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UNN Jimenez was a Patrol Torpedo Boat of unknown class within the United Nations Navy. It was assigned to be part of the UNN's Jupiter Fleet.

Background[edit | edit source]

Little is known of the UNN Jimenez's background, other than its captain was trained by and loyal to Admiral Souther, and that it was assigned to the UNN Jupiter Fleet.

Season 3[edit | edit source]

Triple Point[edit | edit source]

The Jimenez is one among the many ships within the Jupiter Fleet described by XO Shaffer and Lieutenant Mancuso as loyal to Admiral Souther over Fleet Admiral Nguyễn. When sailors loyal to Souther briefly take over the UNN Agatha King, the Jimenez is one of the many vessels that responds to Souther's emergency broadcast from the bridge and proceeds to withdraw from the conflict opposing MCRN vessels.

However, when Fleet Admiral Nguyễn and forces loyal to him retake the UNN Agatha King and kill Souther, it is revealed that the Jimenez, along with one other PT Boat is not responding to his new demands to return to the fleet. After the Agatha King's weapons officer refuses to open fire on a friendly ship, Fleet Admiral Nguyễn personally takes control of the weapons system, and demands that the Jimenez return to the fleet or it will be fired upon and treated as a deserter. When the ship continues to ignore his demands, he launches a single missile which destroys the ship.

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