The Human-Protomolecule Hybrid was part of the secret Project Caliban program to use the Protomolecule to develop superpowers.

History[edit | edit source]

To create the Hybrids, children were kidnapped and taken to Prospero Station on Io, an officially shut down station. When it was time to test a Hybrid in combat, one was secretly unleashed on Ganymede to attack UN Marines who drew the Hybrid towards Martian Marine Corps forces nearby. Signals to the surface were jammed and United Nations Navy and Martian Congressional Republic Navy naval forces, believing each side had attacked the other on the surface, engaged in orbit. The Hybrid successfully killed all but one Marine Bobbie Draper before a bomb detonated in its body destroying it.

A second Hybrid was able to enter the cargo-bay of the Rocinante , which was destroyed by luring it out into space and destroying it with the ship's Epstein drive.

On the surface of Io, a Hybrid was unleashed by the Protogen staff and was engaged by Bobbie Draper, who successfully defeated and killed it.

Numerous Hybrids were placed into stealth pods and fired from Prospero Station against Mars. These pods were all destroyed by ships in the A.O. and Long-range nuclear missiles operated by Tycho Station OPA.

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