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The Laconia-Sol Conflict was an undeclared war nicknamed the Short War. It was a brief but decisive armed engagement between the forces of the sovereign humanity, represented by the Transport Union and the Earth-Mars Coalition, and those of the Laconian Empire. The Sol system's opposition forces were quickly overpowered and annihilated, leading to the subsequent military occupation of the system and its annexation by Laconia. This effectively led to the installation of Laconian rule over all of humanity.


Laconian emergence at Medina Station[]

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During the initial contact between the military representatives of the Laconian Empire as the Heart of the Tempest and the Gathering Storm emerged from the Laconian Gate into the Slow Zone and advanced toward Medina Station, as they were target-locked by Tori Byron, they responded by using the magnetic field projector weapon.

Tempest Jovian battle[]

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The Tempest was met by the EMC Second fleet and the Independence in the Jupiter orbit where it demonstrated advanced targeting and evasion technologies to fracture the structural integrity of Independence and its fusion core.

Tempest elimination of Pallas[]

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Tempest again used its magnetic field projector weapon to decimate Pallas. This time, a warning alerted the Transport Union providing time to strategically withdraw including detaching Tycho from the complex. Reports of momentary and simultaneous 3-minute lapses of mental alertness were widespread across the system.

Battle of Point Leuctra[]

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Leuctra Point is the designation provided by the defeated forces of Sol system for a region of the space where the Transport Union surrendered to High Admiral Anton Trejo


The war lead to a complete change in the political status of the Interstellar human community which the power of the United Nations, Martian Congressional Republic, and Transport Union being almost completely eroded and the Laconian Empire achieving complete control founding it's new Human empire.