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I'd still hate to slug it out. They could do us some real damage.
— LCDR Shaffer, addressing the MCRN Hammurabi

The MCRN Hammurabi (EML-05) is a Scirocco-class assault cruiser of the MCRN (Martian Congressional Republic Navy). During the UN-MCR War, the vessel was present at the Engagement at Io under the command of Captain Sandrine Kirino.


Throughout the series[]

"Triple Point"[]

The vessel recovered the survivors of the heavily damaged Morrigan-class patrol destroyer Kittur Chennamma and, upon receiving intel of a conspiracy within the UNN (United Nations Navy), Captain Kirino set the ship on an intercept course with the UNN Agatha King.

During action over Io between the Agatha King and elements of the UNN fleet, Captain Kirino, witnessing the chaos, orders the MCRN fleet not to engage any UNN vessel, explaining that their entrance to combat would only focus UN fire to them. She later contacted the UNN ships, offering a truce and assistance to any that needed it.[1]


The Hammurabi survived the Io Campaign, and was later part of the joint UNN, OPA (Outer Planets Alliance) and MCRN fleet sent to investigate the Ring megastructure that the Protomolecule constructed in orbit beyond Uranus. When Manéo Jung-Espinoza approached the ring in his racing ship Y Que intending to fly though the structure, the Hammurabi warned him to vacate the area or be fired upon.[2]

"New Terra"[]

The MCRN Hammurabi remained assigned to the Sol Gate after the 1,300 star systems beyond the gate were unlocked, where the ship faced off against several Belter refugee vessels attempting to make a run through the ring. It is presumed that the ship was not reassigned from the ring until the Free Navy conflict.

As Captain Kirino would be promoted to Admiral and receive command of a new Scirocco-class cruiser by the name of the MCRN Atacama, it is unknown whether she was moved up the ranks to a different ship or if the Hammurabi was destroyed or scrapped. It's likely that the Hammurabi is still active by the time of Kirino's promotion, however.


  • Hammurabi was a Babylonian king in the 18th century BCE, best known for an eponymous legal code that is one of the oldest surviving law systems from ancient Earth.



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