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"Here There Be Dragons" is the eleventh episode of the second season of The Expanse. Overall, it is the twenty-first episode. It aired on April 5, 2017.


Bobbie makes a decision that changes her life forever.


In a flashback to before the Ganymede attack, Dr. Lawrence Strickland is seen walking with Mei and another woman, as was seen in the security cam footage. As he passes a plant, he sneakily snaps off a leaf and keeps walking.

Back in the present moment, the Roci crew, sans Alex, retraces those steps and finds the tunnel to the old Ganymede station. Naomi tries to prepare Prax for the worst. He rudely declares to her she has never lost a child, but she objects, stating that she has, and it took her a long time to get over the guilt.

On Earth, Draper is getting chewed out by Martens for escaping the embassy. She is demanding the truth about the human-protomolecule hybrid she saw on Ganymede. She yells that he lied to her. He yells that she has jeopardized the future of Mars. He also tells her she is no longer a soldier and to prepare for the trip home.

On the Arboghast, Janus and Iturbi look on with concern as an MCRN ship, the Shandian, continues to shadow them. They also continue to try to drop probes down into the Erosian-impact crater on Venus, but the probes' signals all disappear before they reach the surface. Iturbi suggests they break protocol and drop lower before releasing their last two probes and, after some debate, Janus concedes.

Errinwright tells Avasarala he has an idea to leverage Jules-Pierre Mao's family in order to get Mao to make contact. Avasarala tells Errinwright he is going to be a scapegoat at the hearings about the Eros disaster, unless they can find Mao. And even if they do not, Avasarala advises Errinwright that he should use the hearings to atone for what he has been a part of.

As the Martian drop ship enters Earth's atmosphere to pick up Draper and Martens, it suddenly reverses course and returns to space. They are told that the UN government got wind of an OPA plot to bomb the transport, and Avasarala put a hold on the pick-up. So, Draper and a suspicious Martens return to their quarters.

Alex and the Roci are still hiding out behind one of Jupiter's moons amid a no-fly order. Suddenly, there is an MCRN alert about a ship, the Karakum, that has been granted clearance to land on Ganymede. Alex surmises it is some kind of black-ops mission; he needs to get down to Ganymede first, and he plans a wildly ambitious slingshot-around-a-few-moons plan to get the Roci down to the surface without detection.

In another flashback, at the beginning of the battle on Ganymede, Strickland and the other woman, Umea, bicker about how this field test of theirs has gone horribly wrong and could trigger a war. Mei speaks up and wants her father, but Strickland manages to talk sweet to her and give her an injection before leading her along to the next place.

The Roci crew continues to track through the tunnels as the air cycler shuts down in the station. Prax begins to explain the cascade effect like he did to Amos previously, but Amos interrupts with a short summary: the station is on the verge of collapse. Prax spots a vial of Mei's medicine and surmises that Strickland is keeping Mei alive. Holden says they keep going.

Draper requests to see Martens, who is in his room, receiving a message about the Karakum landing on Ganymede to pick up Caliban. She again demands the truth and then attacks him, angry that her team was killed for a weapons test. She makes him show her proof: Project Caliban was a field test; he shows her footage from the drone she saw that night, trying to defend himself by affirming that all had been done for the MCR and its citizens' safety.

Draper knocks Martens out and manages to also knock out a security guard. She makes a run for the perimeter fence around the Martian embassy. She gives herself up to UN authorities, requesting political asylum.

Alex begins his elaborate plan to slingshot around various moons and land on Ganymede. His plans unfolds accordingly until he almost runs straight into an MCRN ship. He manages to slip behind one of the moons and escape detection.

Draper has been brought in to see Avasarala, who jokes about Draper creating a diplomatic incident. Draper tells Avasarala that she was right - the human-protomolecule hybrid is a weapon, and right now it is up for sale by the highest bidder - the Martian government. She hands over Martens' information on Project Caliban, and Avasarala sends Cotyar off to analyze it.

The Roci crew reaches a door, and they can hear people on the other side. Prax asks Amos for a gun, which Amos reluctantly hands over. When they bust in, it is the woman Umea and some other scientists eating pizza. Umea wants to talk it out, but Prax spots Mei's backpack and makes a move which ends in a shootout. Umea escapes and Amos gets shot in the shoulder.

Jules-Pierre Mao sends Avasarala a message, meaning her plan to get him to resurface worked. He wants to set up a meeting with Avasarala, but Cotyar thinks it is clearly a trap. Avasarala may well agree, but she had already arranged to meet.

On Ganymede, Prax sees a pod chamber with a frozen child inside. It is not Mei, but he is still freaked out by its appearance. Before they can figure it out what had happened to him, someone throws a grenade into the room the Roci crew were in. Amos acts quickly to throw it back out the door, and the explosion out there is followed by screams of pain.

In the aftermath of the grenade, the Roci crew sees that something was able to break out of captivity. Holden sees Umea, mortally wounded, and she tells him they molded the protomolecule in their own image. Suddenly, Alex shows up outside the air lock. He is here to pick the crew up, but Naomi tells Holden she is staying. She wants to do some good, and helping the Somnambulist to evacuate the survivors on Ganymede is a start. Holden tells her to keep Amos with her, and they kiss goodbye.

Alex calls Holden over and points out the human-protomolecule hybrid staring back at them from out on Ganymede without a space suit. Holden orders Prax to suit up, declaring that they are going "on a hunt".



Mei [2:34.187]: Dr. Strickland?
Umea [2:35.356]: I've just received confirmation. They're commencing release within the hour.
Strickland [2:38.893]: If our client had any doubts, this'll put them to rest.
Mei : Dr. Strickland!
Umea : [sighing]We needed more time.
Strickland [2:41.896]: After Eros, after Thoth,... we needed to speed things along.
Umea [2:44.532]: It's not exactly the most controlled experiment.
Strickland [2:48.235]: It might get a bit messy, but we'll get more answers sooner.
Mei [2:50.638]: Dr. Strickland!
Strickland [2:51.705]: [Sighs]Yes, Mei, darling?
Mei [2:54.542]: You said we were going to have fun. This isn't fun.
Strickland [2:57.678]: We're almost there, sweetheart.
Mei [3:00.280]: I want to go back to my dad.
Strickland [3:04.684]: I spy...
Strickland [3:07.687]: Snapdragon.
Mei [3:09.722]: Anti-rhee-num.
Strickland [3:12.225]: I spy...Goldenrod?
Mei [3:14.195]: Solidago.
Strickland [3:16.530]: Cornflower?
Mei [3:17.598]: Centaurea.
Strickland [3:20.301]: [sighs]Hmm...
Mei [3:23.269]: Zinnia.
Strickland [3:29.543]: Oh! You're too clever. I thought I had you.
Announcer [3:32.379]: Attention Ganymede station.
[3:34.415]: The supply ship Arabella has arrived with a full sector four restock. Please collect your…
Mei [3:38.651]: Where are we going?
Strickland [3:40.621]: It's a surprise, dear.
[3:42.689]: [lock beeps]
Strickland [3:44.592]: Today's going tobe a very exciting day.

Prax [3:53.633]: This is it. Mei went through here.
Amos [4:02.575]: Sure was nice of chicken boy to give us a skeleton key.
Holden [4:06.313]: I'm pretty sure it wasn't out of the goodness of his heart.
[4:08.649]: [Lock beeps, Latch unlocks]
Amos [4:21.594]: You didn't even try to stop me from bashing that kid's head in.
Holden [4:24.665]: You've taught me a lot about futility.
Amos [4:26.866]: Nah. I think I just beat you to it.
Holden [4:31.338]: The protomolecule turned an asteroid into a missile.
Holden [4:34.642]: If we can prevent it from doing something worse, I don't mind bashing some asshole's head in.
Holden [4:46.819]: Clear!
[4:54.627]: [*Lock beeps*]
Prax [04:59.832]: This leads to the old station.
Holden [05:01.902]: What's down there?
Prax [05:04]: Nothing. Most of the original foundation tunnels were abandoned decades ago.
Prax [05:07.708]: No one lives there.
Prax [05:09.910]: But it doesn't mean they can't.
Naomi [05:16.382]: It's been a while since Strickland brought your daughter down here.
Prax [05:19.386]: I know. Look, I know exactly how much time's passed.
Naomi [05:20.821]: You need to be ready.
Naomi [05:22.456]: In case...
Prax [05:22.456]: In case we don't find her?
Prax [05:23.924]: Look, you haven't lost a child.
Naomi [05:25.426]: Yes, I have.
Naomi [05:27.860]: My baby boy was taken from me and I tried and I tried to find him and I failed.
Naomi [05:34.802]: Took me a very long time to understand that it wasn't my fault.
Prax [05:39.540]: Would you have listened to anyone who was telling you what you're telling me now?
Holden [5:43.109]: Come on, guys.
Prax [05:46.446]: This is not my time to stop.

Martens [5:53.920]: Your father was always so proud of you.
Martens [5:56.857]: He told me how the two of you used to go free climbing in the Mariner Valley. No belay. No back-up air. No mech suits. Just you and the elements.
Martens [06:05.798]: He told me about the accident.
Martens [06:07.801]: About how he fell, ... how you carried him on your back, shared your air, saved his life.
Martens [06:15.976]: What happened to that girl who knew her duty?
Bobbie [06:20.947]: Her fire team got killed by a thing on Ganymede that wasn't wearing a vac suit.
Martens [6:25.719]: [*exhales*]
Bobbie [6:27.888]: Why don't you tell me what really happened?
Bobbie [6:31.791]: I just want to help.
Martens [6:32.993]: You were told what you needed to know and, you've helped quite enough already.
Martens [6:37.898]: It's time you stopped looking for places to project your guilt.
Martens [6:40.734]: All you need to do now is sit tight, keep your mouth shut, and go home.
Martens [6:45.773]: Transport's on its way. It'll be here in a few hours.
Martens [6:47.741]: You make sure your bags are packed.
Martens [06:50.710]: Dismissed.
Bobbie [6:52.912]: You lied to me about Ganymede.
Bobbie [06:56.682]: You all lied about Travis.
Bobbie [06:57.918]: You've been lying to me this whole time!
Martens [06:59.887]: That's what's bothering you?
Martens [07:01.622]: That's what's bothering you?
Martens [7:04.891]: You may have jeopardized the future of Mars but, all you can think about is your peace of mind.
Martens [7:07.861]:
Martens [07:10.764]: You, your whole generation, you're soft.
Martens [07:12.866]: You're spoiled.
Martens [7:14.501]: I remember we had drill raids in school every day because back then, every Martian child knew that Earth's fleet was ready and waiting to attack us.
Martens [7:22.042]: To destroy us. To destroy everything that we had worked so hard to build.
Bobbie [7:26.814]: And that's supposed to justify...
Martens [07:27.948]: Grow up!
Martens [07:29.950]: Peace of mind is a luxury that no Martian can afford, especially not a Marine but, you won't have to worry about that much longer.
Bobbie [07:42.495]: What's that supposed to mean?
Martens [07:43.931]: You won't be going back to parade, Bobbie, because you don't follow orders and a soldier follows orders.
Martens [7:52.905]: You're not a soldier anymore.
Martens [07:55.942]: Dismissed.
[8:03.850]: [door opens]

Arboghast Crew 1 [8:07.053]: Tubes locked and loaded.
Arboghast Crew 2 [8:09.656]: All indicators green.
156 [8:10.858]: We're good to go.
Pilot [8:16.929]: The Martians are not backing off, sir.
Pilot [8:18.632]: They're staying right on our tail.
Janus [8:20.567]: All right, then. Let's give the Mickies something to talk about.
Janus [8:24.037]: Launch two.
[08:25.873]: [blaring](lanch sequence)
Perky Tech [8:27.640]: Launching two.
Arboghast Tech 1: [8:35.848]: Go. Cleared MCRN one.
165 [8:40.052]: The Martians have not changed course.
166 [8:41.688]: No target lock. No action.
167 [8:48.561]: Here we go.
168 [8:50.130]: Female tech:Pressure and temp gradients are going red.
Perky Tech [8:55.902]: No, they're gone.
Janus [8:57.671]: God damn it.
Iturbi [8:58.872]: Well, that makes six.
Iturbi [9:00.641]: Martians have probably turned this into a drinking game.
Janus [9:03.143]: I could use a drink myself.
Janus [9:05.145]: The atmosphere above the impact site is far more corrosive than it should be and it's getting worse.
Iturbi [09:09.983]: There's clearly something else going on down there.
Iturbi [09:12.152]: Now, there's no way those structures around that crater are natural formations.
Iturbi [9:16.089]: We have two probes left.
Iturbi [9:18.759]: What if we cannibalize the shielding from one to reinforce the other?
Iturbi [9:22.629]: Lower orbit, drop the probe from there, reduce the time of flight to surface.
Iturbi [09:26.967]: I bet that gets the job done.
Janus [9:28.168]: It would also break mission protocols.
Iturbi [09:30.637]: Do you think, if Magellan followed protocols, he would have circumnavigated the world?
Janus [9:33.707]: He didn't make it all the way around. He died trying.
Iturbi [9:36.043]: He met giants in Patagonia, mate.
Iturbi [9:39.646]: We're in uncharted waters. It's worth the risk.
Janus [09:45.151]: [*scoffs*]You know what sailors used to say when their ships went past the end of their maps?
Iturbi [09:50.991]: "Time for a new map"?
Janus [09:53.626]: "Here there be dragons."

Iturbi [10:04.605]: We lost two more probes today but, I have a way to get one down to the impact site.
Iturbi [10:07.941]: The structures around the crater cannot be natural.
Iturbi [10:10.944]: I'll let you know how it goes.

Errinwright [10:13.213]: Think I found a way to get to Jules-Pierre Mao.
Avasarala [10:14.982]: That's good.
Errinwright [10:16.683]: His whole family's reeling under the financial pressure we've put on them, and I think his eldest daughter, Clarissa, is ready to crack.
Errinwright [10:22.823]: He adores her and, if we make an amnesty offer through her, she may be able to sell him on it.
Errinwright [10:31.998]: What's wrong?
Avasarala [10:37.169]: I got a tip from a friend in the security council.
Avasarala [10:40.874]: When the Eros incident hearings are convened, they are going to make you the star of the show.
Errinwright [10:59.659]: Well, that makes sense.
Errinwright [11:02.828]: My good friend Jules-Pierre Mao.
Errinwright [11:05.898]: If he's not here to pay for his crimes, they're going to take it out on me.
Errinwright [11:10.804]: What did you tell them?
Avasarala [11:12.672]: Nothing.
Avasarala [11:17.209]: You need to use these hearings to tell them everything.
Avasarala [11:20.747]: Tell them yourself.
Avasarala [11:22.282]: Atone for your sins.
Errinwright [11:28.020]: Will you speak on my behalf?
Avasarala [11:29.690]: Sadavir...
Errinwright [11:30.757]: Sorry. I shouldn't have even said that.
Errinwright [11:33.192]: It would be a dumb move for you, obviously.
Errinwright [11:35.028]: There's no need to taint yourself with my folly.
Avasarala [11:43.035]: You'll get through this.
Errinwright [11:45.771]: [chuckles/scoffs]
Errinwright [11:48.908]: Yeah, I will.
Errinwright [11:51.711]: One way or another.
Errinwright [11:57.316]: Thanks for the heads up.

Martens [12:22.341]: It's time.
Announcer [12:36.856]: All clear for lander on pad 3.
[12:39.926]: All clear for pad 3.
Martens [12:57.376]: What's happening?
Martian Guard [13:02.314]: Sir, we just received an emergency flash from the U.N.
Martian Guard [13:05.385]: Apparently, they got wind of an OPA plot to bomb your transport. All traffic in or out of this airspace has been restricted until further notice.
Martens [13:10.891]: Who sent the notification?
Martian Guard [13:11.992]: It came directly from Undersecretary Avasarala's office, sir.
Martens [13:14.928]: Is that a fact?
Martens [13:18.397]: Well, better safe than sorry.
Martens [13:20.901]: I'm sure it'll all be cleared up soon enough.
Martens [13:23.136]: In the meantime, return to your quarters.
Martens [13:24.905]: You can stare at the ocean a little longer.

Alex [13:42.188]: Oh, man.
Alex [13:44.825]: [*sighs*]Looks like a freakin' hornet's nest.
Alex [13:48.093]: Those are no use to me.
Alex [13:50.030]: All right, sweetheart, show me the MCRN no-fly zone.
Alex [13:55.067]: [exhales]—…
Alex [13:56.937]: All right. So, no one goes in and no one comes out.
alex [14:01.007]: I bet the guys don't even know they're stranded down there.
[14:10.416]: [beeping]—…
Alex [14:14.220]: Okay, girl, I got it. I got it. You're right.
Alex [14:17.090]: Can't risk the broadcast. Gonna give up our location.
Alex [14:19.459]: But god damn it,
[14:22.862]: (Alert sounding)
Alex [14:24.231]: Oh, for the love of Pete. I hate that thing.
MCRN controller [14:26.233]: This is an MCRN priority alert to all vessels in the Jupiter AO.
[14:30.470]: Incoming MCRN delta 2735, the Karakum, is cleared to dock on Ganymede station.
[14:37.477]: Under no circumstances are the ship's operations to be interfered with.
[14:41.147]: All ships, please acknowledge.
[14:42.449]: This is an MCRN priority alert.
Alex [14:47.019]: Well, well, well.
Alex [14:49.222]: What the hell makes you so gosh darn special?
Alex [14:52.492]: Hon, can you show me the Karakum's flight plan?
Alex [14:58.964]: Huh.
Alex [15:00.233]: Well, that's a whole lot of cryptic.
Alex [15:01.968]: What's their landing pattern?
Alex [15:03.236]: Where the hell are they going to dock?
Alex [15:07.673]: Way the hell out in the middle of nowhere.
Alex [15:10.243]: That smells like black ops to me.
Alex [15:14.113]: What do you think? You agree?
[15:15.982]: [slow beeping]—…
Alex [15:17.483]: Huh.
Alex [15:19.152]: You're right.
Alex [15:21.021]: They're probably here for the exact same reason we are.
Alex [15:22.522]: Shit. That means I gotta get down there before they do.
Alex [15:25.492]: [exhales]—…
Alex [15:26.927]: But if I light up the engine, I may as well put a big freakin' bulls-eye on my back.
Alex [15:33.465]: Clumsy "ijit".
Alex [16:05.998]: Hon, go wider.
Alex [16:08.033]: Wider.
Alex [16:09.970]: I said wider. Show me the whole god damn system.
Alex [16:14.239]: Okay.
Alex [16:16.575]: Now, where are we exactly?
Alex [16:20.746]: All right.
Alex [16:22.983]: Now, show me the orbital paths of all the Jovian moons.
Alex [16:26.986]: (Chuckles) That's a lot.
Alex [16:30.322]: Okay.
Alex [16:32.591]: Time lapse times ten.
Alex [16:36.762]: Mmm-hmm.
Alex [16:42.534]: Plot a gravity assist trajectory down to Ganymede.
Alex [16:47.172]: No engine.
Alex [16:48.375]: Just thrusters.
Alex [16:52.311]: Mmm-hmm.
Alex [16:54.114]: Mmm-hmm.
Alex [16:57.082]: Well, no one said it was going to be easy.
Alex [17:00.586]: All right, darlin', saddle up!
Alex [17:06.025]: It's slingshot time.

Umea [17:19.072]: Trigger-happy idiots in orbit.
Strickland [17:20.373]: Everybody knew that a field test might cause collateral damage.
Umea [17:23.343]: Not like this. This will delay the transfer. This could be the start of a god damn war.
Mei [17:29.181]: I want my daddy.
Strickland [17:30.316]: Soon, honey. You'll see him soon.
Strickland [17:32.519]: Oh. It's time for your medicine.
Mei [17:35.255]: No. I want to go home. Now.
Announcer [17:38.058]: Environmental security has declared an emergency. Dome 1 down.
[17:41.661]: Please remain calm and proceed to the nearest hard shelter...
Strickland [17:44.297]: See this milkweed?
Mei [17:45.665]: I don't want to play anymore.
Strickland [17:47.400]: No, no. Look closer. It's a chrysalis.
Mei [17:52.572]: Mmm.
Strickland [17:54.407]: A butterfly'll squeeze its way out of there soon.
Strickland [17:59.578]: When I was a little boy, I was about your age, I saw one trying to get out but, it was having trouble, so I tried to help.
Strickland [18:11.691]: Really carefully, I split open the casing and the butterfly came right out but, it couldn't fly.
Strickland [18:21.301]: It was supposed to struggle. Squeezing its way out of that tight casing pushed fluid from its fat body into its wings.
Strickland [18:37.416]: Don't you want to be able to fly one day?
Mei [18:40.419]: I'm scared.
Strickland [18:42.589]: Well, let's play a game.
Strickland [18:46.425]: We're explorers… and we're off on a grand adventure… and that way is the unknown… and, yeah, there might be scary stuff but, there might also be magical things like you've never imagined… and we may learn the secrets of the universe.
Strickland [19:15.487]: Come on, sweetheart. There's nothing to be afraid of.

[19:32.504]: [electronic chirping]—…
Naomi [19:36.475]: The Martians have declared a no-fly zone over the station.
Naomi [19:39.412]: So much for a quiet ride out.
Holden [19:41.414]: Alex knows the back-up plan.
Holden [19:44.383]: He'll come down as soon as we call.
[19:46.619]: [mechanical thudding]—…
Naomi [19:48.788]: That sounded like an air cycler shutting down.
Prax [19:52]: It's happening. Faster than I thought.
Holden [19:54]: What's happening?
Prax [19:56]: The cascade. In real nature there's enough diversity...
Amos [19:57.597]: It means this station is fucked. The people here just don't know it yet.
Prax [20:03.335]: Wait. Wait, look.
Prax [20:12.611]: This is Mei's medicine. She needs a dose every day. Strickland's keeping her alive.
Naomi [20:19.718]: Whatever the reason for that is, he's not ready to learn it.
Prax [20:24.556]: We have to be close.
Holden [20:27.559]: We're on the right track.
Holden [20:30.762]: Hey! -(Gasps)
Looter [20:30.762]: [gasps]—…
Holden [20:32.599]: Don't!
Amos [20:37.436]: You boys ripping wire?
Looter [20:39.606]: We need it. This will buy us passage off this ice-ball.
Holden [20:43.475]: Then, go.
Holden [20:51.383]: Cascade, huh? Looks like the word's out.

Bobbie [20:58.757]: Mirror.
[21:15.641]: [chirping]—…
Bobbie [21:16.876]: I need to speak to Captain Martens.
[21:22]: [chirping]—…
[21:26.418]: [knocking on door]—…
Martens [21:28.487]: Come.
Martens [21:33.058]: [door opens]What's on your mind, Sergeant?
Bobbie [21:36.528]: My dad.
Martens [21:37.797]: He's going to be very disappointed in you. You should prepare for that.
Bobbie [21:42.467]: He told you that story? …about the climbing accident?
Martens [21:46]: He was proud of you.
Bobbie [21:48]: So, I guess the two of you weren't that close, huh?
Martens [21:52]: Why would you say that?
Bobbie [21:53.479]: Because he didn't tell you the real story.
Martens [21:57]: There wasn't an accident?
Bobbie [21:58.751]: No. There was but, I was the one who fell. He carried me on his back.
Bobbie [22:05]: You know, I used to think he told that story to make me look good.
Bobbie [22:08.927]: “Good Roberta. So dutiful.” …but, now I think it was more for him.
Bobbie [22:16.501]: I want to know what really happened on Ganymede and, you're going to tell me.
Martens [22:21.740]: We're done here.
Martens [22:23.575]: [groans]—…
[22:25]: [crashing, glass shattering]—…
Martens [22:26.545]: [groans]—…
Bobbie [22:27.780]: What happened to my team?
Martens [22:29.382]: You'll get a firing squad for this.
Martens [22:31.718]: [groans]—…
Bobbie [22:33.619]: Were you testing a weapon on us? On your own soldiers?
Martens [22:36.923]: Your whole generation's forgotten what it means to sacrifice for the dream of Mars.
Martens [22:40.792]: [(groans)]—…
Bobbie [22:42.362]: What killed my team?
Martens [22:52.704]: [strained groans, moans, and gasps]⸻—…
Martens [22:57.676]: Project Caliban. Show the field test.
Male Video Commentator [23:02.582]: In an unrehearsed battlefield demonstration, a single unarmed version 1 hybrid easily defeated six UN Marines and then four Martian Marines equipped with the latest Goliath Mark Ⅳ power armor.
Bobbie [23:13.860]: The drone. You were watching.
Male Video Commentator [23:14.961]: The hybrid covered more than two kilometers on the ground…
Bobbie [23:17.964]: You watched that thing slaughter my team. We were a god damn sales demo.
Bobbie [23:21.900]: Did you get a good deal? Put in an order?
Martens [23:25.772]: It was for the good of Mars.
Martens [23:28.874]: [groans]—…
Bobbie [23:39.818]: Captain Martens needs to see you.
Guard [23:45.657]: [groans]—…
Guard #3 [24:40.812]: You there! That's her! Stop!
Guard #4 [24:43.483]: Stop or we'll shoot!
Guard #3 [24:44.517]: No, no! We're not authorized!
Guard 2 [24:47.953]: She's heading for the checkpoint!
Guard 1 [24:49.755]: Marine! Stop! That's a direct order!
Guard #? [24:52.758]: Stop her! Stop!
UN Guard [24:56.962]: Martian, you are on U.N. soil.
Bobbie [24:58.831]: I am Gunnery Sergeant Roberta Draper, Martian Marine Corps.
Bobbie [25:01.901]: I am requesting political asylum on Earth.
Bobbie [25:05.871]: [panting]⸻—…

Alex [25:58.156]: Hoo!
Alex [26:00.059]: [chuckles]Huh-huh…
Alex [26:01.761]: Silent as the night and smooth as silk.
Alex [26:06.165]: I have to say, girl,
Alex [26:07.767]: I think you're doing all the hard work.
Alex [26:11.736]: Ooh.
Alex [26:16.775]: Damn...
Alex [26:20.679]: That is a sight to behold.
Rocinante [26:31.790]: [blaring alarm]—…
Alex [26:34.727]: Switch to manual. Give me thrusters!
Alex [26:40.699]: Shit!
Alex [26:42.001]: Out of the way! Out of the way!
Alex [26:43.135]: Out of the way!
Rocinante [26:52.611]: [alarm stops]⸻—…
Alex [26:57.182]: [panting]Phew! God damn.
Alex [27:00.018]: [sighs]—…
Alex [27:01.187]: Looks like we forgot that those moons provide cover both ways.
Alex [27:05.057]: If they can't see us, then we can't see them either.
Alex [27:08.693]: Let's say we, uh, remember that from now on.
Alex [27:13.698]: How about I take her in from here?

Bobbie [27:33.852]: What the fuck are you looking at?
Cotyar [27:36.222]: Not entirely sure. -(Door opens)
Avasarala [27:39.658]: Sergeant Draper, when I said I need your help, I didn't mean, create a diplomatic incident.
Bobbie [27:45.131]: Then you should've been more specific.
Bobbie [27:50.235]: You were right about that thing on Ganymede, Ma'am.
Bobbie [27:53.104]: It was a weapons test.
Bobbie [27:55.074]: Me and my team and your Marines, too. We were caught in the middle.
Avasarala [27:58.744]: That test nearly triggered a system-wide war.
Bobbie [28:02.715]: The weapon's up for sale and Mars wants it.
Bobbie [28:04.283]: Badly.
Bobbie [28:05.951]: The peace talks, they were a delaying action to buy time to complete the terms of the contract, I guess.
Avasarala [28:13.191]: Do you know who is involved?
Bobbie [28:15.194]: I took that off Captain Martens.
Bobbie [28:17.163]: He's in on it for sure and I bet Minister Korshunov is, too.
Avasarala [28:22.167]: Get it to SigInt right away. We need to know what's on it as soon as possible.
Cotyar [28:26.906]: Those boys will crack it like an egg.
Avasarala [28:33.712]: Are you up for a debriefing?
Avasarala [28:36.815]: We'll try to keep it short.
Avasarala [28:41.820]: This is a brave thing you have done today. We're all in your debt, Sergeant Draper.
Bobbie [28:50.495]: You don't have to call me "Sergeant," Ma'am. I'm not a soldier anymore.
[29:01.239]: [door closes]⸻—…
[29:03.908]: [slate terminal sounds trill notification]—…
Avasarala [29:08.246]: This must be my lucky day.

Holden [29:15.220]: There's definitely people inside.
Holden [29:17.889]: Load up.
Naomi [29:19.225]: I'll take the door.
Prax [29:26.831]: Give me a gun.
Amos [29:31.169]: Do you know how to use one?
Prax [29:33.839]: No, but I'm ready to fight for my daughter.
Amos [29:42.981]: This is safe.
Amos [29:44.983]: Hey!
Amos [29:46.385]: This is fire. Okay?
Amos [29:49.788]: Don't shoot us.
[30:03.802]: (Lock beeps)
Umea [30:17.882]: Do you like pizza?
Holden [30:19.285]: Amos, disarm these people.
Umea [30:20.986]: That's not going to happen.
Holden [30:20.986]: Don't be stupid.
Umea [30:22.421]: Why don't you put down those guns and, let's talk this out before things get ugly.
Prax [30:29.027]: Where's Mei?
StarHelixSecurity [30:30.830]: [groans]—…
Holden [30:39.037]: Damn it!
Naomi [30:41.873]: [*gasps*]
Amos [30:43]: [*groans*]
Naomi [30:44.309]: Hold still. I'll fix you up.
Misko & Marisko [30:49.047]: [Animated Dinosaur coos]⸻—…
Naomi [30:56.955]: You're lucky. It went straight through.
Amos [30:59.324]: [*grunts*]
Amos [31:02.026]: How come I'm the one who always gets shot?
Amos [31:04.463]: [*panting*]—…

Jules-Pierre [31:19.878]: Madam, you and I are fortunate to spend our lives in positions of great privilege and power.
Jules-Pierre [31:26.085]: Our actions affect the lives of millions... Billions... Entire planets in ways that few people can even comprehend.
Jules-Pierre [31:34.326]: The Eros experiment was never meant to be an attack on Earth, and I believe that you know that.
Jules-Pierre [31:40.099]: I also believe that you understand what the protomolecule is, and what it represents for humanity.
Jules-Pierre [31:50.108]: I cannot afford to waste any more time allies only for you to bring them down.
Jules-Pierre [31:51.310]: If you truly have the best interest of Earth at heart, you will meet with me and we will come to an accommodation.
Jules-Pierre [31:58.517]: These are my conditions and they are non-negotiable.
Jules-Pierre [32:01.420]: You immediately cease all punitive actions against my family.
Jules-Pierre [32:06.391]: We meet in person on a ship of my choosing outside UN control.
Jules-Pierre [32:10.129]: You will come with a limited escort.
Jules-Pierre [32:13.131]: Don't refuse this offer.
Jules-Pierre [32:15.134]: It won't be repeated.
Avasarala [32:18.036]: So, what do you think?
Cotyar [32:23.141]: Why do you pretend that you care about my opinion?
Avasarala [32:25.411]: Indulge me.
Cotyar [32:27]: It's a fucking trap.
Avasarala [32:27.379]: Oh, you're so predictable.
Cotyar [32:29.014]: And so are you.
Cotyar [32:33.952]: You've already made up your mind, haven't you?
Avasarala [32:36.021]: Then change it.
Cotyar [32:39.157]: His crimes are public knowledge.
Cotyar [32:41.427]: He has nothing to gain by killing you. Everything to gain by converting you to his cause.
Avasarala [32:46.031]: That's my argument, you know.
Cotyar [32:48.000]: All right, fine, it makes no sense that it's a trap, which is exactly why it has to be one.
Cotyar [33:00.078]: You're going to accept.
Avasarala [33:03.047]: I already did an hour ago.

Strickland [33:13]: See?

Prax enters incinerator room.

[33:37.115]: (Devices beeping)
Mei [33:43.488]: No. No. I want my daddy.

Prax sees child's body vacuum-sealed and enclosed in a freeze chamber. He opens it for a closer look.
Prax [33:51.629]: (Sobbing)

Strickland [34:00.438]: It's going to be fine. Don't worry.
Strickland [34:02.174]: It's going to be fine.

protomolecule is visible inside bag on child's forehead and cheek
Prax [34:16.254]: [*gasps*]It's not her.
Prax [34:18.323]: It's not Mei. I don't know who it is.
Naomi [34:20.125]: That's the protomolecule. Don't touch it.
Naomi [34:22.327]: Don't touch anything.
Holden [34:25.596]: They released it on Eros uncontrolled to see what it would do.
Holden [34:31.235]: They did this for a purpose.
Prax [34:55.626]: What are you doing?
Holden [34:57.362]: I came here to destroy the protomolecule and that's what I'm gonna do.
incineration scene
Amos [35:20.118]: Grenade!
[35:22.320]: [People screaming]—…
[35:22.320]: [Explosion]—…
[35:28.192]: [People screaming]—…
[35:30.329]: [Gunfire and explosions]—…
[35:30.329]: [Indistinct screaming]—…
[35:42.907]: [Alarm blaring]—…
[35:46.611]: [Alarm stops, silence]—…
Holden [35:54.919]: Just wait here.
Naomi [35:56.255]: No chance.
Amos [35:56.255]: Hell, no.
Prax [35:57.556]: No fucking way.

Perky Tech [36:17.542]: Probe telemetry is good.
Perky Tech [36:20.212]: Surface touchdown in five, four, three, two, one.
Pilot [36:30.354]: Okay, we're in.
Janus [36:54.312]: The hell was that?

Amos [37:40.391]: Whatever this thing is, it took the brunt of the blast.
Amos [37:46.464]: No. I think something broke out of this.
Prax [37:50.335]: This is anesthetic gas.
Prax [37:58.576]: I got a data core.
Amos [38:03]: The alarm we heard was a depressurization alert.
Amos [38:07.485]: The inner door closed automatically when the outer was breached
Amos [38:12.490]: Something tore the shit out of this airlock.
Umea [38:16.460]: [*groaning*]
Umea [38:19.764]: [*moans*]
Holden [38:23.634]: What were you doing with the protomolecule?
Holden [38:25.771]: Where's Strickland?
Prax [38:27.306]: What did you do to my daughter?
Umea [38:28.407]: Help me and I'll tell you.
Holden [38:31]: [*yells* *pounds floor*]Answer me!
Umea [38:32.644]: [*wheezes*]Help... Help me.
Umea [38:35.713]: Please.
Holden [38:37.516]: Like you helped that kid in the incinerator.
Holden [38:39.718]: Or anyone on Eros.
Holden [38:42.553]: And you expect us to help you?
Holden [38:46.524]: What was it?
Holden [38:48.694]: You used the protomolecule on children.
Holden [38:52.363]: What were you doing here?
Umea [38:58.669]: We made the protomolecule do what we wanted.
Umea [39:06.410]: [*gasps*]We made it in our own image.
Umea [39:08.780]: [groans]—…
Umea [39:11.115]: And there's...
Umea [39:13.685]: ...a lot more where she came from.
[39:34.405]: [metallic clatter]
Alex [39:41.712]: Whoa, whoa! Hold on! Hold on, there, buddy!
Alex [39:46.417]: Jesus Christ.
Alex [39:48.387]: It's me, brother.
Amos [39:50.455]: Alex, I could kiss you on the mouth right now.
Alex [39:53.525]: How come you're always the one getting shot?
Amos [39:55.794]: How the hell did you find us?
Alex [39:57.429]: MCRN. They set up a no-fly but, they cleared a black ops ship to land right here.
Alex [40:01.466]: So, we got to figuring maybe they're looking for the exact same thing that we are.
Alex [40:05.871]:, then, the Roci and I, we...
Amos [40:06.905]: We?
Alex [40:10.608]: Anyways, uh, I just decided to come on down and rescue y'all.
Holden [40:23.754]: Get out the auto-docs, make sure no one's infected.
Holden [40:26.857]: Alex?
Holden [40:28.593]: Stand by. We're gonna suit up and come out.
Alex [40:29.828]: Roger that.
Naomi [40:30.896]: Jim, I'm not going with you.
Holden [40:35.433]: What?
Naomi [40:37.868]: If the protomolecule was here, it could be in 50 other places by now, too.
Holden [40:41.773]: Then we're just gonna have to find all of them.
Naomi [40:43.875]: We have to do good where we can, when we can.
Naomi [40:48.447]: I'm going back to make sure the Somnambulist is up and running, and I'm going to help Melissa get as many people off this station as we can before it dies.
Holden [40:55.887]: If we don't catch that thing out there, a lot more people will die.
Naomi [40:59.825]: People die every day.
Naomi [41:02.527]: I wanted to believe we could stop this.
Naomi [41:05.496]: We can't.
Holden [41:33.557]: Take Amos with you.
Amos [41:34.960]: Yeah.
Amos [41:36.595]: Yeah, I'm good to go.
Amos [41:37.729]: (Groans)
Prax [41:39.564]: Come on.
Holden [41:41.700]: You'll need an escort out of the no-fly zone.
Holden [41:44.768]: Call when you're ready to launch.
Holden [41:47.771]: Prax. Go with them.
Prax [41:50.876]: No. I'm going with you.
Prax [41:57.882]: [to Amos]Thank you.
Alex [42:16.667]: Uh, chief?
Alex [42:18.036]: I think you best come take a look at this.
Alex [42:25.576]: 'Cause it sure as hell seems like it's looking at us.
Alex [42:27.846]: Mother of god.
Alex [42:29.548]: That thing ain't got a vac suit on.
Alex [42:30.949]: How the fuck is that possible?
Alex [42:33.618]: What the hell is that thing, Holden?
Holden [42:36.887]: Suit up.
Holden [42:38.690]: We're going on a hunt.



  • The title of the episode comes from the latin phrase Hic sunt dracones to indicate areas on a map that a cartographer, or mapmaker, could not chart, i.e it is an unknown land, Terra incognita.
  • Dr. Strickland tells Mei that a butterfly is "supposed to struggle" when it emerges from its chrysalis, as "squeezing its way out of that tight casing pushes fluid from its fat body into its wings", and that by helping the butterfly get out of its shell, he prevented it from hardening its wings. Whether an unintentional error, or an intentional demonstration of how Strickland twists the truth to justify his cruel worldview, the explanation that he gives Mei is not scientifically true. In reality, butterflies and other pupating insects will push hemolymph (the arthropod equivalent of blood) into the veins of their wings through their own effort, in order to enlarge and harden them. They do this intentionally and fully by themselves, they do not need to "struggle" during eclosion to achieve it, and in fact do not begin this process until they have fully emerged and found a suitably stable resting place to grip onto while they expand their wings, usually the empty shell that they just emerged from. They need a safe surface to hold onto because the process is incredibly long, taking potentially up to 2 hours for the wings to fully harden and dry up, and they usually take advantage of gravity to complete it by sitting in whatever position helps the hemolymph flow through their veins more easily (for butterflies, this means hanging with their wings facing down). [source] [source] [source] [time-lapse video of a butterfly hardening its wings]
  • Asylum, as defined by the Cambridge dictionary is protection or safety, or a protected and safe place, given especially to someone who has left a country or place for political reasons. By seeking asylum, Bobbie deserted her post. The ramifications of desertion range from short-term imprisonment, demotion, forfeiture of pay, dishonorable discharge, to death, especially in a time of war.
  • The novel Caliban's War spells Prax's name "Praxidike" but the some aspects (a screen in the show and on Twitter) of the TV adaptation show the name spelled ad "Praxideke".[Citation needed][1]
  • Alex performs a gravity-assist maneuver around Cyllene and several other moons of Jupiter to quickly propel the Rocinante back towards Ganymede, despite the moons being so far apart that the entire journey would have taken months to perform. Naren Shankar has said in a guest blog post to Daniel Abraham's site that he regrets the way the sequence turned out, as it is uncharacteristically scientifically inaccurate when compared to the rest of the show.[2] The error was caused due to hastiness, and by the time they had discovered it, the scene was already shot and half-way through visual effects editing, so Shankar reluctantly decided to leave it as is. He later wrote the much more realistic dramatic slingshot sequences in season three's "Delta-V" to remedy the misrepresentations exhibited in this episode.


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