It's kind of a landmark. Innermost large asteroid group in the Belt. Nothing of interest to miners but very high albedo. [...] When you think about it, not a bad place to hide.
— Alex Kamal

The Hungaria Group is a sparse collection of asteroids in the Inner Asteroid Belt. At the opening of the Free Navy Conflict, several stolen Martian ships were hidden at this location to be transferred to Marco Inaros' Free Navy Command Fleet.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Hungaria Group is noticeable for being the innermost most dense concentration of asteroids in the Sol System. Their name comes from the largest of these asteroids, 434 Hungaria, which, despite being the namesake of the group, is relatively small at roughly 11km in size.

Most Hungarias are "E-type asteroids", meaning that they possess a surface composition with high levels of the mineral enstatite; this results in the asteroids having a high albedo rating, generally above 0.30. This high albedo rating translates to a high level of light reflectiveness, which is ideal to hide or obscure nearby smaller objects.

Events[edit | edit source]

When the Razorback traveled to the asteroid group to investigate possible missing ships it spotted several MCRN frigates, which had been sold or bartered to the Free Navy. One of the ships fired a torpedo at the Razorback which fled towards a nearby MCRN fleet.[1]

At the opening of the Free Navy Conflict, the MCRN Barkeith, alongside two escorting heavy frigates, made a course deviation from its standard flightplan to the Hungaria group. Alex Kamal and Bobbie Draper, aboard the racing pinnace Razorback, tracked the Barkeith discreetly, believing it to be carrying a shipment of stolen Martian weapons to be delivered to the belt. Upon arrival at the Hungaria group, Draper realized that the heavy frigates themselves were the weapons in transfer, and that this was the means in which Marco Inaros would built up his Free Navy.

While cataloguing the vessel in sight, Razorback was spotted and forced to flee; it was closely pursued by an armed belter skiff, which fired upon the Razorback with a torpedo.[2]

Media[edit | edit source]

Razorback approaching the Hungaria group


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