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Since Leviathan Wakes's publication in 2011, The Expanse books have been translated and republished in other countries. Many times, international publishers have reused the American cover art. However, this is not always the case as some have gotten new illustrators to create new covers specifically for those international markets.

Bulgarian cover art[]

Published by Бард (Bard). Some of the books use the American covers art while others switch to the Bulgarian cover art.

Dutch cover art[]

Published by Luitingh-Sijthoff.


Publish by Triton.

French cover art[]

Published by Actes Sud and Le Livre de Poche (The Pocket Book). Each publisher has their own unique cover art. Later books by Actes Sud have switched to the Orbit Cover art.

German cover art[]

Published by Heyne Taschenbuch. Later books have been published but have switched to the American cover art. Note that the Leviathan Erwacht cover seems to be a frame from the French L'Éveil du Léviathan cover.

Japanese cover art[]

Published by 早川書房 (Hayakawa Shobo).

Polish cover art[]

Published by Fabryka Słów and Wydawnictwo MAG.

Portuguese cover art  []

Published by ALEPH.

Russian cover art[]

Published by Fanzon and Фантастика Книжный Клуб (Science Fiction Book Club).

Serbian cover art[]

Published by Laguna.

Turkish cover art[]

Published by İthaki Yayınları (İthaki Publications).

Ukrainian cover art[]

Published by Богдан (Bogdan)

Special Edition cover art[]

Limited edtion covers published by Subterranean Press.