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Heikki Sabong is a Belter who Deputy Undersecretary Avasarala tortures when he is found to be in possession of stealth technology paint.

Sobong is naked except for his shorts, chained to a wall, standing under his own weight. That's all that's needed to torture him, as Earth's gravity crushes his fragile Belter bones and lungs.
— Syfy website; S01E01 "Dulcinea" Recap

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Stealth technology is unique and its properties make possession of it suspicious and contraband. It is officially classified as a restricted technology. A Belter, presumably working with a faction of the OPA, who transports it presumptively implies that a covert terrorist plot is in progress.

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Avasarala, knowing the full Earth gravity will be torture on an off world denizen, uses it unsuccessfully as a coercive device to extract information. The man denies affiliation with affiliation with OPA.

But Sobong's not talking. Avasarala tells her minions to leave him be for ten more hours and contact her if he survives.
— Season 1, Episode 1 "Dulcinea"

The Secretary-General, through Undersecretary Errinwright, commands that they must use the "tank" if they're going to interrogate the prisoner, in accordance with human rights agreements. Avasarala transfers the prisoner to Luna. In an act of defiance, during the transport, the Belter Heikki commits suicide by rejecting his high acceleration injection.

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Season 1

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  • Syfy website shows name as Sobong in S01E01 "Dulcinea" recap

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  • This character was created for the TV adaptation. While his activities may suggest plot from other occurences, there is no known direct match for this character between the covers of any novels in the series (through Babylon's Ashes).
  • There appears to be a discrepancy in how the name of the character is spelled. In some instances it is spelled "Sabong" while in others it is spelled "Sobong". It is pronounced like "Sabong" in spoken dialogue, and listed that way in the credits at the end of "Dulcinea" and "The Big Empty". However, the interrogation tank he is in while on Earth displays the name "Sobong", as do the subtitles on the Season 1 DVDs. (For similar examples, see Character names spelled inconsistently on TV production)

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