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A group marriage, also referred to as marriage co-op, plural marriages or group partnership, is a marriage of more than 2 partners. It appears to be a both morally and judicially accepted form of living together in the future of The Expanse.


At least two larger marriage co-ops are described in the books, the one of the family of James Holden Books • TV on Earth, and the one of Michio Pa Books • TV on her spaceship, the Connaught. But also on Mars, group marriages are quite common, as Alex Books • TV tells Basia Books • TV in Cibola Burn.[1]

There are several reasons why to form a marriage co-op. As Alex tells, on Mars many do it to not be left alone when one partner is away for months or even years serving on a military spaceship.[1] In the case of Holden's family, it was mostly an economic and also kind of revolutionary cause.[2] Economy might actually be a common reason especially on Earth, due to the overpopulation and the resulting laws and taxes about having children.[3] And last but not least, there is the very obvious reason of love, like it is the case in Michio Pa's polyamorous group.

Holden's family[]

S04E01-FamilyHolden 01

Holden's family in a video call to Naomi aboard the Rocinante

James Holden Books • TV is the genetic product of 8 persons, 5 men and 3 women.

Holden's parents were activists who fought for traditional land rights. They decided to form a group marriage so they could pool their land together to one big enough in size to maintain a farm that could feed them all. They all gave part of their DNA to genetically form their son and inheritor, James, who was then implanted to Elise Books • TV, who carried and gave birth to him because "she had the widest hips".[2] In that way, they leveraged the government's regulations about land ownership to their mutual advantage. Holden, as the genetic son of all of them, would be expected to inherit all their individual land together. Also, only the tax break for eight adults only having one child allowed them to own 22 acres (8.9 hectares) of decent farmland.[2]

Holden's family isn't a pure polyamorous group of lovers. It consists of a monogamous gay male couple (Tom Books • TV and Caesar Books • TV), a monogamous straight couple (Tamara and Dimitri), and a polyamorous group of two men and two women (Joseph, Anton, Sophie, and Elise Books • TV).[4]

Michio Pa's family[]

The group marriage of Michio Pa Books • TV consists of 7 individuals, 3 men and 4 women. The three husbands are Josep, Bertold, and Evans Garner-Choi, and the four wives are Pa herself, Nadia, Laura, and Oksana Busch. They form a polyamorous bisexual group of lovers and live and work together on their ship, the Connaught.[5]

They refer to her marriage as defined in a "ketubah", an originally traditional jewish prenuptial agreement also meaning "written thing".[5][6] Their group of lovers grew slowly, from three people in the beginning, to finally seven family members.[7]


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