The Guanshiyin is Jules-Pierre Mao's yacht.

Although it's the size of ships that normally transport two hundred people, it only has a dozen staterooms. Each suite of rooms takes up nearly an entire deck of the ship, and each room has its own private bath. The ship also boasts a media center, game room, and lounge with a full bar and a large screen showing the view outside. The exterior bears a mural of a horse, painted in color.

"Guanshiyin" translates to "the one who perceives the sounds of the world" in English.

The ship has two shuttle bays, at least one of which deploys a launching platform to the exterior of the ship.

During Caliban's War, one of the yacht's bays houses a standard short-flight shuttle while the other one houses the racing pinnace Razorback.

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Guānshìyīn (Chinese: 觀世音) is a bodhisattva, or a person who attains enlightenment, or nirvana.[1] The person avoids transcending his mortal coil so that he can help others. Also, in Chinese lore, she is the goddess of compassion, mercy and kindness and is considered a mother-goddess and patron of seamen.

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