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"Immolation" is the sixth episode of the third season of The Expanse. Overall, it is the twenty-ninth episode. It aired on May 16, 2018.


The final battle between Earth and Mars threatens the very future of humanity; a new monster is unleashed on Prospero Station; Anna receives the smoking gun she needs.


"Immolation" starts where "Triple Point" ends, the crew witnessing the launching of hybrid pods from Io. Alex desperately does what little he can to destroy the hybrid pods with the Rocinante, but soon the Rocinante runs out of ammunition. One hybrid pod is deflected by his PDCs, spiraling until it collides with the Agatha King.[1] The rest of the Rocinante crew on Io enter the research base Prospero Station. In an act to slow down the Rocinante crew, Jules-Pierre Mao commands what remaining staff he has to engage the Martian assault force while Strickland regretfully releases the hybridized Katoa. Soon, the Rocinante crew runs into Jules-Pierre's staff guarding the door. Under fire, Bobbie calmly walks into the passageway. In her power armor, she assesses the targets and quickly kills Jules-Pierre's staff with short gun bursts from her power armor's gun.[2] Moving forward they spot the Hybrid in the distance. Bobbie decides the best action is to distract the hybrid, so she runs forward, shoots it and escapes through a hatch, out onto the surface of Io.[3]

On the damaged Agatha King, the Protomolecule quickly infects a majority of the crew, turning them into hostile zombies. The protomolecule, in a change from the past, appears to consume the ship itself as part of the protomolecule organism. Cotyar is still on the Agatha King, floating in the med bay, when Ensign Larson, who is part of the Agatha King crew, enters the med bay while being chased by a lieutenant who has been infected by the protomolecule. Larson shoots the crazed zombie crewman dead but, without any protection, she has touched the protomolecule, which Cotyar explains is a death sentence. Larson frees Cotyar, admitting she has no idea what cause she is fighting for. Cotyar, before leaving the med bay, puts on a vac suit.[4]

Back on Io, with some camera feeds available, Holden can direct Amos and Prax to the children, who may be evacuated by Strickland before they can be rescued. Holden delays Strickland by evacuating the air in the shuttle bay. While observing the camera feeds, Holden sees Jules-Pierre on Io in the base. He leaves to pursue Jules-Pierre.[5] Before Amos and Prax get to Strickland and the kids, Strickland puts the kids in a airlock. Then, Strickland shoots and kills the nurse with him. When Amos and Prax arrive, Strickland says the nurse was going to kill all the children and he saved them before recognizing Prax. Prax demands Mei's location, which Strickland acquiesces by opening the airlock.[6] Prax hugs Mei then introduces Amos as his best friend and instructs her to go with him. Prax walks over to Strickland determined to kill him but, at the last second, Amos intercedes, saying he’s not "that guy", the guy that kills. Strickland proceeds to thank Amos as Prax leaves but Amos turns to face Strickland with an expression that emphasizes the words as he says, "I am that guy." Amos closes the door to the airlock and shoots Strickland with his shotgun. Amos, Prax, Mei and three other children leave and return to the Rocinante. During this, Holden intercepts Jules-Pierre, shoots his guard and take Jules-Pierre captive.[7]

Bobbie, who has been in a shoot-and-run battle with the hybrid, is caught off guard by it. The hybrid tackles Bobbie over a ledge down to the ground. Before critically damaging Bobbie, Bobbie's power armor begins to lose power, flashing low battery. While the Hybrid is distracted by something in the distant heavens, Bobbie without help from the suit manages to raise her gun to the rear part of the hybrid's head and unleashes the remaining ammo she has. The hybrid, missing part of his head, rolls over and expires.[8]

Alex and Naomi begin realizing the magnitude of events happening on the Agatha King. Firstly, the hybrid missiles launched at Mars have gone dark;[1] secondly, the control of those hybrid pods is aboard the A.K.[5], and most troublingly, the protomolecule is taking over the ship.[4][7] They use the Razorback so they can access a utility hatch on the Agatha King in an attempt to stop the hybrid pods.[5] When they enter the Agatha King's CIC, they find Admiral Nguyễn dying in his chair. Naomi attempts to disable the hybrid missiles, when they receive a video transmission. Cotyar, who has been infected by the protomolecule by this point, is in the reactor room, disabling magnetic control rods containing the fusion reactor. He broadcasts to all ships in the area, unaware who is watching, that he is setting up the reactor to detonate and to eliminate the threat of the protomolecule-infested UNN flagship. In a final farewell, Cotyar expresses solace in repaying his obligation to Charanpal. Naomi and Alex aboard the Razorback quickly move away the Agatha King, which blows up in the background.[9]

On Earth, the UN Headquarters has been anxiously wrestling to decipher events around Jupiter; the light delay between Jupiter and Earth is around 40 minutes. Anna, in her parting act, plays Esteban the incriminating recording of the message Errinwright sent which triggered the current war.[10] The Secretary-General uses this information to arrest Errinwright, which will exonerate himself from the millions of lives lost.[11]

On the Rocinante, Alex helps Bobbie into the med bay. Naomi and Holden, in bed together, are reconciling; however, they recognize that Naomi is on a path that will take her away from the Roci. Amos, who is feeding the kids in the galley, catches news of Venus. There, a giant protomolecule object ascends through the atmosphere and appears to be moving away from the planet, unfolding tentacle-like appendages.[12]



Guest Starring[]



The Rocinante tries to stop the pods

[01:14.944]: [orchestral music]
[01:17.947]: ·
3 [02:15.004]: Roger, Falstaff, they're indicating orbit, over.
4 [02:16.745]: They have target lock, they have target lock.
Nguyễn [02:18.529]: [playback]This is Admiral Nguyễn. We have put down an attempted mutiny by Admiral Souther. All ships are ordered to return to the AO immediately and prepare to engage.
Sorrento-Gillis [02:26.798]: The communications said mutiny, God damn it. I want to know what the hell is going on out there, and now.
Lipson [02:31.847]: I'm sorry, sir. The transmission delay to the A.O is 39-plus minutes. I'll let you know the moment we have contact.
Errinwright [02:36.982]: We need to talk to Admiral Nguyễn.
Lipson [02:38.549]: Sir, we tight-beamed the "Agatha King", but we're still awaiting their response.
Lipson [02:41.726]: Sat-com confirms, UNN "Jimenez" has been destroyed. Fired upon, it appears, by the "Agatha King."
Sorrento-Gillis [02:47.036]: Jesus Christ. Our own ships, firing on one another. What the fuck is going on out there?

· [03:03.661]: [loud rumbling]
Bobbie [03:05.576]: The launcher is reloading. Another full salvo.
Holden [03:12.017]: Alex, blow them out of the fucking sky!
Alex [03:13.671]: I don't have a clear shot on the launcher. I can only shoot the pods down once they're in the air. PDCs on auto track.
[03:24.378]: [dramatic music]
[03:27.381]: ·
Alex [03:49.446]: It's too many.
Alex [03:57.715]: God damn it!
Alex [03:59.369]: We're dry.
Alex [04:02.111]: At least two dozen of those things made it by us, but we weren't the only ones shooting. UNN and MCRN ships destroyed some as well.
Alex [04:10.337]: Naomi, where are they headed?
Naomi [04:12.469]: Their engines and transponders shut down as soon as they cleared the gravity well. They're stealth tech. The Roci can't track them.
Avasarala [04:20.347]: Mars. They're going to Mars.
Alex [04:24.394]: How the hell are you so sure about that?
Avasarala [04:25.830]: This station belongs to Jules-Pierre Mao. Errinwright owns him, and this is his war. They have to be going to Mars.
Alex [04:33.360]: If any of those things get down to the cities, they're going to be nearly impossible to stop. They'll kill thousands.
Naomi [04:39.148]: …nd contaminate everything with protomolecule. Mars could become another Eros.
Holden [04:45.546]: Everyone, get inside. Let's do what we came here to do. Those pods were launched from here. There's got to be a way to abort them; we'll find it.
[04:56.992]: ·

The Roci assaults the base[]

Bodyguard [04:58.994]: That's a Martian Corvette. And the space suits, body armor, weapons. They're all MCRN. It's a Martian assault team.
Jules-Pierre [05:05.957]: …and the "Agatha King" just remotely launched the hybrid pods. It's over. Order everyone not to fight. No reason to get anyone else killed.
Strickland [05:18.013]: …but, we can't just hand everything over to them.
Jules-Pierre [05:20.145]: That's exactly what we have to do. Maybe we can avoid spending the rest of our lives in a Martian prison.
Strickland [05:24.889]: I think it's premature to hand over all your work when we still have options.
Jules-Pierre [05:29.067]: What options?
· [05:30.504]: [computer beeping]
Strickland [05:34.856]: The assault team is on the far side of the station. Most of the systems are powered down. It's going to take time for them to reach us.
Jules-Pierre [05:40.557]: Time to do what?
Strickland [05:41.906]: To get to our ships and launch.
Jules-Pierre [05:43.691]: Why wouldn't they just shoot us down?
Strickland [05:45.214]: - We'll tell them we have children on board. We can do this, but we have to go now.
Jules-Pierre [05:54.179]: All right. Get on the radio. Tell everyone on that side of the station that the Martians intend to kill us all. Fight for their lives.
Bodyguard [06:04.233]: They'll get slaughtered, sir.
Jules-Pierre [06:06.801]: - Would you rather go with them?
Strickland [06:08.193]: I can buy us even more time.
Strickland [06:11.458]: Gather up the children, and meet us at the shuttle bay.
48 [06:13.895]: Right away, Dr. Strickland.

Strickland [06:37.658]: - Such a waste. But this is what you were made to do.
[06:46.754]: [dramatic music]

Bobbie [06:58.896]: - I'm getting heat signatures. Not sure how many. It's weak.
53 [07:02.552]: Can you tell if any of them are children?
54 [07:04.946]: No, but it's coming from six levels down.
55 [07:06.904]: Are they armed?
56 [07:09.167]: There's no way to tell, but it's a good guess.
57 [07:15.957]: [door buzzes]
Amos [07:42.026]: You ever get cramped in that thing?
Bobbie [07:44.986]: You kind of grow into it.
Prax [07:46.866]: Like a plant.
Holden [07:48.293]: I grew a watermelon in a box once, for a science project. It came out square. About this wide, this high.
Naomi [07:54.169]: Are they hypoxic?
Holden [07:58.129]: Guess it was more of a rectangle.
Avasarala [07:59.653]: They're whistling in the dark.
Holden [08:00.741]: Still tasted the same.
66 [08:05.267]: [dramatic music]
67 [08:08.270]:
Amos [08:10.141]: - Take cover first, then shoot!
69 [08:14.842]: - Shit.
70 [08:17.845]: - You got a count?
Bobbie [08:19.082]: - Four.
Bobbie [08:23.894]: Clear.
73 [08:35.036]: They don't look like soldiers.
Amos [08:37.604]: They shot at us. They made the choice.

Cotyar deals with a new threat[]

Avasarala [08:53.271]: Fuck. Make this thing show me what's happening in orbit, please.
Avasarala [09:13.291]: The "Agatha King." It's Souther's ship.
Naomi [09:16.773]: I can put a scope on that. Hold on.
78 [09:26.174]: What?
Naomi [09:28.132]: That ship was hit with a hybrid pod.
Naomi [09:31.179]: You don't want to be on it.
Naomi [09:33.094]: The protomolecule is spreading incredibly fast.
82 [09:36.401]: Oh, my God.

83 [09:42.320]: [alarm blaring faintly]
84 [09:49.284]: - [groans]
85 [09:56.813]: [indistinct yelling, distant explosions]
86 [10:02.993]: [distant screams]
87 [10:07.824]: [gunfire, screaming]
88 [10:13.177]: [dramatic music]
89 [10:16.180]:
Larson [10:36.026]: - Jesus, what the fuck?
Larson [10:37.811]: He was crazy, you saw that. He was trying to kill me.
Cotyar [10:40.030]: - Hey, hey, hey, hey. Calm down, okay? What's your name?
Larson [10:42.729]: [*heavy breathing*]Larson.
Cotyar [10:45.340]: Okay, Larson. Take a minute, and tell me what the hell happened here.
Larson [10:51.215]: We were fired on. We got hulled below decks, and my damage control team, we go down there to help out, and we see this, this blue shit everywhere, and a bunch of guys killing each other.
Cotyar [10:58.875]: Like the Lieutenant there?
Larson [11:00.058]: Yeah, yeah. We tried to get out, you know, seal up the decks behind us. But there were just so many of them, and then...
Cotyar [11:04.228]: And then?
Larson [11:05.969]: They didn't make it. And then this crazy asshole chases me all the way in here. Would have killed me, too, if it wasn't for you, so...
Larson [11:17.764]: Hey, how come they got you in a restraint?
Larson [11:21.985]: What, what, what?
Larson [11:24.335]: Oh, God damn it, I got some of it on me.
Cotyar [11:26.076]: No, don't touch it!
Larson [11:29.340]: Well, what is this shit?
Cotyar [11:31.022]: Let me loose, I'll help you.
Larson [11:33.388]: Tell me first.
Cotyar [11:39.350]: It's called protomolecule. It's bad.
Larson [11:42.527]: Just tell me.
Cotyar [11:46.096]: - Remember Eros? This is that shit. It kills everything it touches, and it cannot be stopped.
Larson [11:56.193]: - So I'm...
Cotyar [11:59.849]: - Yeah.
Cotyar [12:04.811]: Whoa, whoa, wait.
113 [12:08.205]: - [screaming]
114 [12:17.214]: - [grunting]
Cotyar [12:27.137]: But you're not dead yet, and I need your help. We have to try to stop the infection on this ship from spreading.
Larson [12:32.839]: - It's too late. You said so yourself.
Cotyar [12:36.843]: - You're a sailor in the UNN. That has to mean something, or you wouldn't be here.
Larson [12:51.858]: - I don't even know what we're fighting for.
119 [12:54.643]: [somber music]
120 [12:57.646]:

Bobbie engages[]

121 [13:59.926]: - Got some small heat sources. I'm betting it's the kids.
122 [14:03.407]: Wait.
123 [14:06.062]: There's something else.
124 [14:08.021]: [tense music]
125 [14:10.719]:
126 [14:12.286]: It's a hybrid.
127 [14:13.007]: Fall back to the "Roci."
Bobbie [14:14.418]: No, the kids are down that way. Go get them.
129 [14:16.596]: You can't.
Bobbie [14:17.247]: I'll lead it away. Go.
131 [14:19.075]:
Avasarala [14:31.958]: Bobbie, don't be an idiot. This won't bring back your dead marines.
Bobbie [14:36.092]: Ma'am, for the first time in your life, please just shut the fuck up!
134 [14:39.313]: [dramatic music]
135 [14:42.316]:
136 [14:44.274]: - [heavy breathing]
137 [14:47.277]:
138 [14:51.107]: [indistinct inhuman yelling]

Anna confronts the bobblehead[]

139 [15:16.654]: Still no word from the "Agatha King"?
140 [15:18.308]: No, sir, I'm sorry. We can confirm the ship is still in orbit around Io, but we haven't been able to re-establish contact with the C.I.C.
141 [15:26.751]: What are these?
142 [15:28.666]: Shortly after the "Jimenez" was destroyed, there was a mass missile launch from the surface of Io. And every ship in the A.O. except the "Agatha King" was firing at them.
143 [15:39.329]: What was the target?
144 [15:40.554]: We don't know, sir. We lost track of the missiles as they left Io. We think they may have some kind of stealth tech.

145 [15:48.121]: [tense music]
146 [15:51.124]:
147 [16:01.786]: Launch defensive fire, defensive fire...
148 [16:04.528]: [door opens]
Sorrento-Gillis [16:09.751]: Thought you'd left.
Anna [16:10.774]: I have one more thing to do.
Sorrento-Gillis [16:18.412]: Well, if you're here to apologize, I honestly don't give a shit anymore.
Anna [16:21.850]: I am not. I want to refresh your memory. The words you said all those years ago.
Anna [16:28.248]: Just another protest, you said. Do you remember?
154 [16:32.687]: No greater symbol for our cause than walking into a military base, arm in arm.
155 [16:39.215]: It's no big deal. We'd faced the cops before.
Anna [16:42.523]: But you knew they had orders to fire on the crowd.
Sorrento-Gillis [16:46.788]: - You think I didn't want to warn everyone? You know why I didn't?
158 [16:50.574]: - Takes a few martyrs to really solidify a movement, doesn't it?
159 [16:55.623]: - Your words...
Sorrento-Gillis [16:57.451]: Your words turned them into martyrs.
Anna [17:00.541]: - Yes. That's my shame.
Anna [17:04.588]: But all those people who died for what we believed. I never imagined they would only be the first in a long line for you.
Sorrento-Gillis [17:10.768]: - Oh, please, Anna. For God's sake, let the past--
Anna [17:13.684]: Die?
Anna [17:16.905]: No, you're right. I want to be done with the past, too.
Anna [17:22.693]: I walked away once. This time... I'm not walking away. This time, you're going to do the right thing.
Errinwright [17:36.533]: [archive video replay]Time is short, and I'll be brief. Martian Defense Minister Kurshunov suffered a fatal heart attack earlier this evening.

Scene 8[]

168 [17:44.237]: [dramatic music]
169 [17:46.152]: - Clear!
170 [17:47.718]:
171 [18:07.782]: - Prax.
172 [18:17.444]: - She was right here.
173 [18:19.182]: - She can't be far. Let's keep looking.

174 [18:27.193]: - [panting]

175 [19:14.892]: There's a corridor number.
176 [19:16.938]: [computer beeps]
177 [19:19.549]: Got it. Amos?
178 [19:32.910]: Are you coming or what?
Holden [19:34.738]: They were bringing the kids to a pair of shuttles. I opened the outer doors to depressurize the bay.
Holden [19:39.569]: It won't hold them long if they find vac suits.
Alex [19:42.572]: Holden, you got access to station controls? What about the hybrid pods? Any way to abort them?
Holden [19:47.577]: Checking. Launch controls were transferred to the "Agatha King." There's no way to stop them from here. I'm sorry.
Alex [19:53.540]: Jesus Christ.
Alex [19:56.020]: Are you sure those things are heading to Mars?
Avasarala [19:57.761]: I'm sure.
Alex [19:58.391]: Holden. There's got to be something.
Holden [20:05.726]: There's someone here who should know. Let me go ask.
Naomi [20:16.389]: What are you doing?
Alex [20:18.434]: Bringing the "Razorback" down from orbit.
Naomi [20:19.957]: Why?
Alex [20:20.428]: Because I am going to fly it up to the "Agatha King." I'm going to find a way to stop those pods.
Naomi [20:26.877]: You can't do it alone.… Keep an eye on our people.
Avasarala [20:29.793]: I will.

Bobbie takes the fight outside[]

194 [20:31.317]: [dramatic music]
195 [20:34.320]:
196 [21:06.003]: - [panting]

The right thing[]

Errinwright [21:32.769]: - Sir.
Errinwright [21:36.947]: You said it was urgent.
Errinwright [21:39.428]: [archive video replay]Simultaneously, the MCRN "Karakum," dispatched by Kurshunov to take delivery of your protomolecule technology--
Errinwright [21:45.869]: How did you get that?
xxy201yxx [21:47.418]: Does it matter?
Anna [21:48.959]: Let's call it an act of God.
Sorrento-Gillis [21:51.701]: - You're not even going to deny it?
Errinwright [21:54.182]: - I meant every word I said.
Sorrento-Gillis [21:56.210]: - You just admitted to treason.
Errinwright [22:10.546]: - Was he always like that?
207 [22:12.112]: - Like what?
Sorrento-Gillis [22:13.157]: - Spineless and weak. Dignified face with nothing behind it.
Sorrento-Gillis [22:17.901]: You're finished.
Errinwright [22:19.599]: He doesn't care about treason. That's just him parroting you because you talked to him last. If he spoke to a janitor, he'd be passionately declaiming about a fucking mop. It's agonizing.
Errinwright [22:31.828]: I've lost count of how many times I stopped him from blundering into political suicide. And now, we have a chance to assure the future of the Earth, and he's shitting himself because he's afraid the history books won't be flattering enough.
Anna [22:43.753]: - He's changing for the better.
Sorrento-Gillis [22:46.103]: - If you've got anything to say to me, this is the last chance you're going to get.
Errinwright [22:56.679]: - I fought to save Earth. And you fought to save yourself.
215 [23:01.684]: [somber music]
Errinwright [23:04.078]: The planet deserves better than you.
217 [23:06.254]:
Sorrento-Gillis [23:14.480]: - Secretary Errinwright is under arrest for treason. Get him out of my sight.
Sorrento-Gillis [23:44.684]: My legacy was going to be a catastrophic war with millions dead. That's all on Errinwright now. Thank you.
220 [23:57.784]: [tense music]
221 [24:00.787]:

Amos and Prax close in[]

222 [24:11.537]: [machine beeping]
223 [24:13.147]: Someone's locked us out of the controls. [gunshots, pounding]
224 [24:19.196]: [gasps]
225 [24:24.201]: Come with me.
226 [24:25.855]: Kids, come on. Hold hands. Don't make a sound--
227 [24:29.062]: Leave the children.
228 [24:30.338]: You'll be safer in here.
229 [24:35.735]: Right, of course. Trade the children for our freedom. Or we open the doors to outside.
230 [24:42.219]: Exactly. Secure the airlock.
231 [24:44.047]: - [exhales]
Strickland [24:51.838]: It's okay, it's okay. I got her. The children are safe. Don't shoot.
Strickland [25:02.239]: Prax?
Strickland [25:03.294]: Oh, God. Oh, oh, thank God, it's you.
Prax [25:07.767]: - Where's Mei?
Strickland [25:09.595]: - She's here, she's right here.
237 [25:13.903]: [tense music]
238 [25:16.906]:
239 [25:21.911]: Mei.
Prax [25:24.784]: Mei.
Mei [25:25.356]: - Daddy!
242 [25:38.014]: - Come on, guys. It's okay, you're safe. Come on, come on out. You're safe now.

The Roci crew finds their targets[]

243 [25:47.328]: [tense music]
244 [25:50.331]:
245 [25:59.296]: It's growing on the ship. I thought it only infected living things.
246 [26:03.823]: Yeah, well, I guess it learned some new tricks pulling ships apart.
247 [26:06.546]: If it can control the ship--
248 [26:07.957]: We got to get as close to C.I.C. as we can.
249 [26:10.786]: [computer beeping]
250 [26:13.093]: Damn, C.I.C. looks like it's been hit hard.
251 [26:16.836]: I'd prefer not to climb in through a hole in the wall.
252 [26:19.142]: [computer beeping]
253 [26:21.667]: There's a utility airlock on the ship's bow.
254 [26:24.365]: That'll do.
255 [26:25.248]: [computer beeps]

256 [26:28.978]: Stop right there.
Jules-Pierre [26:36.333]: Don't shoot. I'm unarmed.
Jules-Pierre [26:46.692]: James Holden.
Jules-Pierre [26:48.868]: I guess I shouldn't be surprised it's you.
Holden [26:50.739]: Turn around, kneel. Hands behind your head.
Jules-Pierre [26:54.438]: How did you know to find me here?
Holden [26:57.703]: We didn't. Came for the children. You're just a bonus.
Jules-Pierre [27:04.561]: You should know. Everything done here has been to stop what's happening on Venus.
Holden [27:10.237]: Did you figure out a way to do that?
Jules-Pierre [27:12.848]: Not yet.
Holden [27:14.720]: Can you stop the pods that were launched?
Jules-Pierre [27:16.852]: No, the "Agatha King"--
Holden [27:18.375]: Then shut the fuck up. Get up. Pick up the data cores. Go. Move!

Prax [27:40.963]: - Are you okay? Did they hurt you?
Strickland [27:44.053]: - I would never have let that happen.
Mei [27:45.533]: - They hurt Katoa.
Prax [27:46.930]: - Basia's son.
Prax [27:48.492]: Where is he?
Mei [27:49.475]: - They did something to him. And he got blue and sick.
Strickland [27:53.759]: - She just doesn't understand--
Prax [27:55.353]: - Shut up!
Prax [27:59.025]: - Are you okay? Did they hurt you like they hurt Katoa?
Strickland [28:01.897]: - Of course not.
Amos [28:03.123]: - No, seriously. Shut up.
Mei [28:09.035]: - Why didn't you come get me?
Prax [28:12.821]: - I'm sorry, Mei. I'm so sorry.
Mei [28:19.088]: I love you, Daddy.
283 [28:22.962]: - I love you so much.
284 [28:25.007]: [solemn music]
285 [28:28.010]:
286 [28:31.057]: Come.
Prax [28:36.279]: This is Amos. He's my best friend in the whole world. He helped me find you.
Prax [28:43.809]: Can you stay with Amos for a minute, okay? I'll be right back, I promise.
Mei [28:49.858]: - Okay.
290 [28:57.300]: Hi.
291 [29:00.477]: Hey.
Prax [29:03.263]: I just need to talk to Dr. Strickland for a minute.
Strickland [29:11.140]: I looked out for her.
Strickland [29:14.100]: I protected her, even when I could have been shot for it.
Strickland [29:20.367]: I saved Mei's life. She would have died without me, right there on Ganymede …but, I went back for her, and I got her out.
Strickland [29:35.991]: Prax. I've known Mei since she was a baby. She loves me. And I love her.
297 [29:45.958]: [tense music]
298 [29:48.351]: [muffled] Please, I'm begging you.
299 [29:50.440]:
300 [29:51.441]: Please.
301 [29:53.400]: Please?
Amos [30:06.500]: You're not that guy.
303 [30:09.085]: [sniffs]
Amos [30:10.896]: You're not that guy.
305 [30:13.202]: [dramatic music]
306 [30:16.205]:
Strickland [30:25.562]: Oh, thank you. Oh, thank you.
Amos [30:39.925]: I am that guy.
Strickland [30:43.102]: No--

Mei [30:55.288]: Where's Dr. Strickland?
Amos [30:56.654]: He's not coming with us.
312 [30:58.421]: Come on, let's go.
313 [30:59.112]: Come on, let's go.
314 [30:59.945]: Let's go, let's go.

Something Pithy and a little ironic[]

315 [31:01.685]: [ominous music]
316 [31:04.688]:
317 [31:28.103]: Jesus.
318 [31:30.627]: What a mess.
Alex [31:37.460]: All right, you're going to want to find the weapon station. It's going to be labeled Fire Control.
320 [31:43.640]: Hey, look out!
Nguyễn [31:50.038]: You're wasting your time.
Nguyễn [31:52.998]: They can't be stopped.

323 [32:04.487]: [grunts]
324 [32:07.012]: [strained breathing]
325 [32:25.726]: [grunts]
326 [32:27.728]: [groaning]
327 [32:44.136]: [groaning]
Bobbie [32:50.664]: Come on, what are you waiting for?
329 [32:57.105]: [growling]
330 [33:07.202]: [groaning]
Bobbie [33:15.384]: [relieved groans]
Bobbie [33:35.535]: "Rocinante," this is Draper.
Bobbie [33:37.754]: Requesting emergency evacuation.

334 [33:40.757]: - Even if we can't abort, maybe we can change their course. Doesn't matter how sophisticated the pods are. Orbital mechanics don't change.
335 [33:48.649]: - Right.
Nguyễn [33:49.418]: - Martians. You don't even know what you are. We train you not to know.
Nguyễn [33:58.166]: Little Martian children all lining up to be the best little cogs in the machine. You stopped being human the day you claimed that miserable red planet.
Nguyễn [34:12.659]: You're insects. Prideful insects, the whole hive of you. Scrambling to make their colony bigger. Whatever it costs. Whoever it costs.
Alex [34:33.419]: You did it.
Naomi [34:34.388]: That was just one. Changing all of them one at a time is going to take a while.
341 [34:39.468]: Well, it only takes one.
Nguyễn [34:42.689]: [*exhales*]And you'll never stop them all.
Nguyễn [34:45.561]: You should thank me for putting them down, Belter. They'd do the same thing to you in a heartbeat. And pat themselves on the back. They're all so fucking smug.
Naomi [35:01.751]: - Well, bless his heart, I may just have to shoot this asshole.
345 [35:05.712]: [computer beeps]
Cotyar [35:08.932]: To all ships in the vicinity of Io: Steer clear of the "Agatha King."
Cotyar [35:15.896]: The ship is infected with a dangerous contagion. The only way to stop it for sure is a nuclear explosion. So I'm overloading the reactor core now.
348 [35:30.693]: [heavy breathing]
Cotyar [35:34.871]: Detonation should occur in... How the fuck should I know? I'm not an engineer. Let's call it soon.
Avasarala [35:49.886]: Naomi, I know that man. Get him on your comms. I can talk him out of this stupidity.
Naomi [35:56.328]: There's no talk-back channel. He must have shut it off. He doesn't want to be found. I'm sorry.
352 [36:03.857]: - [heavy breathing]
Cotyar [36:06.512]: Well, Charanpal.
Cotyar [36:09.645]: [*heavy breathing*]I guess that makes us even.
Cotyar [36:13.040]: I, uh… I always thought I'd have something clever to say in this moment.
356 [36:19.732]: [sniffs]
Cotyar [36:20.743]: You know, something pithy. Even a little ironic, but... Memorable.
358 [36:32.407]: [somber music]
359 [36:35.410]:
Cotyar [36:38.370]: But I can't think of a fucking thing. Oh, well.
361 [36:50.512]: - Warning-- magnetic containment breach.
362 [36:53.907]: [laughs]
363 [36:56.649]: Warning--
Naomi [36:57.911]: Shit, we've got about ten minutes until we're a fireball.
Alex [37:01.048]: We can't leave now. We got to knock out the rest of those pods.
Naomi [37:03.960]: Alex, we're out of time. We'll find another way, I promise.
Nguyễn [37:07.486]: You're welcome to stay with me, Martian. I'm good company.
368 [37:11.054]: God damn it.
369 [37:12.795]: [dramatic music]
370 [37:15.798]:
Naomi [37:20.107]: I should have let him shoot you.
372 [37:22.022]: Warning-- reactor failure imminent.
373 [37:23.371]: [laughs]
374 [37:27.593]: Reactor failure imminent.

Alex [37:38.604]: [grunting]We've got to warn Mars.
Naomi [37:41.476]: Of course we do. But that asshole on the bridge was right. They may not get them all, and it will only take a few.
377 [37:48.135]: [beeping]
Naomi [37:53.488]: I think I have a better idea.
Naomi [37:58.101]: Jim, Amos?
380 [38:00.365]: You guys okay?
Naomi [38:01.316]: Yeah. We couldn't reroute all of the pods, but we were able to turn their transponders back on. Mars can target them now, but we're worried that they may not get them all.
382 [38:10.940]: Holden.
383 [38:11.803]: Go.
384 [38:12.899]: …and if they don't, they'll blame Earth, and this war will just go on.
385 [38:17.044]: I know.
Naomi [38:17.817]: There's a way that we can shoot all the pods down before they reach Mars.
Naomi [38:24.389]: Fred Johnson. He has the missiles he stole from Earth. He can destroy those pods.
Holden [38:31.613]: You want to send their transponder codes to Fred Johnson.
Naomi [38:34.703]: Tycho is near their flight path. He could kill a lot. Maybe even all, if we're lucky.
Holden [38:39.882]: And if he shoots them down before they reach Mars, then the attack never happened.
Naomi [38:44.060]: Maybe a path to peace for both sides.
Holden [38:47.150]: If he captures them, we're handing him another weapon.
Naomi [38:51.503]: I want to do this, but we all have to agree. All of us.
394 [38:57.422]: [dramatic music]
395 [38:59.424]:
Alex [39:01.077]: All right, I'm in.
Amos [39:06.735]: It's worth a shot.
Holden [39:10.783]: I agree.
399 [39:14.047]: [button beeps]

The beginning[]

400 [39:26.668]: The fleets near Jupiter are sustaining heavy losses on both sides. Reports of a mutiny somewhere early in the battle have not been confirmed. Meanwhile, MCRN--
Naomi [39:35.982]: Fred, I think I might have a way for the Belt to strengthen its position as an equal player in the system, and also do some good.
402 [39:44.120]: [dramatic music]

403 [39:48.821]: [calm piano music]
404 [39:51.824]:
Holden [41:37.756]: You're not staying, are you?
Naomi [41:44.371]: It's time.
Amos [42:25.151]: What the fuck is that?
408 [42:28.110]: [somber music]
409 [42:31.113]:
410 [42:49.654]: [woman singing in foreign language]
411 [42:52.657]:


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