Hygiea (minor planet designation: 10 Hygiea) is the fourth largest asteroid in the Asteroid Belt and somewhat oblong. It hosts Hygeia Station. Like many places in the Belt, its population suffered from high UN taxes that made survival expensive and kept the population routinely destitute. Consequently, a robust black market was active, particularly in usable hydroponics.[1]

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The station was the location of a battle during the Free Navy Conflict.[2]

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  • Hygiea takes its name from the Hygieia (with the -ia dropped for -a), the Greek Goddess of health and personified cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Hygiea (asteroid) and Hygeia (station) are noticeably spelled differently. The station's name may be an allusion to Hygeia City – a planned but never realized utopian community on the banks of the Ohio River in Kentucky, USA. The variant "Hygeia" was also a common, 19th century mispelling of the asteroid's name.

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