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Kolvoord is a science officer aboard the UNN Thomas Prince during the voyage to The Ring.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season Three
1 "Fight or Flight"Absent
2 "IFF"Absent
3 "Assured Destruction"Absent
4 "Reload"Absent
5 "Triple Point"Absent
6 "Immolation"Absent
7 "Delta-V"Appears
8 "It Reaches Out"Appears
9 "Intransigence"Appears
10 "Dandelion Sky"Absent
11 "Fallen World"Absent
12 "Congregation"Appears
13 "Abaddon's Gate"Absent

Througout the series[edit | edit source]

Season 3[edit | edit source]

"Delta-V"[edit | edit source]

A very anxious man, he watches closely the reading from the structure that has been in place over six months. When asked, Kolvoord postulates to Anna that the ring is a technology created by an extremely advanced intelligent civilization relative to the known solar system. He believes humanity should hope the technology is inert.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

Kolvoord was possibly named after the Kolvoord Starburst from Star Trek: The Next Generation episode The First Duty. That episode was co-written by Naren Shankar, executive producer on The Expanse.

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