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The MCRN Kittur Chennamma (ECS-211) is a Morrigan-class patrol destroyer that was quickly knocked out of action during hostilities with the United Nations Navy. Damage also occurred to the ship's life support systems by rail-gun round through the lower decks dooming most of the crew, whom were not wearing their space suits.


After running low on PDC (point defense cannon) ammunition, James Holden's crew board the Kittur Chennamma (AKA the "KC") to scavenge its remaining munitions. Whilst onboard the ship, it was discovered that there were survivors. Three were rescued and received treatment onboard the Rocinante. These were identified as Ensign Sinopoli, Ensign Loftis, and Ensign Ranhofer, who later attempted an unsuccessful hijack when they discovered who their rescuers actually were.

The ship was repaired enough to safely return to an MCR-controlled area and given back to its remaining crew along with a message to give to their C.O. from Chrisjen Avasarala which she asked for them to send to UNN Admiral Souther.

The KC was found and its surviving crew recovered by the MCRN Hammurabi. After disembarking its crew, the MCRN Kittur Chennamma was abandoned and left derelict.


  • KC abandoned by Hammurabi
  • Kittur Chennamma ship's badge


Kittur Chennamma is named after Rani of Kittur (Rani is Kannada for queen) , a former princely state in Karnataka who led an armed rebellion against East India Company in the year 1824.

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  1. Based on the standard crew complement. Presumably all three were in the destroyed command deck