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MCRN Hammurabi (EML-05) was a Scirocco-class Assault cruiser of the MCRN.

Events Edit

MCRN Hammurabi (EML-05) is a Scirocco-class assault cruiser in the Martian Congressional Republic Navy. The cruiser recovered the survivors of the Kittur Chennamma and, upon receiving intel of a conspiracy within the UNN, Captain Kirino set the ship on an intercept course with the UNN Agatha King.

Captain Kirino, having witnessed the UNN fleet falling into a civil war, orders the MCRN fleet not to engage any UNN vessel and contacted the UNN ships offering a truce and help to any that needed it.

Hammurabi survived the Battle of Io, and was later part of the joint UNN, OPA and MCRN fleet sent to investigate the Ring megastructure that the protomolecule constructed in orbit beyond Uranus. When Manéo Jung-Espinoza approached the ring in his racing ship Y Que intending to fly though it, the Hammurabi was the ship that warned him to vacate the area or be fired upon.

Media Edit

  • Hammurabi's X.O. and C.O.
  • Superior Torpedo range to UNN Battleship
  • KC abandoned by Hammurabi
  • Hammurabi ship's badge