The Guy Molinari is a cargo ship.


Eros IncidentEdit

It carried OPA forces, including Fred Johnson and Miller, from Tycho to Thoth Station during the assault on the Protogen research lab.

In addition to carrying the two freight containers converted into breaching pods with 25 OPA soldiers apiece, the Guy Molinari was used again to ferry the Eros demolition team. On the first errand during "Doors & Corners", the ship was controlled by Fred Johnson and Drummer. It is not revealed who the pilot or command crew are during the second errand in "Godspeed".

Media Edit

Notes Edit

  • In the TV show ("Doors & Corners"), the Rocinante flew directly next to the tail of the Guy Molinari to hide in its radar shadow, before being released to appear like a piece of lost cargo on the approach to Thoth Station.
  • In the second appearance of the Guy Molinari on the TV show, it appears in "Godspeed" on an errand which the Talbot Leeds took in the novel Leviathan Wakes
  • Guy Molinari is a politician who represented New York City's Borough of Staten Island in the United States Congress, the legislative arm of the Federal government of the United States.
  • Incidently, a ship is named after "Guy Molinari", a passenger ferry, namely Staten Island Ferry vessel, not a cargo freighter.


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