This page is about the Tv icon TV spaceship. For the audiobooks performer/narrator, see Jefferson Mays.

The Jefferson Mays is the name given to the Belter transport spaceship operated by Beltrans AG

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The ship is drafted into service to transport refugee ships from Ganymede. Among the refugees are Praxideke Meng and Doris. A "Surly Belter Crewman" spaces non-Belters.

After the disaster on Ganymede, a transport ship picked up many of the survivors to provide safe passage to Tycho Station. En route to Tycho, security agents aboard the ship "spaced" all of the non-Belter inhabitants.
in Season 2, Episode 8, "Pyre"


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  • In the episode itself, the name of the ship seems to appear only once as Edin at Tycho TC grants docking clearance and entry requirements; however, the Syfy website confirms the name of the ship that dumped the inner planet refugees is the Jefferson Mays
  • The ship's name appears to be a reference to actor Jefferson Mays, reader for the audiobook releases of the novels.

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