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The Interstellar human community is an expansive interstellar colonial civilization that stretches across roughly 1,000 light-years,[1] having been established by humanity after 13 XTE. It incorporates Sol and other human-colonized star systems with the notable exception of Laconia which exiled and sequestered itself in its own system.

This interstellar community was born from the extension of an intrastellar one made up of diverse populations within the Sol system. Each of the constituent communities did not bear an allegiance to the same single imperial government rather a mix of loyalties to the three major Sol factions of the time either via heritage or contractual obligation.

In the wake of the Laconia-Sol Conflict, the distinct communities of the humanity were effectively annexed by the Laconian Empire until the Underground-Laconia Conflict.

Following the Underground-Laconia Conflict the communities are heavily fractured and isolated.


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