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Jules-Pierre Mao is the owner of Mao-Kwikowski Mercantile as well as subsidiary Protogen . One of his daughters, Julie Andromeda Mao, was affiliated with the OPA.

His aforementioned business interests are implicated in unethical research and commercialization of the protomolecule.

He was demonstrated to have colluded and allied with UN Undersecretary Sadavir Errinwright to hide the project. 

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In "The Big Empty" , Jules-Pierre Mao is seen in an old video message to Julie, telling her to come home. Julie effectively refuses thereafter and denies further manipulation from her father.In "Critical Mass" , Dresden reports to Mao that Julie is dead, and that they must move forward using Mao's deceased daughter as a sacrifice and let the protomolecule absorb her consciousness. Jules-Pierre agrees and gives the order to proceed.

In "Leviathan Wakes", the United Nations Secretary-General, Esteban Sorrento-Gillis, convenes a meeting with security contractors, to which Jules-Pierre Mao is summoned.

In "Doors & Corners" , Jules-Pierre Mao demands that Errinwright make sure the MCR does not reach Phoebe first.

In "Godspeed" , when the stealth ship is discovered and Mao realizes Avasarala knows his secret, he abandons Errinwright and seeks other partners.

In "Here There Be Dragons" , Mao re-emerges trying to forge a new alliance with Avasarala, in exchange for ceasing all punitive actions upon his family.

In "The Monster and the Rocket", Errinwright , after poisoning Martian Defence Minister Pyotr Korshunov, turns the tables again by contacting the Guanshiyin and threatening Mao with its destruction if he does not concede. Then, Mao orders his men to murder Avasarala and her escort. </div>


Mao arrives on Io at Prospero Station built in an old abandoned helium mine. He believes the protomolecule has been a failure but Strickland convinces him that the pediatric immune disorder patients from Ganymede are the key to overcoming their prior setbacks. Mei discovers that her friend Katoa is their star research subject.

"Assured Destruction"

Mao encounters Mei and she befriends him.


After witnessing the trauma overcoming Katoa, Mao cancels the research project and plans to evacuate before Nguyen arrives but, Strickland secretly continues the project. Mei, insistent on seeing her friend, helps to unmask Strickland's deceit. Upon realizing what is happening to Katoa, Mao commends Strickland.

"Triple Point"

Frustrated that he lost his access to the protomolecule via Katoa Hybrid, he authorizes the use of Mei as a replacement but as the procedure is about to start, it is interrupted by the arrival of the Rocinante


With the Rocinante team closing in, Mao's initial response is to surrender but, Strickland convinces him they have a chance to escape and retain his research by throwing his employees at the assault team and using the children as hostages and human shields. Holden captures Mao and brings him to Avasarala.


In Clarissa's flashback scenes, Jules-Pierre is revealed as the callous & cruel father who favors his rebellious & strong-willed daughter over the faithful one seeking his approval.

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