.710]: Their official records show all of them were last employed by Protogen Corporation then, their histories pretty much stopped.
Cotyar [2:22.652]: Protogen, a subsidiary of Mao-Kwikowski. Of course, so are half the companies in the system.
Avasarala [2:31.821]: That's it.
Avasarala [02:33.390]: Fred wants me to connect Protogen to the stealth ships.
Cotyar [2:38.535]: …and to Jules-Pierre Mao?
Cotyar [2:42.439]: Do you really think he's in bed with Errinwright?
Avasarala [2:45.809]: How many people have the resources to wage a private war with a private fleet of ships?
Avasarala [2:52.282]: Phoebe Station.
Avasarala [2:54.918]: Protogen ran a research base on Phoebe...
Avasarala [03:01.257]: Tell Davila to push that wreck into the nearest U.N.N. patrol route.
Cotyar [3:06.830]: Wait. You want it to be discovered?
Avasarala [03:08.832]: Yes, because then, it won't be a secret anymore.

Holden [3:20.783]: What's so urgent?
Holden [3:23.613]: What the hell is he doing here?
Fred [03:25.181]: I know you two have your differences but I don't care.
Fred [3:27.684]: We've got bigger issues to deal with.
Miller [3:30.220]: We're going back to Eros. We need your help.
Holden [3:32.889]: [@Miller]We're done going anywhere with you.
Holden [03:34.724]: [@Fred]And you should've kicked his ass off this station by now.
Miller [03:36.760]: I don't expect you to understand what I did to Dresden.
Holden [03:39.863]: Actually, I understand your Belter bullshit just fine.
Miller [03:42.365]: Good. Then you know we need to do something about this rock.
Holden [03:45.535]: Yeah, and you put a bullet in the guy who could've told us how.
Miller [03:48.004]: Yeah, I did. I killed the mad scientist and, now, we need to kill his science experiment.
Holden [03:53.610]: And how do you suppose we do that?
Holden [03:55.678]: The Martian quarantine patrols are just gonna clear us a lane?
Fred [03:58.081]: The patrols are gone.
Fred [03:59.616]: The Inners have been redeploying ships all over the system since Earth blew up Deimos.
Naomi [04:05.188]: Eros is unguarded?
Fred [04:06.370]: And it's only a matter of time before someone lands on it and takes a sample or gets infected.
Holden [04:11.828]: What does any of this have to do with him?
Fred [04:13.897]: Miller's leading a demolition team to plant explosives around the docks.
Naomi [04:17.500]: It's not gonna work.
Naomi [04:18.835]: Even if you mine the docks, if someone wants in badly enough, they'll find a way.
Miller [04:22.906]: That's why we're gonna use that to knock Eros right into the sun.
Holden [04:29.616]: Did you just say you're gonna use the Nauvoo as a battering ram?
Miller [4:33.249]: That's well put.
Naomi [4:34.451]: The Nauvoo is a cathedral.
Naomi [04:37.821]: What do the Mormons have to say about this plan?
Fred [4:40.457]: We're commandeering the ship.
Holden [04:42.992]: You're insane and you might be too for listening to this lunatic.
Miller [04:46.563]: Well, I guess we could just broadcast everything we know and wait for Earth, Mars, and the OPA to all rally together and start singing Kumbaya and do the right thing.
Miller [4:57.340]: Just hear me out, all right?
Miller [4:59.612]: Look. We're gonna...
Miller [5:04.214]: We're gonna launch the Nauvoo, from here, okay?
Miller [05:06.082]: We're going to shoot her like a bullet towards Eros, picking up speed.
Miller [05:09.686]: Fred's geeks crunched all the numbers.
Miller [05:11.121]: Velocity, speed, angle, all that crap.
Miller [05:13.823]: So when she hits...
Miller [05:16.853]: Eros is on her merry way.
Miller [05:20.663]: We're gonna detonate the bombs after impact.
Miller [05:22.866]: Controlled explosion that just destroys the docks and cooks the surface.
Miller [05:27.570]: Nobody ever gets in there again.
Naomi [05:33.776]: There's got to be a better way.
Naomi [05:36.880]: Screw it. Why don't we just pack every bomb we have onto the surface and detonate them all at once?
Naomi [05:41.618]: Vaporize the whole damn station.
Miller [05:43.620]: We'd turn one big infected rock into a million tiny ones and, if one of them rocks falls down a gravity well,...
Fred [05:47.924]: Cortázar said the protomolecule was building something inside Eros. What if it's a weapon?
Miller [05:55.265]: We need a gunship to deliver the bombs and to provide cover in case we run into any hostiles.
Miller [06:03.606]: We need the Roci and her crew.
Naomi [06:11.181]: This is gonna destroy you along with everything you've tried to build here.
Fred [06:16.719]: Somebody's got to act.
Fred [06:18.621]: It's the right thing to do.
Miller [06:23.159]: Stars are better off without us.
Holden [06:34.427]: All right. We're in.
Naomi [06:39.042]: The Mormons are gonna be pissed.

News Reporter [7:53.259]: …and revelations from the discovery of the wrecked Stealth Ship in the Belt continue to reverberate Earth-side.
News Reporter [7:59.102]: Today, U.N. sources confirmed that evidence aboard the ship has been conclusively linked to Protogen Corporation, a subsidiary of Mao-Kwikowski Mercantile and that all of Protogen's corporate assets have been frozen, pending a full investigation of the company's ties to OPA terrorist…
Jules-Pierre [08:14.384]: Get me Errinwright.

Errinwright [08:17.127]: Thank you for coming in and we appreciate you meeting with us without your legal team.
Jules-Pierre [8:22.025]: I believe in always clearing up misunderstandings eye-to-eye.
Avasarala [8:25.296]: Good. So, you had no knowledge of the money being funneled from Protogen to build a fleet of secret stealth ships?
Jules-Pierre [08:33.904]: Of course not, Madam.
Jules-Pierre [8:36.339]: Mao-Kwikowski has hundreds of satellite companies under its umbrella.
Jules-Pierre [8:40.910]: Protogen represents less than a third of one percent of our revenue.
Errinwright [8:45.315]: We all know that Fred Johnson still has ties to Earth but, you need to explain to us how the OPA could infiltrate your company.
Jules-Pierre [8:52.622]: We do business in every part of the system so, naturally, we're going to be a target for corporate espionage and political radicals.
Errinwright [09:00.363]: So, you believe the stealth ships are the work of… OPA moles?
Jules-Pierre [09:05.035]: That's the theory that our security team is operating under.
Avasarala [9:08.305]: These moles are still your employees whom you hired and vetted through your security screenings.
Jules-Pierre [9:15.178]: Day-to-day operations are handled by Protogen executives, with full autonomy.
Jules-Pierre [9:20.317]: With such a small project, my team would only be notified if the company exceeded its budget allotment.
Avasarala [9:26.323]: So, these "rogue" employees managed to make a profit and a war without even going over budget? God, maybe we should get these people on our payroll.
Avasarala [9:40.437]: Protogen is a bio-tech research company and, it had a government contract on Phoebe Station. Is that correct?
Errinwright [09:48.512]: I'm sorry, Chrisjen. How is this relevant to the stealth ships?
Avasarala [09:51.781]: The Martians seemed very intent on destroying Phoebe before the Nathan Hale could secure it. I just wanted to know what Protogen was working on there.
Jules-Pierre [10:02.158]: I'll check into that for you but, if it was a government contract, I'm sure that you would have full access to those same records.
Avasarala [10:10.233]: And here I thought you came in to clear up any misunderstandings.
Avasarala [10:16.106]: We're being polite, Monsieur Mao, but, the Deputy Secretary and I are trying to stop a war.
Avasarala [10:22.445]: The fact is, these stealth ships were built by your company under your watch and the people of Earth will hold you personally responsible when the first rock falls from the sky.
Errinwright [10:35.825]: I'm sure Monsieur Mao will personally see that Protogen helps the U.N. investigation with complete transparency before any more tragedy occurs.
Errinwright [10:44.668]: Isn't that right?
Jules-Pierre [10:46.403]: Of course, Deputy Secretary.
Jules-Pierre [10:49.506]: I only want what's in the best interests of the system.
Errinwright [10:53.564]: Good.

Female Announcer [10:59.011]: There has been a radiation leak on the Nauvoo.
Female Announcer [11:01.919]: All personnel are required to disembark until further notice.
Elder McCann [11:05.448]: Hey! Hey, what's going on? Are you involved in this?
Elder McCann [11:08.718]: Why are all of our people being taken off the Nauvoo?
Miller [11:10.954]: Whoa, whoa, whoa. The union. You can't argue with the union.
Miller [11:13.423]: It's a standard safety protocol, right.
Miller [11:16.626]: You don't want a big radiation leak out on your trip to the big unknown, do you?
Elder McCann [11:21.765]: So, then, why are all our comms shut off?
Elder McCann [11:23.733]: Why can't we send messages back to Earth? …tell the Administration what's been going on?
Elder Miller [11:26.970]: I dunno. System must be down or something.
Miller [11:31.023]: I'm sure they'll get it all back and running in the next couple of hours. You know, maybe sooner.
Elder McCann [11:36.746]: You know what? I don't believe you. Why are you lying to us?
Miller [11:40.684]: For your own safety, sit the fuck back down.
Elder McCann [11:47.379]: What is happening to our ship? This is our temple.
Elder McCann [11:51.027]: Hey. You said you wanted to be part of God's plan.
Elder McCann [11:54.065]: You wanted to take a leap of faith. Is this what you had in mind?
Miller [11:59.135]: This is part of God's plan.

Drummer [12:05.542]: All Mormon workers have been evacuated from the Nauvoo.
Fred [12:09.980]: Prepare for launch.

Fred [12:19.656]: It's good to know you've got your head back.
Miller [12:21.758]: Hey, never clearer.
Announcer [12:26.463]: Attention. Attention.
Announcer [12:28.532]: Dock six is now closed to all but authorized personnel.
Announcer [12:32.469]: Dock six is now closed to all but authorized personnel.
Naomi [12:41.263]: I'll meet you on board.
Miller [12:45.715]: Now, I hope you're not coming for your pound of flesh because I don't know if I got that much to spare.
Naomi [12:51.655]: No speeches, I promise.
Naomi [12:54.353]: Why are you doing this?
Miller [12:56.526]: Uh...
Miller [12:57.861]: I don't know. I've never done a spacewalk before.
Miller [13:01.164]: And, uh, kid here says it's better than sex.
Miller [13:03.667]: I don't know if he can really make that comparison though.
Diogo [13:06.988]: You no sa-sa nothing.
Diogo [13:09.625]: Mi crush ass to dust.
Naomi [13:15.278]: Are you doing this for Julie?
Naomi [13:17.881]: …but, you know that destroying Eros won't rid us of all the protomolecule.
Naomi [13:22.953]: You know what we hid out there.
Naomi [13:26.122]: Did you tell Fred?
Miller [13:29.277]: No.
Miller [13:31.995]: Nah, this mission, this is on me.
Miller [13:34.698]: …but, uh, that sample? That's on you.
Miller [13:40.403]: You do the right thing with it.
Naomi [13:45.675]: Good luck, kopeng mi.
Miller [13:49.112]: Ya, oso to.

Female #1 [13:58.355]: Flight profile
Male #1 [14:00.624]: Copy that. Flight profile locked.
Female #2 [14:02.626]: Velocity severation check. We are ascending.
Male #2 [14:05.729]: Copy that. Move power to and flight comm to internal prep for disengage.
Female#2 [14:10.367]: There's a beacon here on the left.
Female #2 [14:12.202]: Power and comm show green.
Female #1 [14:14.271]: Ready to disengage.
Male #2 [14:16.506]: Gantry disengage, on my mark.
Male #2 [14:18.975]: Three… Two… One… Mark.
Female [14:23.246]: Gantry disengaged.
Female # [14:25.382]: Power re-start engaging.
Male # [14:26.917]: Cap Com, we are go.
Male #2 [14:28.418]: Docking tube release on my mark. Three… Two… One… Mark.
Male #1 [14:36.725]: Docking clamps released.
Female # [14:38.161]: Clamps are clear.
Male #2 [14:45.402]: Deploy tugs for reorientation of Nauvoo.
Female # [14:52.275]: LMC looks good.
Male #1 [14:54.544]: Roger that retro. We are go.
Male #1 [15:03.787]: Tugs are in position and commencing reorientation.

Fred [15:07.624]: Guy Molinari, what is your status?
315 [15:10.560]: Ready for push-off on your command, Tycho.

Fred [15:25.542]: Rocinante, are you ready for launch?
Alex [15:29.045]: That's a roger, there, Tycho.
Alex [15:32.248]: On a wing and a prayer.

319 [15:36.019]: Nucleus is green. Tugs are a go.
320 [15:38.455]: Power systems green.
321 [15:40.590]: Copy. Gantry disengaged.
322 [15:42.025]: Primary vector looks good.
323 [15:44.561]: Nauvoo is now set for optimal trajectory.

Drummer [15:47.430]: The Nauvoo is in position
Drummer [15:49.399]: and all systems are in the green.
Drummer [15:52.102]: We will go on your signal.
Fred [16:00.777]: You were meant to go to a new sun.
Fred [16:08.551]: Commence launch sequence.
329 [16:10.553]: Ready on the solar wind to the west.
330 [16:13.056]: Copy that.
331 [16:14.924]: Copy that.
332 [16:16.626]: Detach and recall tugs.
333 [16:26.336]: Tugs detached and on a recall.
334 [16:28.471]: Tugs all clear.

335 [16:30.206]: Rocinante, Guy Molinari, you are clear for burn.
Diogo [16:36.346]: Oi, pampa!
Diogo [16:38.181]: You starting to like space now?
Diogo [16:41.785]: - Yeah! - Beltalowda!
Amos [16:46.389]: I like this plan.
341 [16:48.925]: Engines are ready for full power-up.
342 [16:51.161]: T-minus-ten seconds.
Fred [16:56.942]: Good luck and Godspeed.

Errinwright [17:50.303]: Sorry you had to go through that
Errinwright [17:51.767]: But we needed to get out in front of this.
Errinwright [17:53.623]: Well played.
Jules-Pierre [17:54.694]: You said you had Avasarala on a leash.
Jules-Pierre [17:57.197]: She's already connected us to Phoebe Station.
Errinwright [17:59.666]: It's wild speculation, zero evidence.
Errinwright [18:02.602]: I know her. She's posturing.
Jules-Pierre [18:04.446]: Jesus, you don't even realize it.
Errinwright [18:07.240]: Realize what?
Jules-Pierre [18:08.475]: She knows we're working together.
Errinwright [18:10.510]: Bullshit.
Errinwright [18:11.778]: She got lucky with the stealth ships which, I might add, was another screw up by your people.
Errinwright [18:16.082]: But she's still chasing shadows so, let's not lose our heads here.
Jules-Pierre [18:19.029]: Of course you can't see it.
Jules-Pierre [18:20.687]: You're top dog in a bureaucracy filled with idiots.
Jules-Pierre [18:23.858]: And your failure to control your own office has compromised this project and forced me to explore other options.
Errinwright [18:29.905]: That sounds like a threat. You need me. You need my government's resources and my protection.
Jules-Pierre [18:39.715]: I need a patron who understands the historic importance of what's happening and can adjust his world view accordingly but, you're just trying to save your job.
Jules-Pierre [18:47.757]: So, I'll let you get back to it.

Alex [19:15.251]: Okay, apart from us,
Alex [19:16.585]: we are the only ones in the general vicinity, and...
Alex [19:19.854]: Hang on.
Alex [19:22.672]: A couple of UNN and Martian ships
Alex [19:25.361]: out of the Jupiter fleets are changing course.
Alex [19:27.530]: Calculating...
Alex [19:28.831]: They're heading our way.
Holden [19:30.266]: It was bound to happen.
Holden [19:31.534]: No way we could hide this much activity forever.
Naomi [19:34.503]: It doesn't matter.
Naomi [19:35.905]: By the time they get here, it'll be too late.
Holden [19:42.044]: All right, let's do this.
Holden [19:43.646]: Amos, drop the ordnance.
Amos [19:45.648]: Roger that.
Amos [19:48.484]: Bombs away.
Amos [19:51.720]: Always wanted to say that.
Holden [20:01.764]: Feels like we're covering up a crime.
Amos [20:03.733]: Yeah.
Amos [20:05.401]: That's exactly what it feels like.
Holden [20:09.135]: Guy Molinari,
Holden [20:10.372]: ordnance is in position on the catwalks
Holden [20:12.107]: and tracking beacons are on.
Holden [20:13.709]: You're clear to start your run.
Molinari Captain [20:15.311]: Thank you, Rocinante. We'll take it from here.
Molinari Captain [20:17.947]: Demolition teams, stand by to deploy.
Diogo [20:20.015]: Wanna stay here, keep my seat warm?
Miller [20:22.151]: Fuck off, kid.
Miller [20:23.953]: All right, everybody ready?
Staz [20:29.725]: You got this, Spaceman.
Miller [20:31.827]: Yeah, right, thanks.
Drummer [20:34.463]: Demolition teams.
Drummer [20:36.165]: You must finish placing the bombs
Drummer [20:37.733]: at the precise locations around Eros Dock,
Drummer [20:40.503]: and get out before the Nauvoo hits.
Drummer [20:42.938]: Impact minus two hours 57 minutes.

Holden [20:54.517]: Alex, swing by the docks.
Holden [20:57.319]: I wanna make sure we were the only ones who left.
Alex [20:59.989]: You got it, hoss.

Diogo [21:05.861]: Miller? You gonna puke?
Miller [21:07.997]: That's not the end I'm worried about.
Staz [21:10.432]: How the hell were you Belter?
Staz [21:11.967]: Never done no spacewalk ever?
Miller [21:13.669]: I'm more of a city Belter.
Diogo [21:16.772]: Oh, shit.
Diogo [21:18.107]: Where are my detonators?
Miller [21:19.575]: What?
Miller [21:23.118]: I should'a busted your ass
Miller [21:24.671]: back to that prison barge on Ceres...
Diogo [21:26.448]: Got 'em right here, Miller.
Miller [21:28.851]: Shit.
Diogo [21:29.885]: You need to lighten up que?
Miller [21:31.855]: You seem real eager to want to go floating out into space, kid.
Diogo [21:36.292]: Come on, pampaw. Fresh air!
Miller [21:42.932]: Jesus.
Diogo [22:07.690]: You okay back there, Miller?
Diogo [22:10.135]: Can you keep up with me, old man?
Diogo [22:13.620]: Whoo-hoo!
Miller [22:34.984]: Shit!
Diogo [22:37.181]: Miller!
Diogo [22:38.320]: Miller, you're coming in too fast!
Miller [22:47.425]: Shit!
Diogo [22:49.064]: Oh no, that's bad.
Miller [22:50.232]: You're goddamn right it's bad!
Diogo [22:52.001]: Relax, pampaw.
Diogo [22:53.302]: Good rock hopper always bring a spare.
Diogo [22:58.841]: Spacewalk pretty awesome, ya?
Miller [23:01.510]: I still say you ain't never been laid, kid.
Diogo [23:03.846]: Yeah, whatever. You be my first.

Amos [23:36.264]: The station's mainframe is offline but, the emergency lockdown systems are still active.
Amos [23:40.268]: All the hatches are sealed.
Naomi [23:41.602]: LADAR hasn't picked up any movement and no heat signatures or EM from any of the ships.
Holden [23:46.874]: Good. Just like we left it.
Amos [23:48.476]: There might not be anything out here but, there is definitely something in there.
Amos [23:50.411]:
Amos [23:52.914]: …and, whatever it is, it's generating a lot of heat from inside that rock.
Alex [23:56.417]: I sure as heck am not eager to find out what that is, partner.
Holden [23:59.153]: Then let's finish up and get out of here.
Alex [24:14.538]: What the heck is that?
Naomi [24:16.375]: The "Voices on Eros".
Amos [24:18.444]: It's getting faster.
Miller [24:26.579]: I really don't wanna hear that shit. Turn it off.
Diogo [24:28.935]: I celebrate our beratnas on Eros.
Diogo [24:30.886]: Their sacrifice.
Diogo [24:32.288]: Keep dem alive in all of us.
Miller [24:34.023]: Turn it off.
Diogo [24:35.925]: How the hell you call yourself Belter, kopeng?
465 [24:39.595]: Just lucky I guess.
Miller [24:42.064]: It wasn't my idea to be born on Ceres.
Diogo [24:45.568]: Then why you out here rock hoppin'?
Miller [24:48.304]: Finding my way home, maybe, huh?
Miller [24:51.540]: All right. Here.
Miller [25:16.065]: Easy.
Miller [25:18.968]: Easy. All right.
Miller [25:22.638]: Lock it down.
Diogo [25:29.678]: That's one.
Diogo [25:30.713]: Five more to go, Miller.
Miller [25:32.281]: Come on, we gotta move.
Diogo [25:35.084]: We got these.

Naomi [25:45.394]: Alex, hold on.
Naomi [25:47.129]: I've got something here.
Naomi [25:48.731]: A hot spot on the surface.
Alex [25:50.232]: Copy that. Holding position.
Naomi [26:00.843]: It's a ship.
Holden [26:03.612]: Looks like we've got some tourists.
Amos [26:05.414]: It's probably pirates.
Amos [26:06.749]: Lookin' to rip and run.
Alex [26:08.150]: I'm gonna fire up a drone.
Alex [26:09.618]: Get some eyes down there and see what's what.
Holden [26:14.690]: Guy Molinari, we've discovered an unknown ship tethered to the station and are investigating.
Holden [26:19.495]: Tell your demolition teams to be on the lookout for possible hostiles.
Molinari Captain [26:23.232]: Copy that, Rocinante. Will do.
Holden [26:26.969]: "Marasmus."
Amos [26:28.971]: Checking the registry.
Amos [26:34.476]: It's a rental.
Amos [26:36.312]: It's hired out of Pallas Station.
Holden [26:38.614]: Can you open the airlock?
Naomi [26:40.249]: Shouldn't be a problem.
Naomi [26:45.220]: Got it.
Naomi [26:46.755]: Open sesame.
Amos [27:13.682]: Wow.
Amos [27:15.150]: That is the nicest scav ship I have ever seen.
Alex [27:17.286]: That's just odd.
Alex [27:18.654]: Y'all ever seen pirates with state-of-the-art life support systems?
Naomi [27:22.124]: And a med bay?
Amos [27:23.859]: Med bays on pirate ships are usually just
Amos [27:25.494]: "open airlocks."
Holden [27:27.162]: Then why the disguise?
Alex [27:29.231]: Whoa! What the...
Alex [27:30.733]: Drone's not responding.
Holden [27:31.800]: Target-lock the ship.
Alex [27:33.002]: Done.
Holden [27:33.002]: We can't let it go anywhere.
Naomi [27:34.870]: We can't just shoot it.
Holden [27:35.971]: Nobody's shooting anybody.
Holden [27:37.506]: Amos, suit up.
Naomi [27:40.275]: We're being hailed!
Mesplede [27:48.283]: Please! Don't fire on us!
Mesplede [27:50.653]: We're here on a peaceful mission.
Holden [27:52.554]: Then why'd you take down our drone?
Mesplede [27:54.123]: I overreacted.
Mesplede [27:55.824]: We don't want any trouble with Mars.
Mesplede [27:57.835]: Your markings notwithstanding, we know a Martian frigate when we see one.
Holden [28:07.336]: This area is under a strict quarantine.
Holden [28:09.672]: Who are you and what are you doing here?
Mesplede [28:11.674]: I'm a doctor, on a humanitarian mission to give aid to the survivors of Eros.
Mesplede [28:17.479]: We have no affiliation with any government...
Holden [28:19.548]: That may be the case, but you've broken numerous Martian laws by coming here.
Mesplede [28:23.552]: Our only interest is in helping the victims.
Mesplede [28:27.222]: We thought we might be able to find an airlock since the port is offline but, the whole station is locked down.
Mesplede [28:32.361]: We couldn't get inside.
Holden [28:33.829]: The station is locked down for everyone's safety.
Mesplede [28:36.498]: And so a hundred thousand people down there have been condemned?
Holden [28:46.442]: It's a terrible situation, but we all have our orders.
Holden [28:50.630]: Do not attempt to move your ship and prepare to be boarded.
Alex [28:54.161]: What the hell are you doin'? We takin' prisoners now?
Naomi [28:57.252]: We've got a hundred million tons of steel bearing down on us. We don't have time to board their ship for a chin-wag.
Holden [29:02.758]: I know. But they think we're Martian Navy.
Holden [29:05.094]: Hopefully, they'll leave without trying to turn this into some political crusade.
Amos [29:09.131]: So, we're lettin' them go?
Holden [29:11.100]: What else can we do? We're not telling them the truth.
Holden [29:14.069]: And if they stay, they die. These people don't deserve that.
Holden [29:18.073]: They didn't get inside. Lucky for everyone.
Holden [29:21.410]: And, the sooner they're out of here, the better.

Molinari Captain [29:32.397]: Miller, Diogo, pick up the pace.
Molinari Captain [29:33.967]: The other teams are finished planting their bombs and are heading back.
Miller [29:36.689]: Okay. Understood. I still got two bombs left. We won't be late.
Diogo [29:45.088]: Your old ass is slowin' us down.
Miller [29:47.057]: Quick enough to catch your scrawny ass on Ceres.
Miller [29:50.861]: Wannabe gangster, wannabe freedom fighter.
Diogo [29:54.965]: Don't wanna be a gangster no more, Miller.
Diogo [29:57.401]: Ain't chasin' the scrip.
Diogo [29:59.169]: I'm OPA now. I fight for the cause.
Miller [30:02.172]: Yeah, well I got news for you, pal.
Miller [30:04.542]: The OPA has got more gangsters than Ceres.
Miller [30:09.079]: Only they don't pay as good.
Miller [30:12.416]: It's part of their brainwashing bullshit.
Diogo [30:14.685]: The hell you know 'bout anything?
Diogo [30:16.987]: You Star Helix badge. You wellwala.
Miller [30:21.259]: All right, kid. Just go in with your eyes open, huh?
Miller [30:27.397]: You live long enough, you'll figure it out.
Diogo [30:34.638]: So,… why I take advice from a loser like you?
Miller [30:39.443]: That's just it. You shouldn't.
Diogo [30:46.617]: You a real asshole, Miller.
Diogo [30:50.120]: So, what you gonna do when we finish this?
Miller [30:55.592]: Uh, I don't know.
Miller [30:59.963]: Maybe, uh, I'll go back to Ceres.
Miller [31:04.601]: Start sellin' black-market water.
Miller [31:07.538]: I hear there's an opening.
Miller [31:09.640]: Come on. Let's move.

Amos [31:28.458]: Well, I think they've had plenty of time to properly shit themselves.
Holden [31:36.500]: Alex, kill the target lock.
Alex [31:38.068]: Copy that.
Naomi [31:40.604]: What if they won't leave?
Holden [31:42.105]: They'll leave.
Holden [31:49.955]: Marasmus, you're to leave the area immediately.
Holden [31:54.363]: Do not change course until you are out of the quarantine zone. If you do not comply you will be fired upon.
Mesplede [32:01.703]: Understood, Rocinante. Thank you. We'll get under way as soon as possible.

Miller [32:17.052]: Mind the gap.
Miller [32:25.694]: Hey, keep going. I'll catch up with you.
Diogo [32:27.596]: Hey! We got a job!
Miller [32:29.364]: Just do what I said.
Miller [32:57.459]: What have we got here?
Miller [33:19.248]: Jesus.
Miller [33:20.582]: Rocinante, we got a body in an airlock down here.
Naomi [33:25.354]: What airlock?
Naomi [33:26.688]: The whole station's completely locked down.
Miller [33:28.657]: It's an old mech shaft off the catwalk.
Miller [33:32.094]: The airlock's definitely been hacked.
Miller [33:41.536]: Ah, Jesus.
Miller [33:43.839]: This guy...
Miller [33:46.074]: He's got protomolecule all over him...
Miller [33:55.550]: Looks like he's been inside.
Naomi [33:56.985]: Is there a ship name on his vac-suit?
Miller [34:02.491]: Marasmus.
Alex [34:03.793]: They just lit up their drive.
Alex [34:05.186]: They're pushing off.
Holden [34:06.056]: Jam their comms and get 'em on tight beam.
Mesplede [34:08.230]: Rocinante, what's the problem?
Mesplede [34:10.299]: We're complying with your orders.
Holden [34:11.600]: You lied to me, Doctor.
Holden [34:13.001]: You hacked into Eros.
Holden [34:14.369]: We found your dead colleague in the airlock.
Mesplede [34:17.039]: I told Dr. Kane not to touch it but, he never listens.
Mesplede [34:20.108]: He tried to get a sample but, it attacked him. Almost like it felt threatened.
Mesplede [34:24.813]: I've never seen anything like it. It was everywhere.
Naomi [34:28.016]: Holden, they're changing course. Heading back around Eros.
Naomi [34:30.752]: They're trying to use the asteroid to block our jamming.
Holden [34:33.822]: You need to turn your ship around right now and surrender to us.
Holden [34:37.059]: All of you might be infected. We have to be sure.
Mesplede [34:40.065]: We swore an oath and have a duty to broadcast the truth to the system.
Holden [34:43.098]: Listen to me, Doctor, you have no idea what you're dealing with here.
Mesplede [34:46.068]: It's not a disease. It's obviously some kind of weapon.
Mesplede [34:49.604]: You Martians have been using these Belters as guinea pigs.
Holden [34:52.341]: If any one of you are infected, you could wipe out millions!
Holden [34:55.911]: Turn your ship around. I promise you'll not be harmed.
Mesplede [35:00.215]: We won't let you silence us to protect your experiment.
Holden [35:03.185]: If you broadcast, people will come here to investigate and we won't be able to contain it.
Holden [35:09.157]: This is not our experiment, we're not a military unit.
Holden [35:14.463]: My name is James Holden. I'm not your enemy.
Naomi [35:18.800]: We're out of time.
Naomi [35:19.920]: If they get the asteroid between our ships, we lose our jamming signal and they'll be able to broadcast everything they saw inside Eros.
Holden [35:25.674]: Alex, get a missile lock.
Holden [35:26.942]: Release fire control to me.
Alex [35:28.410]: Are you serious?
Holden [35:28.410]: Just do it!
Alex [35:30.612]: You got less than a minute.
Holden [35:34.716]: I'm trying to save your life.
Holden [35:37.319]: I swear to you we want the same thing.
Holden [35:41.189]: Please don't make me kill you.
Mesplede [35:43.191]: If we truly want the same things, then, you know what you need to do.
Amos [35:49.031]: You got thirty seconds.
Amos [36:04.713]: Ten seconds.
Holden [36:34.876]: Goddammit!
Naomi [36:45.087]: Miller, you've got high-speed debris incoming!
Naomi [36:47.989]: Get to cover immediately.
Naomi [36:49.658]: Get to cover now!
Miller [36:51.159]: Shit!
Diogo [36:52.894]: Miller, where the hell are you?
Miller [36:54.629]: Kid, take cover!
Miller [36:57.332]: Get out!
Diogo [36:58.934]: Shit.
Naomi [37:09.742]: Miller, are you okay?
Miller [37:11.957]: Goddammit! Stay off this channel!
Miller [37:14.226]: Diogo! I got a puncture, I need a hand!
Diogo [37:16.829]: Dude, I got problems of my own!
Diogo [37:19.365]: Use the sealant...
Miller [37:19.365]: I'm leaking air!
Diogo [37:21.067]: In your chest pouch! Chest pouch!
Diogo [37:23.002]: Chest pouch! Chest!
Miller [37:41.574]: Thanks for all your help, kid.
Miller [37:45.424]: Kid?
Diogo [37:46.392]: Big problem, pampaw.
Miller [37:47.927]: What?
Diogo [37:49.228]: Detonator safety got fried.
Miller [37:52.844]: Just, uh, can't you turn it off?
Diogo [37:54.546]: No.
Diogo [37:56.014]: Control panel gone.
Diogo [37:57.515]: Gotta keep a finger on the button or timer start.
Diogo [37:59.451]: Sixty-second reset. Best we can do.
Miller [38:01.853]: Jesus.
Miller [38:03.788]: Goddammit.
Miller [38:08.106]: This thing blows it could set off all the other bombs before the Nauvoo gets here.
Miller [38:13.999]: It'll screw up the trajectory.
Miller [38:16.555]: This whole thing will be for nothing.
Diogo [38:18.257]: So, we dead.
Miller [38:20.693]: We?
Miller [38:29.101]: Go. Get back to the ship.
Miller [38:34.440]: You better go, before I change my mind and hand this thing back to you.
Miller [39:02.313]: Hey, kid.
Miller [39:04.770]: Go get laid, will ya?
Molinari Captain [39:34.233]: Rocinante, demolition teams are back on board.
Molinari Captain [39:37.369]: Guy Molinari is underway, making to clear the blast zone.
Holden [39:40.706]: Understood, Molinari, we're doing the same.
Naomi [39:43.174]: Miller.
Naomi [39:45.945]: Miller, answer me.
Naomi [39:47.713]: Are you all right?
Miller [39:52.585]: You know, I have never been better.
Naomi [39:58.390]: Thought we'd lost you there.
Naomi [40:00.593]: Break out the drinks, you earned it.
Miller [40:03.028]: Ha-ha, that sounds awesome.
Miller [40:06.999]: Oh, I really wish I could but, uh... I'm still on Eros.
Naomi [40:13.606]: What?
Miller [40:14.707]: Yeah. The debris field messed up my last bomb.
Miller [40:18.377]: Timer kicked in.
Miller [40:20.746]: I gotta keep my finger on a switch to keep it from going off.
Miller [40:23.816]: So...
Miller [40:25.412]: Make sure we didn't come all this way for nothing'.
Naomi [40:27.686]: Give me the bomb's transponder code.
Naomi [40:30.089]: I'll override it from here.
Miller [40:31.223]: Oh, it wouldn't do any good.
Miller [40:32.591]: I'd never make it outta here in time.
Holden [40:33.692]: Then we're comin' to get you.
Miller [40:34.994]: Don't be an idiot.
Miller [40:35.935]: Just make sure the job gets done then, get outta here.
Miller [40:46.205]: Just you and me now.
Naomi [40:50.552]: Miller!
Naomi [40:54.400]: Miller, come in!
Naomi [40:57.604]: Miller!
Naomi [41:01.020]: Miller!
Holden [41:06.292]: He's dead.
Miller [41:36.355]: Ain't that fitting.
Miller [42:10.515]: Guys?
Miller [42:11.733]: What the hell just happened?
Holden [42:13.087]: The Nauvoo just missed!
Holden [42:16.279]: How the hell did it change course?
Amos [42:23.698]: What the fuck?
Holden [42:28.674]: The Nauvoo didn't move.
Holden [42:32.945]: Eros did.


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  • The title of the episode means "good fortune".


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