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The Inarco OPA was an extremist terrorist group responsible for piracy and terror attacks on inner ships in the Belt. Led by Marco Inarcos the former lover of Naomi Nagata.

History[edit | edit source]

Led by Marco Inarcos this faction of the OPA used code created by Naomi to cause a ships generator to detonate. This caused Naomi to leave the faction, however Marco refused to allow her to keep her baby son Filip.

The Inarcos OPA would eventually come into contact with a faction of the MCRN that was intending to secceed from the MCR for a new system. Intel on the location of stealth materials, and numerous officially decommissoned smaller MCRN ships were given to Inarcos and his followers.

Inarcos OPA soon became the Free Navy with several other Belter factions with Marco as its military leader.


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